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Voters wait in line

Senator Obama Will Win Presidency

The New York Times projects that Barack Hussein Obama will be elected the 44th president of the United States, sweeping away the last racial barrier in American politics with ease.

Arab Nations Insist on WMDs in UN Arms Register

By Thalif Deen - Inter Press Service

When the General Assembly decided to create a United Nations Register of Conventional Arms back in December 1991, one of the primary reasons was to promote transparency in one of the most secretive aspects of governmental operations: arms trade and domestic military holdings. But the Arms Register has so far eluded one of its ultimate objectives: universal participation by all 192 member states. The 22-nation League of Arab States -- most of whose members have refused to participate in the Register -- has complained once again that its scope should be widened to include weapons of mass destruction.

How long can India rely on the LTTE to destable Sri Lanka?

By Shenali Waduge

How can India claim it is having the interest of the Tamil people at heart when half of Sri Lanka’s 60 year post independence has been plagued with a “made in India” covert operation which turned an insurgent movement into arguably the most sophisticated terrorist organization in the world. Is it not this LTTE terrorist movement that now has the capability to operate air, sea & suicide attacks with precision & deadly accuracy? LTTE is now banned in 32 countries & its leader wanted by Interpol & even by India – why would India then wish to overpower the Sri Lankan Government’s decision to militarily erase LTTE terror & save the country & the Sri Lankan Tamils from LTTE hegemony?

Extradited Sri Lankan Tamil From USA Is Sentenced For Life AT The Old Bailey

A Sri Lankan Tamil gang member in London, who killed a fellow Tamil in cold blood, fled to New York to be employed as IT officer, using a stolen passport, but he was extradited back to the United Kingdom, and sentenced for life after trial at the Old Bailey, Scotland Yard said. Commenting about the man convicted after seven years from the day the gang member committed the crime Detective Inspector Andy Manning of the Scotland Yard said, that criminals "responsible are put before the courts no matter what the time delay or how far they run." In this case suspect Balagurubavan Bharakrishnabharthy was sentenced, November 3, to life imprisonment, to serve a minimum of 15 years.

For the first time, vocational training in Sri Lanka to be affiliated with a prestigious Swedish University

Piyasena Gamage, Minister of Vocational and Technical Training met with Prof. Torsten H. Fransson at the University of Royal Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden and held discussions on Monday, 03rd November, 2008 to expand the existing Technical Diploma Education to a graduate level expanding opportunities for the students who are unable to enter into universities in Sri Lanka. The new University of Vocational Technology in Colombo, Sri Lanka is to commence in the beginning of 2009. Ambassador Ranjith Jayasooriya also joined with the Piyasena Gamage for the discussions with Prof. Fransson and Prof. Andrew Martin at the University.

US to elect the 44rh US President – brisk voting reported

Voters wait in lineUS opened the voting in their historic election on Tuesday, Nov 4 with front-running Democrat Barack Obama seeking to become the first black president and his Republican rival John McCain hoping for a poll-defying comeback. After an epic campaign, voters could also spark a political realignment in Washington, with Democrats targeting big gains in the Senate and House of Representatives after eight turbulent years under President George W Bush. Polls opened in the northeastern state of Vermont at 5 am (1000 GMT), an electoral official at a polling station in the town of Bennington. History's longest, most costly White House campaign ended with Obama the hot favorite, enjoying wide leads in national polls and the edge in a string of battleground states which could swing the election either way.

Crossing to the Liberals

By Adnan Gill

As blasphemous as the American Conservatives may think; yes, I crossed to the dreaded Liberals. Why? Because the so-called Compassionate Conservatives have literally handed me the death-sentence. I may not be around to see the day when I wouldn’t have to make a choice between the bread and medicine, but hopefully another Adnan will not have to make a choice between feeding his family and death in the Obama era. For the Conservatives, it’s the matter of the ‘survival of the fittest’ and not about the ‘Joe the Unfortunate’; a far cry from ‘what Jesus would do’?

Embarking on De-Weternizing Communications Planned at Seminar in Taiwan

Scholars meet to embark on a different path towards better communications at the Department of Journalism, National Chengchi University, Taipei, in Taiwan on December 12 and 13, 2008. The participants believe that this is the time for decentralization, de-Westernization, differentiation and pluralist thinking. Among those attending are leading scholars from Asia, UK and USA. Dr. Shelton Gunaratne Professor Mass Communications emeritus of Minnesota University at Moorhead, USA expressed the view that major research work on non-western communication methods has been growing at exponential rates. Hidden behind the proliferation of research publications in the non-Western world, however, are several important issues that need to be discussed. The workshop in Taipei would be a major focus group for that purpose.

Barack Obama - President Elect

Barack Obama Triumphs becoming the First Black President of USA

By Philip Fernando for Asian Tribune

Obama - President ElectSenator Barack Obama won the U S presidency in a near landslide becoming the first black man in history to do so. The cool demeanor of the victor triumphed over the dour negativism of the vanquished. John McCain conceded defeat last night. The stunningly triumphant feat of Obama signified an epochal dousing of the country’s smoldering Black and White race relations. It was like the check valve inside an alternator suddenly functioning smoothly regulating directionality of current flow. Red states turned blue inside the United States of America. Suddenly, jubilation and trumpeted exuberance overtook the nation in stark contrast to the Obama’s refusal to be drawn into any vicious counter-attack on McCain for weeks.