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Liberating Sri Lanka From LTTE Menace

Some relief to Singh by Baalu; Karunanidhi – Jayalalithaa locked in word war over SL Tamils

By M Rama Rao, India Editor, Asian Tribune

Twists and turns continue to mark the Tamil Nadu litical scene. To the relief of Congress leadership, a DMK senior has clarified that the 14-day period set at the all-party meeting in Chennai on Oct 14 for action by Delhi vis-à-vis war zone of Sri Lanka is not a deadline even as AIADMK supremo Jayalalithaa has dared DMK patriarch Muthavel Karunanidhi to 'quit' over SL-Tamil row. In the first clarification from the DMK camp since the 'all-party conclave' delivered what is construed as the ultimatum to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, DMK senior and Union Minister for shipping and transport, T R Baalu said the Oct 14 outcome was not a 'deadline'.

General Colin Powell Endorses Obama for President Bringing Obama Closer to White House

Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent Asian Tribune

Colin PowellColin Powell, a highly respected decorated U.S. General and secretary of state in the Republican administration of George W. Bush (2001-05) this morning gave a politically powerful endorsement to Democratic Party candidate Barack Obama for president. In the widely viewed ‘Meet The Press’ in NBC General Powell called Obama a “transformational figure”. Powell also said "the approach the Republican Party and Mr. McCain" are taking on the campaign trail is getting "narrower and narrower" while Obama has been "inclusive."

Bringing the past into present

By Leel Pathirana

Kurunegala BuddhaSri Lanka’s history and the Buddhist Civilization are more than 2500 years old. Still those ruins are standing as witnesses of a rich culture. Still the Archeologist could not find how the ancient Artist carved that magnificent works in massive rocks with their bare hands? After the destruction on by the Taliban vandals of the world largest standing Buddha carved in the rock at the 'Bamiyan' valley of Afghanistan located 230km northwest of Capitol Kabul, the next largest Samadhi Buddha statue on its final, carved into a granite cliff for the first time since the rule of the ancient kings in Sri Lanka. This giant 67.5 feet rock sculptured Samadhi Buddha is situated at 'Ridigama' temple in Kurunegala, central province of Sri Lanka.

Defining Barack Obama: Part Six - Guilt by Association or Established Left-Liberal Mind-Set

Daya Gamage – U.S. National Correspondent Asian Tribune

Barack ObamaThe theory of guilt by association was far from the Asian Tribune probe of Defining Barack Obama. This investigative research focused mainly Senator Obama’s background, the character, the established mind-set, political behavior, developed political shades, the influence in formative years that shaped his later beliefs, how his political beliefs led him to select like-mind advisors and inner group, and most importantly what he will bring to the White House and what impact his chosen policy advisors will have on overall domestic and foreign policies of the United States next four years should he become the 44th president.

Talking Tongue in Cheek

By Adnan Gill

"Old Wine in New Bottle"; is how the 72 years old Dr. A. Q. Khan described Rehman Malik’s knavish comments regarding his security. Speaking at a seminar organized by the Jang Group and the University of Lahore, the adviser to the Prime Minister on Interior, Rehman Malik made a feigned statement, "There is no doubt Dr Khan is our hero and will remain so, but we should also protect him." When I invited Dr. Khan’s reaction to Mr. Rehman’s derisive remarks, he said, "Mr. Rehman Malik is talking tongue in cheek." Then he raised a rhetorical question, "Why is he differentiating between the security applied to government high-ups and that applied to me? Is not their safety of equal importance? This so-called ‘security’ issue has simply become a means for the government to legitimize their actions against me."

Tamil Nadu and the LTTE

By Stephen Long, Los Angeles

An exclusive private meeting that was held in the early 1980’s in Sacramento, California, has recently come to my attention. This gathering of approximately five hundred wealthy, influential Tamil expatriates from around the world charted the course for the LTTE, and developed a strategic plan for using it as a vehicle for establishing a Tamil homeland. The motivation was the fact that there were nearly one hundred million ethnic Tamils scattered throughout the globe, but alas, there was no independent sovereign state they could call their own.

Winning both the Wanni War Against Terrorism & A Negotiated Political Settlement In The Northern Province

Liberating Sri LankaChula Rajapakse MNZM – USLA Spokesperson

As I pen this review of Sri Lanka’ efforts to rid it self of the scourge of terrorism that has for two and a half decades, stifled it from achieving it’s due place in the sun, the last vestiges of this terrorism has been confined to a few square miles in the Kiilinochi area. Countering heavy resistance that included poisonous gas, the valiant forces of the 57th division some of whom paid the ultimate price, in the morn of the 18th Oct 08 pierced a protective bund in Akkaryankulam and overran the Tigers in the vicinity of the bund & in Nachikudah and Vannerikulam.

How the Citizens of the USA are Duped: The US Presidential Election-where the votes mean sheer nothing

By Garvin Karunaratne

The well attended conventions selecting the candidates for the US presidency, costing Americans millions of dollars, are over and these are the days when there are many debates watched by millions of Americans and millions of people outside . The contenders are debating at well attended gatherings, arguing assiduously for the better of America. The race is between Democrat Obama and Republican McCain and they are making hard proposals as to how the current economic crisis is to be solved. Today, the eighteenth of October with hardly three weeks for the election the candidates are concentrating on their attempts in swing States, giving everyone the impression that it is the vote on November 4 th that really matters in clinching a victory. Isn’t it sad that in the Mother of Democracies the voters have no say whatever in electing the President but they are also being duped- made to believe that they have a voice.

Positive start after 11 weeks of slackening

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

Acuity – DFCC and HNB Stockbrokers in their weekly review indicated that the Colombo bourse regained some lost ground after witnessing heavy losses last week, on concerns over struggling global markets. The indices got off to a positive start on Monday while remained somewhat volatile during the week before ending modestly higher week on week helped by some bargain hunting on stocks which had fallen to their lowest in more than one or two years. Hence at week’s close the All Share Price Index (ASPI) gained a moderate 74.1 points or 3.9 percent to 1998.8 points while, the more liquid Milanka Price Index (MPI) edged up by a larger 110.5 points or 5.2 percent to close at 2235.9 points.

Learning Languages in Your Pajamas, Eating Captain Crunch: The Core Novel Method

By Antonio Graceffo

It was a Saturday morning, and I did what I had done every Saturdays since I could remember. I got up early, put on my favorite sweatpants; I had outgrown my Batman pajamas, made myself a huge bowl of captain Crunch, which I had bought at the PX of the nearby US Army base. I went into the TV room of our dormitory, and I spent the next several hours watching cartoons: 'Die Retter Der Erde', 'Die Simpsons', and 'Die Familie Feuerstein.' Around twelve o’clock, I ran back to my room, during a commercial, and made a stack of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, with the crusts cut off. Accompanied by a glass of chocolate milk I ate my sandwiches while watching shows for big people, like 'Raumschiff Enterprise', 'Ein Käfig voller Helden', and 'Unbekannte Dimensionen.'

Colin Powell

Kurunegala Buddha

Kurunegala Buddha

Kurunegala Buddha

Vast Majority of Tamils in Sri Lanka does not support LTTE: Ven. Walpola Piyananda writes to Indian PM

we are pleased that you are supporting your federal position on the illegitimacy of the LTTE, and are not following the advice of your Tamil Nadu provincial politicians, headed by Karunanidhi. It is obvious to us that even though this individual and his political party is part of your coalition, he and his fellow party members are not being completely transparent with you or the Delhi government in regards to their real agenda. In Sri Lanka, 95% of the Tamil population does not support the LTTE. This includes both Indian, and Estate Tamils (now all Sri Lankans, but brought to Sri Lanka by the British), and the Sri Lankan, or Jaffna Tamils (have lived in Sri Lanka for nearly one thousand years).