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President Mahinda Rajapaksa

Inform the world of our progress to democracy – President to Sri Lanka Consuls

Mahinda Rajapaksa"It is time for you to inform the world of the progress we are making towards restoring democracy and freedom in the north, and counter the ill informed charges being made about the plight of the innocent Tamil people there," said President Mahinda Rajapaksa addressing Sri Lanka’s Honorary Consuls abroad at a special meeting and working session for them organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Addressing the Hony. Consuls at the Presidential Secretariat today (19), the President said: "It is your special task to make it known that the sufferings of the Tamil people in the north are those imposed by the LTTE who falsely claim to be their liberators, but are in fact their biggest oppressors."

Sangari Rubbishes Allegation of Genocide Against Tamils

"There is no question of genocide against the Tamils. I have already explained this to the people of Jaffna, when I was last time there. In a meeting in Jaffna, where more than one thousand people attended and in my address, I told them that the charges of genocide is all rubbish," said V. Anandasangari, leader of the Tamil United Liberation Front. Anandasangari speaking to "Asian Tribune" said, "What that happened in Germany during the Second World War, we can classify it as genocide, which was an attempt to annihilate a section of humanity as a whole. What happened in the killing of 500 police officers in the East also can be classified as genocide. In fact, there is one or two deaths once in two or three days on a random level and it cannot be classified as genocide.

Prabhakaran 'disappeared' – SL army chief confirms

By M Rama Rao, India Editor, Asian Tribune

As Indian foreign secretary Shiv Shankar Menon ended his 2-day visit to Sri Lanka, it is confirmed that Velupillai Prabhakaran has indeed disappeared from Wanni. Army chief Lieutenant-General Sarath Fonseka said in Colombo that the elusive supremo of the Tigers might have fled from his last stronghold as the troops charged towards it. He did not comment on speculation that Prabhakaran could have moved to some coastal hide out in Malaysia's Penag province, where the LTTE has some sympathizers. 'Prabhakaran is a man who loves food, a man who loves his family, so I don't think he would wait until the military got so close to him', Foneska is quoted as telling reporters.

Obama Era to Begin Tuesday

By Dr. Richard L. Benkin for Asian Tribune

The avalanche of goodwill that soon to be US President Barack Obama has generated should not eclipse the gargantuan task that faces him as he enters office, not only of the issues themselves but also of his being able to "effectively" tackle them. Moreover, whether it is the economy or any number of international matters, all of them will require that he support specific positions and make concrete decisions—something that he has been able to avoid doing throughout his political career. Once he does, that good feeling will take a back seat to practical politics and the job of resolving these matters. Lawmakers’ will also feel obliged to defend what they believe to be their constituents’ interests and their own positions. Getting things done in Washington is not easy, and Obama has not been very effective in that regard as a US Senator.

Slowdown in Growth, Difficult Year Ahead for Developing Asia, Says ADB

By M Rama Rao, India Editor, Asian Tribune

Asian Development Bank, the Manila based cousin of Brettonwoods twins, expects a slow growth rate in Asia and its forecast is that growth rate will hovered around 5.8% in 2009; All because of the impact of global financial crisis that has spread to emerging markets. For the year the growth rate is likely to be 6.9 percent, down from a robust nine percent in 2007. Says Asia Economic Monitor (AEM) of the Bank in its December issue, ' With the global economy facing a major downturn, the region's economic resilience will be tested by weakening exports and a sharp slowdown of private capital flows'.

US Treasury freezes assets of Burmese business enterprises

Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent Asian Tribune

The United States has frozen assets of two Burmese businessmen and their companies for aiding the military rulers of the country, which is internationally condemned for abusing the rights of its own citizens. The United States Congress has passed laws prohibiting US citizens engaging in business with any Burmese company which have links with the military junta which has ignored the outcome of a democratic election that gave political power to Burmese democracy leader Aug San Suu Ky.

Prevent promoting use of tobacco and alcohol through media

By Manjari Peiris - Maharagama

As citizens of this country we all have responsibilities to fulfill towards the benefit of one another. Likewise all media organizations too are bound to fulfill their responsibilities towards the well-being of the society. One such duty is proper adherence to the ruling enacted by this government to prevent from promoting use of tobacco and alcohol products through media. There is scientifically proven worldwide evidence that advertising, promotion and sponsorship of these products either directly or indirectly would lure youth and children to take the habit. Therefore prohibition of advertising of these products is one of the strategies a government should take to reduce the consumption.

False 'Cooperation' Cry

By Allabaksh - Syndicate Features

In its high decibel propaganda offensive against India in the aftermath of the Mumbai terror attacks that its 'non-state actors' perpetrated, Pakistan has been trying to project itself as an equal sufferer and attempting to impress the world by harping on its offer to 'cooperate' with India in the investigations. Both exercises are designed to deceive India and the world. While the first endeavour is ridiculous, India needs to respond sternly to Pakistan’s alleged offer to 'cooperate' with India for getting at the bottom of the Mumbai terror attacks.

Meher Baba

Who is Sai Baba' guru? Zarzari Zar Baksh who lived at Khuldabad, says Meher Baba

By M Rama Rao, India Editor, Asian Tribune