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Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka

Ranil’s Refusal to Condemn Tigers Implies Complicity or Tacit Approval of LTTE Atrocities

By Philip Fernando for Asian Tribune

Amidst the unraveling of ghastly terror tactics by the Tigers and their wanton decimation of the UNP leadership, Ranil Wickremesinghe brazenly refuses to condemn such atrocities outright. International circles now allege complicity or tacit approval of Tiger atrocities by such behavior. Banality of Tiger evil has not moved Ranil to raise even his little finger of protest. Ranjan Wijeratne, General Kobbekaduwe, Major General Lucky Algama-all potential leaders were brutally eliminated by the Tigers. The latest was General Janaka Perera. UNP’s stalwarts R. Premadasa and presidential candidate Gamini Dissanayake succumbed in similar fashion. How long can Ranil wait to pronounce that Tigers are behind those ruthless killings?

Indian baloney in Gandhi's memory

By Janaka Perera

Tamil Nadu politics is a plague that never dies where Sri Lanka is concerned. The plague-carrying rats (Tiger sympathizers) are now at it again this year paying homage to Mahatma Gandhi in the name of Tamil liberation. NGO 'peaceniks' are not far behind this cheap political stunt. They have the guts to preach non-violence only to the Sri Lankan government. The LTTE of course never gave a hoot to the Mahatma at any time. And they never let us forget it. The latest reminder is of course the October 6 suicide bomb blast in Anuradhapura.

People with diabetes lose more than money

By Amit Dwivedi

This is an articleon diabetes-related complications, please consider. Amit is writing a six-article series on specific issues related to diabetes in the lead up to the World Diabetes Day, 14 November."It is not about money. No amount of money will give back my limb" said a 65 years old woman with diabetes (name withheld on request) who underwent limb amputation at the Gandhi Memorial & Associated Hospitals (GM & AH). She couldn't have been right in conveying the message in the lead up to the World Diabetes Day, 14 November 2008, to prevent many diabetes-related complications that are extremely devastating.

Asoka Weeraratne pioneer in developing post-war Sri Lanka-German ties

By Senaka Weeraratna - Honorary Secretary, German Dharmaduta Society

Germany celebrated her national day on October 3 recalling the names of pioneering spirits who had contributed towards the strengthening the links between Sri Lanka and Germany. The Germany Embassy here marked the occasion with a reception at leading hotel in Colombo October 7 The Berlin Buddhist Vihâra ("Das Buddhistisches Haus") is now the most striking symbol of interaction between the German and Sri Lankan cultures and a source of pride and inspiration for people of both countries. It is the key centre in the dissemination, learning and practice of Theravâda Buddhism in Germany and other continental European countries.

Foreign Minister warns of ploy by sympathizers of LTTE portraying misleading and false notion of the Government

Rohitha BogollagamaRohitha Bogollagama, Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister urged the international community to pursue the front organizations of the LTTE, posing off as charities and humanitarian aid organizations, which openly engage in raising funds for the LTTE war chest. He said that the onus is on the international community is to support Sri Lanka, by taking concrete and tangible measures to combat terrorism.

UN Secretary General deplores the suicide attack in Anuradhapura

The UN Secretary General deplores yesterday's suicide attack in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka, which wounded scores and killed a large number of people, including retired army General Janaka Perera. He sends his condolences to the Government and people of Sri Lanka and expresses his deepest sympathies to the victims and their families. According to a statement attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has strongly condemned acts of this kind that have caused death and injury of many civilians throughout Sri Lanka.

Mass for Peace Offered in Washington D C for 20th Year

By Philip Fernando for Asian Tribune

Sri Lankans in Washington DC held a Mass for Peace at Holy Redeemer Church, Kensington, Maryland recently. It was held for the 20th year this time. The gathering participated in the prayer vigil with hymns in English, Sinhalese and Tamil. Ambassador Jaliya Wickramasuriya and Embassy staff were also present according Maxwell Aruthampillai, a resident of DC for 20 years now, who is also the President of the Sri Lanka-America Catholic Association. Rev. Fr. Percy d’ Silva was the celebrant. A reception followed.

Palin Unveils Herself

By L. Jayasooriya

Sarah PalinUp to until a few days ago the image Sarah Louise Heath Palin has projected of herself was a folksy, informal, friendly and unassuming person but the language, tone and the manner in which she made personal attacks against Obama that no man would use and adopt has made her a spectacle in the eyes of the whole world because the whole world is closely following this American election. To the whole world her behavior appeared unbecoming of a potential president of the United States.

Army Chief calls for the surrender of the LTTE cadres

Lt. Gen. Sarath FonsekaThe Army Commander Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka has called upon the LTTE leaders and other cadres to surrender to the advancing troops, as troops advance within two miles from the LTTE stronghold in Kilinochchi. Gen Fonseka has said that the LTTE leaders - Soosai, Theepan, Banu, Lakshman, Vidusha, Swarnam and Nadeshan - can surrender along with their cadres to the army. Accordingly, all other ordinary cadres misled by the LTTE leadership and who are compelled to fight as they find no any other option can disarm and move towards the liberated areas.

What is happening to the Commonwealth Games…….?

By Ramu Sharma - Syndicate Features

India’s penchant for hosting international sport will some day get the country into trouble. The problem is and will always remain, not the lack of standard stuff from the host country but how efficiently will the Games be organized? India has never been and is unlikely to be ever even reasonably competitive at the international level but on occasions it has shown discernible organizational flair though not always with intention.

Diabetis day


Rohitha Bogollagama

Sarah Louise Heath Palin

Matters of Pride and Shame

By Adnan Gill

As a nation, Pakistanis should hold their heads high with pride, for there were brave amongst them who gave their lives to save others’ when a suicide bomber struck in the heart of Islamabad. Pakistanis should hold their heads high with pride, for there are dedicated amongst them who rescued the distressed from the fires of hell. Pakistanis should hold their heads high with pride, for the selfless ordinary citizens, because of whom Marriott is still standing. Pakistanis should hold their heads high with pride, for there are still few among them who want to break the shackles of slavery put on by the foreign masters.