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Sri Lankan Minister emphasises on business connectivity for an enhanced bilateral relations between Latvia and Lanka

The meltdown of the world economy has been well fielded by Sri Lanka with safeguards in place making the economy resilient, to which the GSP plus facility also has contributed positively and its continuation together with and the increased integration of Sri Lanka products into the EU market are important, stated Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollgama during his discussions on with Kaspars Gerharde, Minister of Economics of Latvia.

Tell the foreigners where to get off

By C.P.Kuruppu

To the majority of Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims, the main aspect of the national crisis has been almost effectively dealt with. They see that the government having given the LTTE a taste of its own medicine is now in the process of restoring democracy is in the East and soon in the North too. All this will provide opportunities for new political faces to be seen in the two provinces. Even the old guard has accepted this reality. According to the February 1 "Sunday Times" even several members of the Tamil National Alliance have broken their links with the Tigers. Three veteran TNA Parliamentarians including R. Sampanthan are re-establishing their positions in their original electoral bases in Trincomalee and Jaffna in a bid to revamp their party activities. Last week, Sampanthan told the "Lankadeepa"– sister paper of the "S.Times" – that the Tigers are not important. Does this not make it crystal clear where the LTTE stands now – both militarily and politically?

Camera ban hinders hunt for Swedish sea monster

Sweden's legendary Great Lake Sea Monster (Storsjöodjuret) remains the focus of photographers hunting for its image despite a Jämtland county council order banning cameras on the shores of Storsjön in Östersund in northern Sweden. Svenstavik local business association has continued its surveillance of the lake in the hope of the spotting the famed 'monster' without permission from the Jämtland County Administrative Board (Länsstyrelsen). Pictures from cameras set up on the lake's shores have been published on the association's homepage and have raised the interest of the council who has issued fines. "When we found out about the camera surveillance undertaken without a permit we immediately conducted a review. The association has since been encouraged to apply for a permit," said Åsa Johansson at Jämtland County Administrative Board

Allow the innocent Tamil civilians to go for their safety – a cross section of Swedish nationals appeal to the Tamil Tigers

By K.T.Rajasingham

A cross section of Swedish nationals when contacted expressed shock and awe over the prevailing critical situation in Sri Lanka’s Northern region of Vanni, where more than 200,000 innocent Tamil civilians are being held as hostages and as human shield by the separatist Tamil outfit - Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. India, as well as numerous international organizations have urged the Government of Sri Lanka as well as the LTTE to allow the Tamil civilians trapped in the war zone to leave for their safety. Sri Lanka Government designated a 35-square-kilometre "No Fire zone" inside LTTE -held territory where it says civilians can shelter without fear of military bombardment. President Mahinda Rajapakse had given the Tigers time until last Saturday night to provide civilians safe passage out of the 300-square-kilometre (110-square-mile) jungle area still under the LTTE control.