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Bangladesh: Election For Change In The Air

Our diplomatic correspond from Dhaka

Political parties mostly split between electoral alliances led by Awami League and BNP get locked in a battle for ballots today as the nation throbs with life at the prospect of a peaceful transition to democracy reports the daily star. Polling opens at 8:00am to continue till 4:00pm without break. The government has declared the day a public holiday. According to Election Commission nearly 56 percent votes have been cast by the 5 hours of casting. It appears that a large percentage of votes have to be polled in the fray which would be a history in the peaceful transition to democracy. In some constituency the BNP led alliance supporters of candidate were apprehended for buying votes.

Thai Parliament besieged by protesters: PM’s Policy statement delayed

Red-clad demonstrators has besieged Thailand’s Parliament and reported as blocking the entrance to Parliament which forced House Speaker Chai Chidchob to postpone the delivery of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva's policy statement scheduled at 9.30am to 2pm today (Monday) afternoon. The roads around Parliament were blocked and few MPs were able enter the compound. Mr. Chai said negotiations with the protesters were expected to continue. He expressed hope that the protesters would eventually open way for the members of parliament to pass in and out of the Parliament premises without harassment or being hindered.

Israeli Operation Spares Civilians; Hamas Targets Them

Special to The Asian Tribune by Dr. Richard L. Benkin

On Saturday, December 27, 2008, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) carried out a massive air strike on Hamas targets throughout the Gaza Strip in retaliation for the terrorist group’s continued rocket fire on Israeli civilians. The attack, dubbed "Cast Lead" was directed at Hamas security installations, training camp, weapons manufacturing plants, and other Hamas military facilities. Sources from both sides of the conflict admit that there was not a single Hamas facility that did not suffer major damage.

They were only protesting to the Video cameras - Deputy Minister Neomal Perera

Neomal Perera"I use to make annual pilgrimage with my family to 'Lourdes of the East' Annai Velankanni Church. Similarly I made the pilgrimage to Velankanni temple on this 27th December, with my family – my wife and three children, said Sri Lankan Deputy Minister of Fisheries Neomal Perera. He said that after the prayers in the temple he used to go and meet Sri Lankan fishermen who are held in custody in prisons in Tamil Nadu for the offence of unintentionally straying into Indian waters. "I used to convey to them my personal Christmas and New Year greetings and also that of the families of those fishermen back in Sri Lanka."

Palestine signs agreement with Sri Lanka to train teachers in the first grade and kindergarten

Ramallah, the Minister of Education and Higher Education, A. Lamis Alami at the headquarters of the ministry with the Representative of the Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka in Ramallah Dr. T. Jayasinghe signed an agreement (MOU) to train and develop the skills of teachers in first grade and kindergarten on the issues of early childhood, a way that would help smooth the transition for a child from kindergarten to first grade.

US surprised at Pak troop mobilization along India border; War talks tones down

By M Rama Rao, India Editor, Asian Tribune

Pakistan's mobilization of troops along the border with India has surprised Washington as it sees little, if any, evidence that an Indian strike or military action against Pakistan is likely or imminent, reports in Pak and the American media say even as tensions appeared to have thinned considerably Saturday with Pakistan President disclaiming any intent to initiate hostilities with India. To the discomfort of Pakistan's civilian and army set-ups, a key adviser on terrorism in President-elect Barack Obama's transition team has charged that Islamabad fleeced Washington for billions of dollars in aid while allowing al-Qaeda to regroup in the tribal belt.

AIADMK, DMK cadres indulge in Violence: Prelude to by-election

By Ravikumar Balakrishnan in Chennai

Violence broke out between the DMK and AIADMK cadres late last night with just 11 days to go for by-election at Thirumangalam Assembly constituency in Madurai. Vehicles were burnt following allegations that money was distributed to lure votes late last night. The AIADMK and DMK cadres accused each other of distributing cash for votes. The DMK men alleged that the AIADMK volunteers tried to lure voters in four different locations by doling out cash. DMK cadres reportedly confronted the AIADMK men head-on at the four places. In the exchange, a couple of SUVs were damaged. A private channel’s camera was said to be seized.

* Bush's Farewell Gift

By Nicola Nasser

The body of UN Security Council Resolution 1850 avoids any meaningful mention of a two-state solution or the creation of a Palestinian state with the exception of a feeble reference late in the text -- added almost as an afterthought -- to "preparation for statehood". While the preamble does mention Resolution 1514, issued five years ago, and notes that "lasting peace can only be based on an enduring commitment to mutual recognition, freedom from violence, incitement, and terror, and the two-state solution, building upon previous agreements and obligations," and even notes "the importance of the Arab peace initiative of 2002" the seven articles of the resolution, adopted on 16 December, focus on committing all parties to continuing an endless peace process.

Karunanidhi Pops Up Again : What Jayalalitha could do about it

By L. Jayasooriya

Among all normal citizens the world over the human mind is the same irrespective of nationality, race and language. It is the pollution that it receives and accepts from outside that makes them the way they are. Karunanidhi has successfully made many Tamil Nadu citizens believe that the Sri Lankan army is killing Tamils in Sri Lanka and has called upon Mr. Manmohan Singh to send his foreign minister Mr. Pranab Mukkerjee to Sri Lanka and order our government to stop killing Tamils thus creating hatred in Tamil Nadu against the majority Sinhalese in Sri Lanka. Mr. Singh has done nothing about it for reasons known to both Mr. Singh and us but Karunanidhi’s call to save the Tamils in Sri Lanka has paid him dividends in being elected the leader for the 10th time.

Deputy Minister Neomal Perera with his family

Deputy Minister Neomal Perera

Sri Lanka calls upon concerned parties to end violence in the Gaza Strip

The Government of Sri Lanka has expressed its deep concerned over the fast escalating violence in the Gaza Strip, which has led to much bloodshed. This has resulted in increased tension in the region. In a press release, Sri Lanka has called upon all parties concerned to end the violence, to ensure a conducive climate for the re-commencement of negotiations to find a lasting solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict. Sri Lanka has been a consistent advocate for the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people to establish an independent Palestinian State within secure borders to co-exist in peace with its neighbors, the press statement released by Sri Lanka Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized.