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Challenging Sri Lanka’s Katchativu ownership before India’s Apex Court

By Ravikumar Balakrishnan in Chennai

AIADMK general secretary J Jayalalitha had filed a petition in the Supreme Court of India to retrieve Katchativu from Sri Lanka. Chief Justice KG Balakrishnan and Justice Sadhasivam yesterday heard the case presented by Advocate Krishnakumar. Subsequently, India’s apex court has served notice to the Central Government demanding a reply within 4 weeks. The union government has been urged to retrieve Katchativu. It stated that retrieving the island from Sri Lanka was the only way to protect the interests of Tamil Nadu fishermen. It also questioned the 'silence' of the Union Government over continued attacks on Indian fishermen.

Launching report on unethical conversions

By Janaka Perera

The Commission Report on unethical conversions of Buddhists will be launched at the Kularatne Hall, Ananda College, Colombo, on Tuesday January 6. The All Ceylon Buddhist Congress appointed the commission to investigate the conversion of Buddhists into other religions by unethical means and ruses. The commission commenced its inquiries at the historic sacred site of Mihintale, Anuradhapura on Poson full moon day (in June) 2006. Its report is based on facts gathered during a two-year investigation in different parts of Sri Lanka under the direction of the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress.

Tribute to Sri Lankan Soldiers

Lalith Weerathunga Hoisting FlagAll government institutions conducted special programs yesterday to pay their tribute to the heroic forces for their recent landmark victory over the Kilinochchi. The program begun with the hoisting of the National Flag at 8.30 A.M. yesterday and the observance of two minutes silence at 8.35 A.M. in remembrance of the fallen war heroes. At the ceremony which was held at the President Secretariat, there was a Anusasana preached by the Ven. Maduluwawe Sobhitha Nayake Thero, of Sri Naga Vihara. There were also blessings to the heroic troops by the clergy Hindu, Muslim and Catholic priests. Similar ceremonies were conducted at most private sectors establishments, too.

India gives Mumbai evidence to Pakistan, Islamabad acknowledges

By M Rama Rao - India Editor, Asian Tribune

India has handed over evidence to Pakistan linking the Mumbai attacks to 'elements' in that country. Islamabad has acknowledged the receipt of the information, with a saying that it is being examined by concerned authorities. External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee has also written to his counterparts around the globe, giving details of the Mumbai attacks, and describing in 'some detail the progress that we have made in our investigations and the evidence that we have collected' He has hoped that the 'world will unite' in ensuring an end to cross-border terrorism faced by India.

Sri Lankans in Italy to help the soldiers and help the Internally displaced Tamils in the Northern Province

Sri Lankans in Italy has come forward to help Sri Lankan soldiers who have decided to sacrifice their lives in order to protect the sovereignty of Sri Lanka, and the families of the soldiers. It was also further resolved that the Sri Lankan diaspora must help, both financially and materially, the internally-displaced Tamil people living in the Northern Province. Also Sri Lankans living in Italy decided to hold Special "pujas" in every Temple and Church on Sunday 11th January, wherever there is a concentration of Sri Lankans, in Italy, Cyprus and Greece, to commemorate the victory of Kilinochchi and offer the blessings to the President and the Armed Forces.

War of Words

By Allabaksh – Syndicate Features

Pakistan’s export of terror to India will remain unchecked until India learns to speak loudly against all the busy bodies in the west who fail to distinguish between the wounds inflicted on India and the consequences of its own follies Pakistan has to bear. Also, India must not only counter Pak propaganda but also cultivate the habit of 'acting' rather than 'reacting', says the author. Many in India feel that successive governments on the Raisina Hill have been indifferent to fighting the war of words with our perennially hostile neighbour, who describes India as its 'permanent enemy'. In the past India might have militarily humbled Pakistan many times—never mind what the Pakistani history textbooks and 'historians' of that country say—but it has been repeatedly outwitted by the Pakistanis in the war of words, mostly fought through the media.

Sri Lanka calls for an immediate end to military action in the Gaza Strip

The Government of Sri Lanka notes with deep concern the continuing violence in the Gaza Strip. The escalation of the military action has resulted in further loss of civilian lives and the deterioration of the humanitarian situation, as well as increased tension in the region. Sri Lanka calls upon the parties concerned to end military action immediately and observe a ceasefire which would reduce the prevailing tension and lead to a conducive environment for negotiations. An end to military action would ease the considerable human suffering in the Gaza Strip.

An abrupt decision!

By Ramu Sharma - Syndicate Features

The Government’s decision not to allow Indians residing in foreign countries to take part for the mother country is a debatable decision. It is not clear why such a ruling was suddenly applied when for all these years India had allowed American "Indians" in particular to wear the national colours in the international sports arena. For years altogether we have benefited from players holding American passports and learning the trade there to wear the national colours during International Tennis Tournaments. In other games too the country has allowed foreign Indians to come especially for the event and take part for India.

Sri Lanka: Hotline for tourists

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

A 24 hour hotline 1912 was established by the Tourism Development Authority to seek information and make complaints with regard to tourism and travel. This arrangement was made with the help of Telecommunication Regulatory Commission. This will help any affected party to even make complaints to the tourism Police Division and to the Commissioner for Tourism Administration Division.

American biased attitude and unjust policies

By Asif Haroon Raja

USA is notorious for its double standards and unjust policies. It sees India from one periscope and Pakistan from another. If Pakistan is being constantly advised, cautioned, coerced and punished by USA for its committed and uncommitted sins, justice demands that India too should at least be advised to let go its old policy of belligerence, haughtiness and finding excuses to put Pakistan in thick soup. US biased attitude could have been ignored if Pakistan had betrayed it. Contrarily, Pakistan has remained in American camp throughout its history in spite of being repeatedly deceived. Yet USA arm-twists Pakistan on multiple issues either to serve its own interests or to please India.

Pix by Sudath Silva

Tamil Nadu based Tamil TV channels spearheads LTTE’s anti-Sri Lankan campaign

Tamil Nadu based Tamil language television channels are continuously involved in a systematic disinformation campaign against Sri Lanka Government, Sri Lanka’s fight against world ruthless terrorist organization - Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and the Sri Lankan armed forces. It is alleged that the Tamil television channels are spearheading internationally LTTE’s anti – Sri Lanka campaign. LTTE still remains a proscribed organization in India, but India based majority of the Tamil language TV channels are coming up with anti- Sri Lankan campaigns to promote LTTE, which amounts to aiding and abetting terrorist activities against Sri Lanka.