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LTTE flags flown in Paris demonstration

Govt responsible for the welfare of every citizen - President

Mahinda RajapakseOur primary responsibility as a government is to look after all our citizens. I carry out this responsibility to the fullest especially with regard to the people who are temporarily displaced in the North, due to the ongoing military operations to defeat terrorism. There is a wrong impression created in Tamil Nadu that this not been done. This is furthest from the correct position. All these are our citizens and we take every measure to look after and provide for them."

Warning of rising anti-Indian feelings

By Janaka Perera

Any attempt by Delhi to pressure Sri Lanka over the anti-LTTE military offensive is bound to create a wave of strong anti-Indian feelings in the island – perhaps even leading to a boycott of Indian goods. This could seriously damage Indo-Lanka relations more than at any time in the post-independence era. Teleshan Network (TNL) Chairman Shan Wickremesinghe made this observation during the Isira Radio Channel's daily news analysis on Monday October 20. Participating in the programme Isira CEO and Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation Chairman Hudson Samarasinghe expressed the same view. According to them their warnings were meant to be heard not only by the Sri Lankan public but also the Indian High Commission. Wickremesinghe said he was aware of the HC monitoring Isira and hoped that the message was conveyed to Delhi's decision makers.

Tamil Tigers raise terrorist flag while French police watch helplessly

The Tamil Tigers raised the flag of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) at an illegal demonstration held in the French capital on Sunday the 19th October. Few hundred Tamil Tigers gathered at the Republic square in the heart of Paris and carried the Eelam flag shouting slogans against French police for banning their demonstration. "These Tamil Tigers are guilty of two criminal acts," a legal source said. "They have defied the banning order and participated in an illegal gathering. Secondly, they have carried the flag of a proscribed terrorist organization that is a punishable criminal act".

Using of poisonous gas by LTTE condemned

The Prayathna People’s Movement strongly condemns the use of poisonous gas by LTTE at the battle front. According to the Defence Ministry sources, “troops moving from the east of Akkarayankulam tank had to slowdown their advance at the initial stages as the LTTE launched poisonous gas attacks at them. However, troops withstood the chemical attack and advanced dominating about 1 km on the LTTE earth bund” According to information, several soldiers have died and many injured in the battle.

Greener Pastures for Bruce Fein: The Kurdish Conflict in Turkey

By Stephen Long, Los Angeles

If any of you have been wondering whatever happened to our old buddy Bruce Fein, the former Assistant Deputy Attorney General and Washington D.C. lobbyist and mercenary for the LTTE, look no further. He’s found himself a greener pasture now that he realizes that the LTTE is doomed for extinction. Got to keep that cash flow going, you know. Apparently he’s taken on a new client, the government of Turkey. In an article he wrote that was published today in the Turkish Daily News, he’s supporting the Republic of Turkey in its initiative to ban the Democratic Society Party (DPT), "a virtual appendage of the Maoist terrorist organization, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which has been responsible for the deaths of a grim 15,000 Turkish civilians and security force members. Most of the PKK's civilian victims are other Kurds who repudiate their assassinations. The DTP openly endorses the PKK's secessionist aims and violent methods."

Asian Cooperation Dialogue - based on the concept of cohesive ‘Asianness’ and Asian inclusivity in an unequivocal basis

Terrorism affects all human beings regardless of where they live. Terrorism, which over the years has matured and grown to international levels by transcending its nefarious and despicable acts of violence to foreign territories, has today become a global threat. It would be correct to state that in today’s highly integrated global milieu, the greatest and most potent threat not only to the humanity but to economic advancement, is terrorism.

Transcript of Colin Powell Endorsing Obama

Asian Tribune US Bureau

'Asian Tribune' carries here the full transcript of General Colin Powell endorsing Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama when he faced Meet the Press of NBC October 19 morning. "Meet the Press:" Senator McCain. You have met twice at least with Barack Obama. Are you prepared to make a public declaration of which of these two candidates you are prepared to support?

End Game In Sri Lanka

By Vinod Vedi - Syndicate Features

Sri Lanka armed forces have been creeping closer overland to LTTE stronghold in Wanni. The LTTE losses have been mounting and in every encounter its casualties have been more than those suffered by the army. Since this is happening on the periphery of its own stronghold around Kilinochi it is clear that the Army have begun to get the upper hand because both in conventional warfare and guerrilla war, the attacking forces tend to suffer higher losses than the defenders.

Some action of the BOI detrimental to tea industry

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

At the 17th AGM of the Private Tea Factory Owners' Association it transpired that the actions of the Board of Investment (BOI) appeared to be detremental to the tea industry. Ms Indrani Sugathadasa, Secretary, Ministry of Plantation Industries, making the keynote address that a company floated to obtain BOI status and obtain on the pretext of tea planting has in fact made the deal to obtain a huge bank loan and the perpetrators scooted away with absolutely nothing doing in tea industry. Under these circumstances Ms Sugathadasa said that the BOI has been instructed to obtain prior approval before granting BOI status for tea industry and to avert the repetition of such incidents.

The 4th Burmese Empire with Nuclear Weapon

By Prof. Kanbawza Win

Google Alert Burma duly reported of how Burma is near completion of nuclear weapon on the 18th instant and of how its Defense Minister boasts that by 2020 Burma would be one of the greatest nations in Southeast Asia. Given the economic reality of Burma compounded with its gross mismanagement and human rights violations is it but an empty dream or a reality? Every body knew that Russia has agreed to build a nuclear research centre in Burma.

Sri Lanka Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama

Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapakse

No interference, no influence, no dictation from any country to Sri Lanka’s agenda in countering terrorism

Rohitha BogollagamaForeign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama, making a statement in Parliament today (21st October 2008),stated that India has made its position on defeating terrorism very clear, and if there is a country that has helped Sri Lanka to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity, it is India. The Minister was responding to statements by Parliamentarians Vijitha Herath(JVP), Wimal Weerawansa (National Freedom Front)and Joseph Michael Perera (UNP) on the floor of the House.