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Arson in the London Buddhist Temple

Killinochchi… and Gaza

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

Killinochchi is an important milepost in the Fourth Eelam War, an outstanding victory for the Lankan Forces and a significant defeat for the LTTE. The Tigers’ response to the fall of Killinochchi was both characteristic and portentous - a suicide blast near the Air Force Headquarters in Colombo. According to the well informed "Tamilweek," the LTTE has begun withdrawing from Elephant Pass and Mullativu and may withdraw from the Jaffna Peninsula altogether. If true, this development, together with the premeditated response to the loss of Killinochchi, would signify a shift from positional warfare to guerrilla attacks and in particular acts of terrorism in the South and in the East, partly as a morale booster and partly to create the ground conditions necessary for the birth of a new generation of Tigers and Black Tigers.

Two Sri Lankans from Amparai beheaded in Saudi Arabia

Two Sri Lankan from Amparai districts were beheaded on last Friday in Saudi Arabia. The Sri Lankans were beheaded by the sword on Friday after being convicted of armed robbery and murdering a Sudanese accountant, the Saudi Arabian Interior Ministry said. Two Sri Lankan migrant workers T. Suthakaran from Amparai and Ganesh Meharaj from Kalmunai were found guilty of shooting dead and robbing one Mohammed al-Jakk Mohammed, who worked as a company accountant. Mohammed al-Jakk Mohammed was shot and killed as he walked out of a bank in Riyadh, after withdrawing Saudi Riyal 2 million in May 2006.

The Battle of Silicon Siblings – Computer Model VS Crystal Ball

Hemantha Abeywardena writes from London……

A few years ago, I lost some money while staying at a place in Colombo, when I was a sworn rationalist. Two professional friends of mine, strictly speaking, 'kidnapped' me to a place in a suburb of Colombo, against my feeble will, raising the hopes of finding both the culprit and what I lost. They took me to the particular place where a woman went into a trance and coughed up the information that the victims were longing for. I was forced to stand in a queue along with the two friends until my turn came, keeping the mild embarrassment, that inevitably shoots up in the given surroundings, at bay – for being at a strange place for an equally strange reason.

Profitable Crash Benefits Owners of the Federal Reserve System

By Tate Ulsaker for Asian Tribune

The crash of 2008 has given Wall Street its worst year since the Great Depression. As a result, negative growth has been projected for the world economy in 2009, an event not seen since the 1950’s. According to Lewis Alexander, the chief economist at Citigroup, "Since their peak over the summer, global equity markets have lost about $25 trillion in value. This represents about 40 per cent of global GDP." The losses are widely predicted to grow during 2009 as hyperinflation and rebounding commodity prices come into play alongside further cleansing of toxic debts. The Wall Street Casino might even collapse global banking structures if the 500+ trillion dollars in derivatives begin to unpredictably unwind.

Does Awami League Victory Offer Hope for Real Change?

Sunday Column by Dr. Richard L. Benkin

Dr. BenkinBangladeshi elections had been put off for so long that it was difficult to predict what they might produce. On December 29, 2008, however, the people of Bangladesh answered that question clearly by giving Sheikh Hasina’s Awami League (AL) a landslide victory. That’s both good news and bad news for the left-center party good news in that it need not make any dubious deals to being other parties into its ruling coalition; bad news in that the world will hold Hasina and her party responsible for what happens next.

Arson Attack on London Kingsbury Buddhist Temple

By Janaka Alahapperuma- London

Arson in the London Buddhist TempleA suspected gang of Tamil Tiger supporters has attacked and set fire to the Sri Saddhatissa International Buddhist Centre (SSIBC) popularly known as "Kingsbury Buddhist Temple", Kingsbury, London in the early hours of Saturday 3rd January 2009. The arson attack caused damages to the main shrine chambers of the temple, which is one of the most respected Sri Lankan Buddhist places of worship in the UK. All the resident monks were inside at the time flames broke out and emergency services including fire fighters and Police were called to the Temple premises around 3.10am, but no one was injured. The suspected attack by unidentified persons caused damage only to the building.

Manipulating terrorism in S. Asia

By Janaka Perera

The resounding victory of the Sri Lankan armed forces in Kilinochchi stresses the moral duty of sane people in Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan to resist all forces hell-bent on destabilizing the South Asian region. Our troops have shown the way towards real conflict resolution. The fall of the LTTE 's so-called administrative hub is no doubt a cause of joy not only for Sri Lanka but also for countries like China and Pakistan which have always firmly stood by this country in its armed struggle against Tiger terrorism. Their governments - to which GOSL owes its gratitude - stand out as perhaps the only states that have never urged this island nation to "negotiate" with the intransigent Tigers and give "political solutions" to them.

Glaring loopholes in Mumbai terror attacks

By Asif Haroon Raja

Following the Mumbai terror attacks on 26 November, in line with the timed programmed plan, India is steadily mounting pressure on Pakistan to make it succumb to its illegal demands. No sooner the first bullet was fired in Mumbai on the evening of 26 November, the state sponsored media jumped into action. The media anchors had prepared scripts to dilate upon and amidst thick fog of chaos and confusion prevalent in the port city, fingers started to be raised at Pakistan. After each hour of the gun battle ensuing between the terrorists and the security forces at Oberoi Hotel, Taj Mahal Hotel, Railway Station, Cama Hospital and a Jewish centre Nariman Bhawan, new aspects were added to the thrilling drama watched by the bewildered world.

Women farmers fighting for their rights and identity

By Amit Dwivedi

"I am the first woman farmer in my block who started cultivation 15 years back," said 45 years old Aisha Begum Khatoon of Hridaypur village in Ambedkarnagar district. When she picked up the hoe for the first time, all the villagers rebuked her for treading on a man's domain. However, she decided to move forward, despite all odds, in order to look after her three daughters and one son. Her husband lives in the city and takes no interest in agricultural activities. She owns a mere half acre land, but by resorting to organic farming, she is able to provide bread and better to her family of five members.

Israel May Never Invade Gaza

Commentary by L. Jayasooriya

For almost a week Israel has permitted the press to show the amassing of military tanks and other equipment on the border with the Gaza strip either with a view to frighten the Palestinians or to frighten the world of an impending massacre in the hope that they will persuade Hamas to recognize Israel. The first one is not on the cards because the Palestinians are eager to see the tanks roll in so that they could have a direct confrontation in which far more Palestinians will be killed than Israelis while the Israelis do not want any one of their men killed. So if the tanks do not roll in we can with justification assume that the Israelis are hoping that others will get them what they want which is most unlikely. It is also unlikely that Israel will agree to any plan of the type that the French President may propose.

Finally, India refuses to tour

By Ramu Sharma – Syndicate Features

Though it was foregone conclusion, the actual decision by the Government not to allow the Indian Cricket Tour of Pakistan is a big blow. It is not for the first time that politics has played spoilsport in India-Pakistan cricket. Earlier it was Pakistan which did not want to play India and now when the two countries had established good relations in the game, it is India which has taken the decision not to play Pakistan.

The Estonian peace activist Dr Kaido Kotkas

Dr Kaido Kotkas


Dr. Richard L. Benkin

By Janaka Alahapperuma- London

By Janaka Alahapperuma- London

A Peace Dove From Yonder Estonia

Dr Kaido KotkasThe Estonian peace activist Dr Kaido Kotkas, is a medical Doctor, a peace dove from yonder Estonia and a true friend of Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans. He was one who recently readily responded to the SOS put out by the Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry with € 3,000 worth of Foot Spray medicines urgently needed for the fungal and bacterial foot infections for the Sri Lankan soldiers, when they were engaged, during those rainy days, in their military campaign to evict the Tigers from Kilinochchi. Dr Kaido Kotkas, an Estonian and a friend of one of Sri Lanka’s reputed academic, Dr. Nazeem Seyed-Mohamed, Professor of Department of Business Studies at the renowned Uppsala University, in Sweden.