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Thaksin Shinawatra

Barack Obama & Civil War in Sri Lanka; Robert Blake’s Mind-Set; Negating R2P Psychology Build-Up

Daya Gamage – Political Memo from Asian Tribune US Bureau

Barack Obama, who is favored by almost all national polls to be the next president of the United States, sees a civil war in Sri Lanka when he expressed his sentiments at a Google Forum not so long ago. Backed by the powerful and influential LTTE lobby in the West, which Sri Lanka is still struggling to combat, a psychology is being built to create a conducive atmosphere to apply the theory of Responsibility to Protect (R2P), full or in part, in Sri Lanka having laid a somewhat solid groundwork that the Sri Lankan administration is a blatant violator of human rights, practitioner of genocide on the Tamil minority, and the country’s president Rajapaksa enjoys, according to American Ambassador Robert Blake’s recent ‘Chennai Declaration’, only the confidence of the Sinhalese.

Sri Lanka Needs a Shift in Foreign Policy to Counter the Meddlesome Politics of Tamil Nadu

By Raj Gonsalkorale

We are not in 12th century England, and we wouldn’t have wished Thomas Beckett dead. Neither do we want the backlash that resulted from Beckett’s execution. We are in the 21st century, but we are faced with the reality of meddlesome politics of Tamil Nadu that is impinging on our sovereignty. We do not wish any misfortune to befall Tamil Nadu, but we do need safeguards to protect us from any Indian intervention precipitated because of Tamil Nadu politics

Thakshin wins the hearts and minds of Thais in his phoned-in speech

ThaksinDeposed Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra phoned-in and greeted tens of thousands of his supporters who gathered at the pro-government United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) rally at Rajamangala National Stadium, Bangkok, on Saturday. The core member of the UDD Veera Musikhapong, who co-hosts the "Truth Today" political talk show, received the former premier’s phone call yesterday at around 8.50pm.

Reality Checks

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

Last week reality asserted itself. The outcome of Basil Rajapakse’s Indian visit indicated that Sri Lanka can neither ignore nor resist India or antagonise Tamilnadu, beyond a point. The Sea Tiger attack on two Lankan cargo ships and the Air Tiger raids on the Army Head Quarters in Mannar and the Kelanitissa Power station in Colombo (and the continued Tiger resistance in Killinochchi) demonstrated that though the Tigers are weak, relatively, they are by no means a spent force. Tea and rubber prices fell to record lows and the government was compelled to partially float the rupee - reminders that the global economic-financial crisis will not pass us by.

Looking beyond Battered Frontiers of Human Intellect – a pressing need

Hemantha Abeywardena writes from London……

Economies, from semi-socialist to die-hard capitalist, are in doldrums; global political leadership is in limbo; Nature is playing havoc across the globe; there is a significant surge in sales of 'Das Kapital,' the socialist bible by Karl Marx; singer Madonna, whose name has a ring of piety, has turned her back on the institute of marriage; in our immediate neighbourhood, former actress Jayalalitha’s convoy has been attacked and a well-known octogenarian is already in the frame. Scan the horizon of the real world folks; the landscape looks not only gloomy but also pretty scary.

Undecided Voters Hold Key to Final Election Outcome with Three Days to Go

Sunday Discourse by Philip Fernando for Asian Tribune

Senator Barack Obama is poised to be the nation’s first black president, winning even by a narrow margin. Yet, Senator John McCain is not facing a blowout. Barring a last-minute Obama surge, McCain will post respectable numbers in the popular vote and the Electoral College. A McCain victory may not be out of the question. Why this situation? Those in the undecided category remained close to 7 percent. If they all move in McCain’s direction, we may see a wafer thin majority on either side.

Sri Lanka Navy Destroys Four Sea Tiger Craft

By Shafiq Gafoor

Sri Lanka Navy yet again proved that LTTE sea tigers are not a match for them. Yesterday, (01st Nov.) around 0530 hrs Sri Lanka Navy's elite Special Boat Squadron (SBS) and Rapid Action Boat Squadron (RABS) spotted, intercepted and attacked a cluster of 20 LTTE sea tiger craft off Nagarkovil, in the Northern Peninsula including a few of their Special Craft (stealth suicide craft) inflicting heavy damages on them in terms of men and material. Sri Lanka Navy has once more time proved that they are the sole authority to dictate terms in the seas of this Island-Nation, and more importantly has given a strong message to all other elements who venture out into the sea for whatever the purpose that it is only the Sri Lanka Navy which has the sole authority to carry guns to the sea.

Living on the outside: The impact of diabetes-related stigma

By Amit Dwivedi

"Who will marry my daughter who has diabetes?" asks Ram Anuj, a native of Ganga Jamuni village, Bahraich district in India. Ram Anuj's 14 years old daughter Munni (name changed) has type 1 diabetes and needs daily insulin injections. The family members stopped sending Munni to school when other children made fun of Munni when she took her insulin. In a village-setting, giving insulin injections to Munni, is a public knowledge. Munni often gets scorned for being a burden on the family. Munni's family doesn't have enough money to take adequate care of her and provide the treatment she needs.

Terrorism Breaches The 'Hindu' Barrier

By Tukoji R. Pandit - Syndicate Features

Even if it is assumed that Pragya Singh Thakur, a young Madhya Pradesh born 'Sadhvi' (for many it means a woman saint) ordinary resident of Surat (Gujarat), and others arrested in connection with a bomb blast in Malegaon (Maharashtra) on 29 September which killed six, has nothing to do with that incident, it is still a pointer that there are elements in the majority community who are gravitating towards 'terrorism' —mindless violence against the innocent.

Final Stretch: Obama Clings Tenaciously to his Lead as Campaign Heats up

By Philip Fernando for Asian Tribune

As Barack Obama clung to his lead in the polls tenaciously, the Republicans warned that an Obama victory would prove cataclysmic, in their latest attack. The redistributionist charge went round the rallies hinting that wealth would be taken away from the haves and given to the have-nots by an Obama administration. Some defined Obama as closeted college radical palling around with "Marxist professors" speaking the language of socialists like William Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn and Father Pfleger, the radical catholic priest. These may reduce Obama’s lead, somewhat, but it had not rendered him unelectable, said one analyst.