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Foreign Minister, Rohitha Bogollagama

UN to try to send food convoy again this morning to Vanni

The United Nations says in a press release that it will make a second attempt this morning to send a convoy of food to civilians displaced behind the lines of confrontation in Sri Lanka’s north. It was alleged that the 50-truck World Food Programme (WFP) convoy was forced back after it came under an indiscriminate LTTE artillery and heavy mortar attack while along the A-9 main Road at Puliyankulam enroute Mullaitivu and Kilinochchi. As a renewed attempt, the UN in a press release said that it will send the food convoy again to Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu after "it has (received) renewed assurances from both parties to the conflict that the convoy would be able to proceed this morning unhindered."

Sri Lanka will not submit to any investigation to obtain GSP Plus concessions

Sri Lanka Government has informed the European Commission that it is not willing to submit itself to any form of investigation. In an urgent missive dispatched to European Commission yesterday, Sri Lanka Government has told very clearly that it will not submit itself to any form of investigations at the cost of country’s sovereignty to obtain GSP Plus concessions. Already in an interview with Asian Tribune Professor G.L.Peris, Minister of Export Development & International Trade said that Sri Lanka is naturally not happy at European Commission insistence to investigate some issues.

Should India protect the murderers (LTTE) of Rajiv Gandhi for fear of losing Tamil Nadu support?

By Shenali Waduge

India had a good opportunity following the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi to morally correct India’s covert role in Sri Lanka –many Indians are not aware how India spent Indian tax payers money for a covert operation, to arm, train & financially support the LTTE & other Tamil militant groups. Unfortunately, India did not cease the opportunity though it inevitably had to ban the LTTE for the assassination. Ironically, the present Government of which its Chairman is the very widow of Rajiv Gandhi prefers to opt for “vote-bank politics” instead of seeking justice for Rajiv’s untimely death on Indian soil.

Comical Jayewardena and his tom foolery

Pranks of Dr. Jayalath Jayawardene to involve the Vatican to prevent the army advancing to Kilinochchi are doomed. Instead of appealing to Tigers to stop killing civilians Jayawardene one time distributed sirens to the border villagers, who believed that turning the wheel will protect them from tigers. This is a kind of gimmick that is practiced by him in order to win the sympathy of both sections of the community are legion. Once he tried to enter Madu and was prevented by the LTTE.

On the availability of sizeable deposits of thorium in Sri Lanka - Professor Tissa Vitarana

"The total planning process in this country is very weak and needs to be strengthened. The planning mechanisms in other countries are strong, continuously well planned with people possessing necessary abilities; also there is adequate funding for this process," said Professor Tissa Vitarana, the Minister of Science & Technology, participating as the Chief Guest at the National Conference on Geo-informatics Applications Sri Lanka 2008 organized by Arthur C Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies in collaboration with the International Centre for Geo-informatics & Training (University of Moratuwa) held recently.

Security, privacy and access to the Internet to be tackled at Council of Europe

Cybercrime, data protection, online child protection, web access for people with disabilities and the sale of counterfeit medicines on the web will be discussed at a two-day conference opening on Monday 20 October at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg (France). Some 150 representatives from the business community, governments and civil society will engage in the first European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) to discuss issues regarding the Internet and the way it is governed in order to develop and shape European perspectives in preparation for the United Nations Internet Governance Forum, to be held in Hyderabad (India) from 3 to 6 December 2008.

Karunanidhi’s lukewarm gesture

All Party MeetTamil Nadu Chief Minister Muthuvel Karunanidhi gave a half hearted warning to the Indian Central Government after failing to muster support from major opposition party AIADMK in the state assembly. His so called All Party Conference ended up as little more than a DMK confab where a lukewarm warning was issued to the Centre that DMK MPs would ‘consider’ resignation in a the event of inability to bring about a ceasefire in Sri Lanka within two weeks.

Foreign Minister calls for UN listing of LTTE as an international terrorist group

Rohitha BogollagamaForeign Minister, Rohitha Bogollagama who is currently on an official visit to Australia, has called on the UN Working Group under the Security Council’s Counter Terrorism Committee (CTC) to consider listing the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) as an international terrorist group. He made this call, while delivering an address to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), a prestigious, independent think tank in Canberra last Monday (13 October 2008).

Mr Sharif out of sync - a rejoinder

By Asif Haroon Raja

Glancing through the English dailies one is amazed to find the west lovers leaving no stone unturned to promote western themes to malign Pakistan in particular and Islamists in general. They are selling the idea that the ongoing war on terror is not American but Pakistan’s own war. The PPP government too is in the forefront to achieve consensus on this point by hook or crook so that the terrorist threat could be fought from a single platform. I wish such a resolve had been demonstrated on several other crucial issues as well.

Asian Tribune condemns acts of violence against ‘The Hindu’ newspaper

"Asian Tribune" strongly condemns the Pro-LTTE coolies, Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam (PDK) and the Tamil chauvinists for threatening "The Hindu” newspaper with acts of violence - a reflection of acts of intolerance on the newspaper’s criticism of pro-LTTE and pro-Eelam chauvinism in the Tamil Nadu political arena. So far these anti-social elements have let loose three incidents against the 130 year old "The Hindu" newspaper. "Asian Tribune" condemns these diasgusting acts of violence and intimidation by the paid coolies of the pro-LTTE groups in Tamil Nadu.

UN Secretary-General Trip Announcement - Asia

The Secretary-General is set to embark later this month on a four-nation Asia trip for official visits to the Philippines, India, Nepal and Bangladesh, as well as to attend the Second Global Forum on Migration and Development, to take place in Manila. In Manila, the Secretary-General will meet with President Gloria Arroyo and will receive from her the Philippines’ National Order of Diplomatic Merit. He is also set to receive an honorary doctorate degree from the University of the Philippines. On the 29th, the Secretary-General will attend the Second Global Forum on Migration and Development in Manila and deliver remarks, as well as hold a press conference.

'Aba': Mahawansa with a Biblical touch

By Janaka Perera

Is artistic freedom unlimited or should a line be drawn somewhere? The issue has come to the limelight in the wake of the controversy over the film 'Aba'supposedly based on the life of Sri Lanka's King Pandukabhaya (437-407 BC). Histories of nations constitute both facts and legends. The longer the history the greater are the number of legends. No country's ancient history is devoid of stories factual or otherwise. All these facts and myths contribute to the evolution of national culture and identity.

Loquacious Pak Prez Zardari

By Allabaksh - Syndicate Features

Asif Ali Zardari found himself catapulted into the position of eminence after the tragic death of his wife, Benazir Bhutto, last December. Swearing to usher in democracy in Pakistan, he lost little time in installing himself as the President of the country after ensuring that the control of the Pakistan People’s party stays in his hands. He then took an even more onerous task that of improving the image of his country identified as the fountainhead of terror and fundamentalism.

UN Food Convoy with essential food items nears Mulliyawalai dropping point

The United Nations food convoy consisting of 50-truck has left this morning and at the time of posting this news item, is nearing the first dropping point Mulliyuawalai, located in the A34 Road in the Mullaitivu district. According to Mr. Godon Weis, UN spokesman the 50-truck World Food Programme (WFP) convoy left this morning from Vavuniya to 3-dropping points in the Mullaitivu district. The UN Spokesman told "Asian Tribune" that according to the request of the Government Agent of Mullaitivu, the 750 metric tonnes of essential food items such as, flour, sugar, pulses, oils and other items are to be dropped at Mulliyawalai in the A 34 Road and in Puthukkudiyruppu and in a location near Theravilkulam, both located in the A 35 Road.