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Niranjan Devadithya

WFP convoy departs for Vanni with 438 metric tonnes of food items

The World Food Program has dispatched another 29 truck load of food items totaling 438 metric tones, this morning from Vavuniya which according to UN "is part of a continuing humanitarian aid effort to reach the estimated 230,000 civilians displaced behind the lines of confrontation in the districts." It is not clear how the UN has obtained the figure of 230,000 as the total number of internally displaced persons in those two districts. However UN says that it has delivered 2,300 metric tons of food items to the Vanni since the beginning of October. UN spokesperson said that they have sent mainly flour, oil and pulses to Vanni.

Sri Lanka to open up a mission in Libya

Libyan delegationSri Lanka Government has decided to open up an embassy in Libya, to carry on bilateral and friendly relationship with that country. The mission is expected to be started by the end of the year or by early next year, according to Keheliya Rambukawella, Minister of Foreign Employment Promotion and Welfare and Government Spokesman on National Security. A government delegation from Libya led by Prof. Mathoon M. Mathoon, Secretary of General Peoples's committee for Manpower Trainng and Employment (Minister) is in Colombo.

Food items aplenty in the Vanni, warehouses are full to the brim - Commissioner General of Essential Services

Food item are aplenty in stocks available in the Wanni region, where all warehouses are full. Government Agents in Mullaitivu and Kilinochcho are looking for additional buildings to store the new stock of food items arriving weekly, on a regular basis. Weekly 50 truckloads of food items are made available in the three dropping points in both Mullaitivu and Kilinochchi districts. S.B.Divaratne - Commissioner General of Essential Services, speaking to "Asian Tribune" said that “We had a meeting on Friday presided over by Basil Rajapakse, Senior Advisor to the Sri Lanka President, at the President's Office to discuss ways and means of sending essential food items, provided by India in the future to Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu Districts.

FCCISL Budget Proposals represent country-wide entrepreneurs

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

The Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka has already submitted their proposals to be included in the 2009 Budget. Samantha Abeywickrama, Secretary General, FCCISL said that this year their proposals take a new and pragmatic approach as they are the outcome of the consensus of a wider and adequately representative forum which discussed the current affairs pertaining to business community of the whole country at length. Few weeks ago all the Presidents and CEOs of the District and Regional Chambers numbering to more than 50, affiliated to FCCISL met in Anuradhapura and carried out a day long discussion and the proposals emanated from this vital discussion is now forwarded to the Finance Ministry as the Budget proposals for the forthcoming budget.

Sri Lanka born EU MP says terrorism has never succeeded anywhere in the world

Niranjan DevadithyaThe member of European parliament Niranjan Devadithya says terrorism has never succeeded anywhere in the world. Speaking at a discussion held at the State Radio on Saturday he said that the terrorist issue in Sri Lanka will be solved soon. The European parliamentarian further pointed out that Karuna Amman broke away from the terrorist outfit- LTTE, understanding this situation well. Karuna knew that the optimum way to serve his people was to enter the democratic main political stream of the country. He is now confident that their rights could be won only under a democratic structure. Mr. Deva Adithya said that the IRA which fought against Britain in the past now represents in not only in the British Parliament but also in the European parliament.

Market shows signs of recovery

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

DFCC and HNB Joint venture stockbrokers – Acuity in their weekly review indicated that Market showed signs of recovery as investors looked to take advantage of bargain hunting opportunities during the latter part of the week. However market had a scary start to the week with considerable losses on Tuesday and Milanka Price Index (MPI) fell to levels last seen on June 2004 before being strengthened subsequently, following the recoveries of global and regional stock markets. The week closed with the All Share Price Index (ASPI) losing 9.3 points or 0.51 percent to stand at 1821.5 points while the MPI shed 24.9 points or 1.21 percent to close at 2037.6 points

The Trials of Learning a Dominant Language Or, The Trials of the Dominant Language Learner

By Antonio Graceffo

Why is it that foreigners (non-native English speakers) can speak the worst (or most creative) English imaginable, and we, native-speakers, understand them, but although you’ve studied French or Thai for fifty years, only people who really love you understand what you are saying? Linguists define dominant languages as: a set of very unforgiving languages, which demand that learners speak perfectly. With dominant languages, it’s my way or the highway. In this sense, French and Thai are dominant languages. English and Italian are not. You are free to speak English as badly as you desire. And as for Italian, if you speak any at all, Italians are happy to chat with you.

Grounded Airlines

By Chandramohan - Syndicate Features

The airline industry in India, which was liberated from the monopolistic grip of the national carrier only recently and thus received the freedom to grow, has become a major victim of the economic slowdown. It is an irony that the country's first civil air show, held in Hyderabad, coincided with the onset of gloom in the industry. India was hoping that the air show in the country will eventually become as important as the ones in Paris and Farnborough (UK).

Dr. Swamy

Libyan Delegation

Libyan delegation

Indian Government should probe the end use of the money collected by Karunanidhi – Dr. Swamy

Dr. SwamyThe central government of India should probe the end use of the money and other relief materials collected in the name of suffering Sri Lankan Tamils by the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi demands, Dr.Subramanian Swamy, Leader of the Janata Party in India. Dr. Swamy, a former Law Minister of the Union Government of India pointed out that, most of the suffering Sri Lanka Tamils are presently being held as hostage and a buffer by the LTTE against a Sri Lanka army attack. He added, "hence, India should assist the Sri Lanka government to free these poor hapless Tamils from the clutches of the LTTE and re-settle them in safe camps."