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Robert Blake, US Ambassador in Sri Lanka

US Elections-Final Stretch: Major U S Newspapers Endorse Barack Obama Overwhelmingly

By Philip Fernando for Asian Tribune

Major American newspapers have endorsed Senator Barack Obama for the presidency. Those included "New York Timers, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Detroit Free Press" and "Los Angeles Times" Senator John McCain had fewer endorsements that included "Philadelphia Daily News, Wisconsin Journal, Dallas Morning News" and "St. Petersburg Times," Florida. The impressive lineup that was behind Obama indicated that decisive sections of the American ruling elite have swung behind his candidacy. Many commentators pointed out that most media outlets believe that Obama will be a thoroughly reliable leader. Conservatives have questioned that belief.

Dr. Kalaignar M. Karunanithy should urge LTTE to release innocent civilians detained by force in areas under their control

The decision of the All Party Meet held on 14 October in Chennai to seek the help of the Central Government of India to find an early solution to Sri Lanka’s problem is perfectly alright. But that is not the immediate need of the Sri Lankan Tamil people trapped and kept under compulsion in Killinochchi by the LTTE. The decision of the All Party Meet would have been more appropriate if it had decided to request the Central Government of India to compel the LTTE to release the innocent civilians detained by force in areas under their control.

Role of regional players in Afghan imbroglio

By Asif Haroon Raja

USA having bungled up in Afghanistan is constantly blaming Pakistan since 2005 for the ever growing militancy in Afghanistan. It has somehow got fixed with the misplaced idea that but for continued infiltration from FATA; insurgency in Afghanistan by now would have been controlled. It fails to understand that only 1400 km Afghan border is contiguous to Pakistan and the rest attached with Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, China and Iran. Out of 34 provinces only seven are linked with Pakistan. All these countries are playing their role in one way or the other in keeping the Afghan cauldron boiling.

Clogard launches 'Newum Muwin, Newum Vadan'

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

Clogard, the flagship brand of toothpaste of Hemas Manufacturing Pvt Ltd launched its brand new 'Newum Muwin, Newum Vadan' (Fresh Words from a Fresh Mouth") campaign to inculcate in the general public the need for Sri Lankans to stay true to their heritage of respectful and courteous speech.

Somali-American: my vote also counts!

By Mohamed H. Hassan

As a new American and someone whose native land is on flames because of an ill-conceived or not well thought through policies of the current and preceding administration of my adopted country, United States of America, the stake is high for not to vote. I don’t only plan to vote but intend to mobilize and encourage others to vote for a candidate who cares about our issues, practical balance between security and our civil liberty, economy, family re-unification, Somali stabilization, etc.

Two Norwegian INGOs are urged to compensate for assisting LTTE to strengthen and to carry on human rights violations

Compensation has been demanded for the damaging acts of commission and omission by Norwegian Peoples’ Aid and SOLIDAR in Sri Lanka. Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka Inc (SPUR), based in Melbourne, Australia has urged Norwegian Peoples’ Aid and SOLIDAR to evaluate the matters and arrange to pay compensation to Sri Lanka adequately and urgently. SPUR has pointed out, "Since INGOs such as yours have to uphold at least your own code of conduct, the payment of compensation as requested by us is the only ethical avenue open for you to regain the confidence of Sri Lankans. It has come to our notice that some International Non-Governmental organizations including NPA and Solidar, which functioned in areas that were under the LTTE have wittingly or unwittingly provided assistance to LTTE terrorists to strengthen their organization and to carry on with their human rights violations," SPUR in an open letter has rebuked.

A reply to Dr Siri Gamage : Moral bankruptcy of international community in assuring civilian safety in the north of Sri Lanka

Dr Siri Gamage from Australia in an article dated 25th October 2008, had addressed his concerns on the safety of civilians who are caught up in the ongoing military conflict in Northern Sri Lanka. I shall be grateful if your esteemed column could give similar publicity to the following comments that I would like to send in response to the abovementioned article.

Tell the Marines

By Gomin Dayasri

With the security forces at the entrance to Killinochchi, the foreign legion unhappy with the military success they failed to achieve in their military exercises in Iraq and Afghanistan, have commenced to preach humanitarian values which they never exercised in their military operations. It is ironical to hear Richard Boucher, Benita –Ferrero Waldner, Julian Wilson and our undiplomatic German Ambassador spout on human rights in Sri Lanka displaying their abbreviated memory of events of November 2004 in Falluja, Iraq where the occupying US Forces launched their second major attack on the city of Falluja.

India should lift ban on LTTE, says Prabhakaran

PrabhakaranLTTE supremo V Prabhakaran has asked India to lift the ban on his outfit in order to "fulfil the aspirations of Tamil people," while admitting that Lankan forces have made inroads into the Tiger areas and were at the doorstep of their key town Kilinochchi. "We expect that it (India) would lift the ban on our organisation and support us to fulfil the long awaited aspirations of the Tamil people," the 53-year old leader of the LTTE said in an interview. Conceding that security forces had closed in on the rebel strongholds and had even entered key areas, Vellupillai Prabhakaran, however, said capturing the Tigers administrative capital Kilinochchi was still a distant dream for them. "The Sri Lankan forces have entered parts of our homeland and are stationed in close proximity to Kilinochchi town. But, capturing Kilinochchi is just a day dream of (Sri Lankan President Mahinda) Rajapaksa," he said.

US Ambassador’s perspective on Sri Lankan ethnic conflict

Robert BlakeIn his observation, Robert Blake, US Ambassador in Sri Lanka said "One reason for the lack of recent progress on a consensus APRC document is that some in Sri Lanka believe that the Government should first defeat the LTTE and then proceed with a political solution. The U.S. view is that the Government could further isolate and weaken the LTTE if it articulates now its vision for a political solution. US Ambassador Blake's made this remark at the University of Madras, in Chennai recently. He emphasized that it would had helped to reassure the more than 200,000 IDPs now in the Vanni that they can move south and aspire to a better future. "It would also disprove the LTTE’s claim that they are the sole representative of Sri Lanka’s Tamils and the only ones who care about Sri Lanka’s Tamils."

LTTE supremo V Prabhakaran

Whither The Light Of Democracy

Deepawali is the festival of lights which is celebrated all over India . It marks the advent of the winter season and signifies peace and prosperity and the victory of truth over evil. This year's Diwali (it falls on 28th October) is a bleak one indeed. As I peer hard through the darkness of hatred and violence, I struggle to find a single ray of bright hope. The atrocities committed by the British Raj on the Indian citizens during its rule in India are now being re enacted by another Raj - the megalomaniac, self styled leader of the Marathas. He seems to be holding the common people to ransom with nary a soul daring to lift a finger against him. The seeds of hatred (between different Hindu communities) so systematically sown by him in Mumbai, some time ago, are spreading like tenacious weeds throughout the country.