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Responsibilty to remain united urged – Sri Lanka President

Mahinda RajapaksaIn a New Year message Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa said that his government has taken the country on the correct path to development, while facing many challenges, has also taken the necessary steps to bring prosperity to the lives of the people. "We have great confidence that the determined path we have traversed so far will result in a sustainable peace to our country and people….It is my firm belief that when our nation crosses the threshold to victory it is the responsibility of us all to be united in safeguarding the future of our country," states President Mahinda Rajapaksa in his New Year Message to the nation.

TN police bust LTTE smuggling racket, seize 3 sat phones

By M Rama Rao, India Editor, Asian Tribune

While the political situation in Tamil Nadu remains dicey and a by-election has become a battleground where ethnic Tamil issue has many ready takers, the LTTE suffered a setback with the police arresting a person smuggling communication equipment to the Tigers. The arrested person, identified as Dileepan (30) is a Sri Lankan national, according to the police, who nabbed him in a joint operation with the intelligence agencies on Tuesday night.

GSP+ : Is the European Commission Treading on Thin WTO Ice

By Don Joao Konappo Bandara

The GSP+ concession extended to least developed countries and some selected developing countries by the European Community (EC) on an exceptional basis is not consistent with WTO rules on most favored nation treatment and non-discrimination. The goal of the GSP+ is stated to be the facilitation of 'sustainable development and good governance' and was approved by the WTO as an exception to its rules. It was never endorsed with the intention of being used as a coercive tool to attain wider political, human rights and humanitarian goals. As evidence mounts of the European Commission's attempts to manipulate the GSP+ to achieve extraneous objectives under the influence of influential and partisan NGOs and other lobby groups in the case of some countries such as Sri Lanka, the possibility of a legal challenge before the WTO Dispute Settlement mechanism looms large.

New Year brings more pressure on Pakistan to extradite LeT commander Lakhvi

By M Rama Rao, India Editor, Asian Tribune

Notwithstanding its denial mode, Pakistan saw the New Year eve bring in more pressure from the United States to extradite the wanted Lashkar-e-Taiba operations commander, Zakiur Rahman Lakhvi. He is the mastermind of the Mumbai terror attacks that saw a 70-hour siege of Taj and Oberai Trident hotels and the Nariman House very close to the Colaba front. American sleuths are reported to have recorded a conversation Lakhvi allegedly had with gunmen involved in the attacks on Mumbai on November 26.

Sri Lanka Permanent Representative to UNESCO

Mr Lionel Fernando presented the letter of accreditation as Ambassador, Permanent Delegate of Sri Lanka to UNESCO to Mr Koïchiro Matsuura, Director-General of UNESCO at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on December 31, 2008. After the presentation of credentials, Mr Fernando and Mr Matsuura held a brief discussion on UNESCO activities. Sri Lanka is a member of the UNESCO Executive Board.

Letter to the Editor: Sri Lanka roads kills dear ones - “It is terrible”

One Fiona Kegin who lives in the Isle Man, United Kingdom has blamed the bad condition of the road in Sri Lanka as the cause for the untimely death of her brother who was married to a Sri Lankan lady. In a letter to the Editor, she endorsed the “Comment made by L. Jayasooriya on 31st December 2008, regarding Sri Lankan's most dangerous roads in the world.” 'Asian Tribune' in its 31 December issue carried a comment by L.Jayasooriya who wrote, "Sri Lankan Roads Are The Most Dangerous In The World."

50 Years of the Revolution End the economic sanctions against Cuba

By Leel Pathirana

It was 01st January 1959, the valiant Cuban revolutionary forces entered to La Habana (Havana) led by Comrades Fidel, Raul and Che. Cheering crowds were filled in the street of La Habana to greet the triumphant bearded rebels entering to the capitol on top of the armored personal carriers. Cuba today celebrates the 50th Anniversary of their revolution. Caribbean counties recently urged the new US elected President Barak Obama to end the trade embargo imposed by the Washington for almost five decades over Cuba in the latest signal to the incoming administration.

Sri Lankans are urged to strengthen the hands of the Government - Foreign Minister

In his New Year message Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama has appealed to Sri Lankans - both home and abroad, to strengthen the hands of the Government to face challenges posed by terrorism to democracy, human rights and other fundamental values that the people of Sri Lanka dearly cherish and have for so long taken for granted. In his message he has clearly pointed out that the LTTE has time and again demonstrated its callous disregard for the sanctity of human life through its numerous cold-blooded attacks on civilians. The Foreign Minister further said, "The year ahead will be a challenging one for Sri Lanka as we prepare ourselves to cope with the adverse impact of the global economic downturn that has set in. In this context, I urge all our overseas Missions to rise to the challenge of securing new markets for our exports, while expanding our existing market share in the countries of their accreditation."

Children affected by violence learn new job skills

Seven young men who are victims of violence have acquired new job skills and are ready to reintegrate into society after a job training program funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The program, "New Beginnings for Children Affected by Conflict and Violence," is funded by a $2.6 million grant from USAID and implemented by Save the Children in Sri Lanka. All seven boys live at the Hikkaduwa Government Certified School and received their training in vocational centers in the local community. "New Beginnings works to protect children affected by violence from further harm, to help them access psycho-social and skills development so they can reintegrate successfully into society," said Rebecca Cohn, USAID Mission Director.

Role Of Sangitis In Maintaining Purity Of Buddhavacana

By Ven. Sumedha – Syndicate Features

In its extended sense in the Buddhist texts " 'Sangiti'- ('sam+gai')" means collective recitation, proclamation, rehearsal. It has finally come to signify general convocation of the Buddhist monks in order to settle the questions of the doctrine and to fix text of the scripture. In the "Saddharma Pundarika Sutra" we get the reference to the experts in proclamation of the doctrine of the "Tathagata (Sangiti kusala Tathagatadhammanam)." The Buddhavacanna is the word or the teaching of the Buddha. It sometimes expresses 'Buddhavisaya'- the range, scope, or power of the Buddha. 'Buddha Vennayya' is also found in Pali literature –one is able to be led to enlightenment or accessible to Buddha's teachings. 'Buddhasasana' renders the same there as the teaching or instruction.

Tamilnadu - 2008

By Ravikumar Balakrishnan

The year 2008 maybe described as tumultuous and tortuous. A year of re-alignment, reunion and repercussions in the political arena, all in one way or the other connected to the Parliamentary polls to be held in 2009. We have a few headline snatchers for you. The Communists proved media speculation true by joining the AIADMK alliance after ditching the DMK-led DPA. Leaders of both the Left parties, the CPI and the CPI-M called on Jayalalithaa at her Poes Garden residence, where they were welcomed with a 'red' carpet, true to their color. Meanwhile, no day passed without a protest for the AIADMK. Issues ranging from leakage in drinking water pipes to inflation made Jayalalithaa to ask her party cadres to stage demonstrations.

Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa

Bangkok : 59 New Year Revelers Killed, 212 Injured

Fire at an Ekkamai pub kills at least 59 and injures 212 in a New Year countdown disaster. Fire broke out at popular Santika Pub located in Ekkamai Soi 9 (Sukhumvit 63), Wednesday night, killing people celebrating the New Year countdown. The fire raged through the popular Santika Club in the opening minutes of Thursday as partygoers were celebrating New Year. Witnesses said that several hundred revelers were packed into the club premises, located at Ekamai Soi 9, a popular nightlife zone, when the fire broke out after midnight, shortly after the clubbers joined the countdown for the New Year.