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Thakshin with his wife Pojaman

Mankulam Sieged

Latest reports revealed that Mankulam located in the A 9 road has been surrounded by Task Force 3 and sieged. According to Army sources it is learnt that Mankulam will fall in the hands of Sri Lanka Army at any time. Troops are moving from Vannivilankulam located 3 miles away from Mankulam located on the Mankulam – Vavunikulam – Thunukkai Road and also the troops have cutoff the a stretch of Mankulam – Odduchuddan – Mullaitivu road yesterday to prevent Tiger reinforcement arriving to strengthen Tiger cadres trapped in Mankulam.

Danish Government asked not to mix up GSP + as a punitive measure with Human Rights issues

Ranjith Jayasooriya with Mogens LykketoftAmbassador Ranjith Jayasooriya requested the Former Danish Foreign Minister, Mr. Mogens Lykketoft, MP, Social Democrats, not to use the Preferential Trading Mechanism as a punitive mesure to block the extention of the GSP Plus EU Agreement mixing with Human Rights issues. The Former Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Mogens Lykketoft, MP has recently asked the present Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Per Stig Moller about the Danish position in regard of the Sri Lankan conflict, asking if the Danish Government, alone or in co-operation with the Nordic countries or EU, intended to make pressure on the Sri Lankan Government to stop the war and to prevent the violation on the human rights. The present Minister of Foreign affairs has in his answer made it clear, that the Danish Government is ready to exert pressure on the EU and if needed to take up the GSP Plus negotiation in this regard to put pressure on the Sri Lankan Government.

Bangladesh Election: To be or Not to be -----

Asian Tribune Report from Dhaka

One of the two main political parties in Bangladesh has criticised the interim government's preparations for next month's parliamentary vote, saying it would only take part in the poll if conditions improved. "In fact the government has not implemented any of our proposals so far. So it is not possible for the BNP-led alliance to go to the polls," he told reporters after meeting with BNP leader Khaleda Zia at her party office. But BNP secretary-general did not say if the BNP had decided to boycott the election. Government officials said they remained fully committed to hold the election on December 18, and hoped all parties would take part.

Sri Lanka Foundation Bestows its Lifetime Achievements Awards

Valentine Gunasekara, an internationally-renowned architect who pioneered a new form of architecture in Sri Lanka, and Professor Wimal Dissanayake of the University of Hawaii, who is a leading scholar of Asian cinema, were the winners of the annual 2008 Lifetime Achievement Awards presented by the Sri Lanka Foundation in Los Angeles. Gunasekera, who has been held in high esteem in the professional and academic community for his innovative architectural work in Sri Lanka, Nigeria and the US, has been described as a "pioneer modernist" whose work is the result of his "search for a just social fabric and new architecture."

Three years of Presidency and what made him the President

By Raja Arambewela for Asian Tribune

Mahinda and Alavi"Honesty, Integrity, Perseverance, Fearlessness and not indulging in petty partisan community politics were the greatest qualities that were the force in him that drove him to the zenith of his political carrier" said Mr. Alavi Moulana, the Governor of the Central Province and a very close associate of Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse, of the President. Mr. Moulana said this without any hesitation in reply to a question posed by the "Asian Tribune" interviewing him on the eve of the 3rd anniversary of Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse becoming the President of Sri Lanka. The "Asian Tribune" decided to interview Mr. Alavi Maulana as he has been a very close associate of Mr. Rajapakse since Mr. Rajapakse’s advent to politics. Mr. Moulana spoke very freely and frankly showing that he was and is a great believer of Mr. Rajapakse and his abilities.

A Soldier's Version – from start to finish of the fall of Pooneryn

By K.T.Rajasingham

The Asian Tribune had the rare opportunity of interviewing over the phone a Commissioned Officer of the Sri Lanka Army’s 58th Division just before the capture of Pooneryn on the evening of the 14th and on the 15th of November after the capture. While extolling the courageous and heroic feats of the patriotic soldiers of the Sri Lanka Army that liberated the entire A32 road from Mannar to Pooneryn and up to Sangupiddy Jetty, this Officer, revealed that this Operation was initially launched in the last week of September 2007 and, that after a long hard fought battle for 10 months, the area described as the "Rice Bowl" in the district of Mannar located between the Giant Tank to the North up to Thalladi and covers an expanse of 58 square kilometers was finally brought under the control of the Sri Lanka Government on 31st of June in 2008.

Former Prime Minister Thakshin Shinawatra divorced his wife

Thakshin - PojamanFormer Thai Prime Minister Thakshin Shinawatra divorced his wife last Friday. According to a news report, the divorce reportedly was sealed last week at the Thai Consulate in Hong Kong. The couples remained married for the last thirty years and were blessed with three children –one son and two daughters and they all are presently living in England. "Thaksin and his wife remain very close, and they have grown even closer since their problems began in Thailand," said one source. A large proportion of the Shinawatras' assets are in Pojaman's name, also a source said.

Opening up of a of a mosque that will be the named after martyr Yasser Arafat

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Ahmad Soboh met the Representative of Finland and Representative of Sri Lanka, Dr. T. Jayasinghe, separately. Dr. Ahmed Soboh discussed with the Representative of Sri Lanka to the Palestine National Authority the MOU agreement that was signed by the Palestinian and Sri Lankan Ministers of Foreign Affairs during the Palestinian President visit to Sri Lanka in October 2008.

1,700 tonnes of India relief assistance arrived in Colombo

As the news of dislodging the Tamil Tigers from Pooneryn, their last bastion, in Northwest coast of Sri Lanka and the probability of opening up of a land route to Jaffna peninsula via A-32 Road to down south became a reality, an Indian ship carrying relief items to Sri Lanka's war displaced civilians in the Vanni has reached Colombo harbor, official sources said here on Sunday. The ship was carrying 1700 tons of relief material and the distribution is to be coordinated through the International Committee of the Red Cross, the officials said.

Downward stocks trend tumbles indices

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

Acuity – the Stock-brokering arm of HNB and DFCC in their weekly review indicated that indices tumbled as stocks sustained a downward trend throughout the week on the back of sluggish investor sentiment. The weak corporate earnings results coupled with unsettled global equity markets continued to add pressure on the market while as a result, week on week the All Share Price Index (ASPI) ended 5.6 percent or 106.4 points lower at 1783.9 points while the more sensitive Milanka Price Index (MPI) closed down by 6.4 percent or 135.5 points at 1989.2 points.

Foreign Ministrty to seek cabinet approval to set up Sri Lanka Mission in Libya

Ministry of Foreign Affairs is expected to present a cabinet paper shortly seeking for approval to open up a Sri Lanka Mission in Tripoli, Libiya. Dr. Keheliya Rambukawella, Sri Lanka’s Minister of Foreign Employment Promotion and Welfare and Government Spokesman on National Security speaking to ‘Asian Tribune’ said that already Sri Lanka President has approved the setting up of a Sri Lanka Mission in Tripoli. According to Dr. Keheliya Rambukawella, Sri Lanka is expected to send more than 100,000 workers to Libiya from the beginning of the year 2009.

New Kumbles, Where?

By Tusharcharan - Syndicate Features

He 'retired' hurt after an on-field injury that required stitches. Spinner Anil Kumble’s decision to retire from international cricket has come at a time when the whole world of cricket has spun almost out of recognition with the latest incarnation of cricket, called Twenty20, threatening the continuation of leisurely five-day 'Tests'. As a Test match spinner he was certainly among the greatest in the world, as his record of over 600 hauls will show. There is speculation that Indian cricket may witness a tsunami of sorts as more of its greats announce retirement. This guess is said to be based on the form of the players. Expectedly it raised some hackles and sparked off a controversy in some quarters. The senior players resent questions being raised about the quality of their present level of game and thought such questions were in bad taste.

Mahinda and Alavi

Mankulam falls – another humiliating blow for Prabakaran

Sri Lankan troops recaptured today Mankulam after nearly 9 years, back from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. It was on the 5th November 1999 LTTE took control of Mankulam, a stratergic town located on the A 9 Road nearly 45 kilometers North of Vavuniya. Sources told Asian Tribune that following hours of heavy fighting with LTTE Mankulaqm fell in the hands of Sri Lankan troops today around 2p.m. It is reported LTTE carders are on the run, but number of them were killed and many captured.