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Sri Lanka: UN Convoy to Evacuate Wounded Civilians From War-Torn North

to help evacuate by convoy hundreds of critically wounded civilians, including at least 50 children, from war-torn northern Sri Lanka. The convoy has been trapped for days in the town of Puthukkudiyiruppu, which lies just across the lines of confrontation in territory controlled by the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). The UN says that if permission is granted by the LTTE, and if a lull in fighting permits, the convoy will cross the frontline at midday Thursday. The injured will then be transported to Ministry of Health hospitals in the town of Vavuniya that can cope with their wounds.

M.K.Sivajilingham MP in full swing in India carrying on anti Sri Lanka Government activities

SivajilinghamA Tamil National Alliance Member of Parliament who is on leave of absence from the Parliament of Sri Lanka, is alleged to be running a well organized anti-Sri Lankan Government disinformation campaign in India. Not only he is involved with running his own campaign against Sri Lanka, sources said he is involved in arranging the funding of all anti-Sri Lankan campaigns on behalf of the Tamil separatist outfit – Liberation Tigers Tamil Eelam in Tamil Nadu in particular and in India in general.

Belgium was warned of the dangers of LTTE front organization operating within the territory

Sri Lanka Foreign Minister pointed out the danger of LTTE front organizations operating within the territory of Belgium and in Europe as a whole, which collect funds on behalf of the LTTE, carry out illegal smuggling operations and other criminal activities. In a meeting with the recently appointed Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy, Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama pointed out that with the steadily diminishing fighting capabilities of the LTTE, the danger of these operatives in Europe seeking asylum for remaining cadres in Sri Lanka, the possibility of the increase of criminal and subversive activity within Europe was also highlighted. It was appreciated that Belgium shares with Sri Lanka the policy of zero tolerance towards terrorism.

Hoax about dead and injured in Mullaitivu exposed

An "urgent appeal" doing the rounds in the media and diplomatic circles, UN and relief agencies, and as a widely distributed e-mail message referring to a "Human Catastrophe and Medical Emergency" in the Vanni, reporting the alleged deaths of more than 300 and injury to 1000 in Mullaitivu is found to be a total fabrication. This is issued as an “Urgent Appeal” to the Government of Sri Lanka, the ICRC, the UN and the international community for medical supplies and medical teams to be sent to the Mullaitivu district." This false appeal refers to an "acute shortage of essential drugs and medical personnel in hospitals in the Mullaitivu District", aims at showing a major humanitarian catastrophe the area.

LTTE to be blamed for all deaths in Vanni – Sanagari

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam should take the blame for every death that occurs in Vanni Today. The LTTE, once acclaimed by some as very brave, have now become cowards. At this desperate hour they will not hesitate to do anything with venomous intentions of putting the blame on the others. V. Anandasangaree, President of the TULF pointed out that Sri Lankan armed forces has the moral duty to safeguard the innocent people, who are trapped in the LTTE held area or rather kept by them under compulsion as human shield, for their own protection. He also told "Whether what we hear today is true or another canard of the LTTE, the people expect the forces to act with restraint."

Ideal of tribal self-rule degenerates into a police state

By Dr Sandeep Pandey

On 6th December, 2008, the Jharkhand Police opened fire on a procession of tribals, numbering between eight to ten thousands, 3 m from Kathikund in Dumka district. The tribals were protesting against the setting up of a 1000 MW coal based power plant in Aamgachhi-Pokhariya villages of the area as well the earlier arrest of their colleagues Munni Hansda, Charan Kumar, Hopna Baski and Rajcharan Murmu. One tribal Lakhiram Tudu was killed, 7 suffered bullet injuries, 15 people, including women, were severely beaten.

Declaration of a "Liberation Day"

By M H Liyanage - Kuwait

A number of nations world-over, have declared a special day called the Independence Day to mark the occasion of gaining independence from the colonial rulers. This is an event that every such nation commemorates annually to pay tribute to the national heroes who laid their lives and made various other sacrifices towards achieving independence. Some of these nations have faced other aggressions too such as internal conflicts and invasions by foreign nations from time to time. One example is Kuwait, a country invaded by Iraq in 1990. With the intervention of the UN lead forces, Kuwait was liberated in 1991.

D.Rajah MP

Indian Express


The War in Sri Lanka stopped and an immediate political solution found – D. Rajah MP of the Communist Party of India

By K.T.Rajasingham

D.Rajah The war in Sri Lanka has to stop. A ceasefire between the concerned warring sections has to be entered. A political solution has to be found to the crisis that is plaguing the country, said, D.Rajah, Member of the Rajya Sabah and the National Secretary of the Communist Party of India. "Sri Lanka Government has to listen to the International Community. If the Sri Lanka Government does not want to listen to the International community, then it is its problem. We will continue to tell Government of India our concerns about the sufferings of the innocent Tamil people due to the ongoing war. We feel that our Government has a moral responsibility to interact with the Sri Lankan government and to see that the war in the country is stopped and the Tamil people are protected and safeguarded," Rajah told Asian Tribune.