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LTTE Leader V.Prabakaran

Israel May Escape War Crimes Charges

Thalif Deen interviews Phyllis Bennis , Institute for Policy Studies

Despite widespread accusations of war crimes by Israel, there is growing skepticism of any Israeli leader being brought before an international tribunal for the killings of civilians and the targeting of schools and medical facilities during the 22-day conflict in Gaza last month. The number and scope of individuals and agencies calling for independent, international investigations of war crimes is unprecedented," says Phyllis Bennis, director of the New Internationalism Project at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington. n an interview with U.N. Bureau Chief Thalif Deen, she pointed out that calls for such an investigation have come not only from high-ranking U.N. officials and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) but also from virtually every international human rights organization operating in the area.

Meher Baba Prayers sans reference to Meher Baba

By M Rama Rao, India Editor, Asian Tribune

In South Africa : Erroneous assertion of LTTE exposed

The erroneous assertion of the LTTE as involved in a 'Liberation war for self determination' was exposed. Sri Lanka's High Commissioner in Pretoria pointed out that the recent statement by the African National Congress has erroneously termed the terrorists activities of the LTTE as a War of Liberation for Self Determination. Sri Lanka's High Commissioner Anura Rajakaruna in missive said that the recent statement made by the ANC is against the aspirations of a friendly country which championed the cause of the majority people of South Africa in several international fora during the apartheid period. He reminded the position taken by Sri Lanka at the Conference of Foreign Ministers of Non-Aligned Countries in Lima in August 1975, in demanding that apartheid South Africa strictly respect the unity and territorial integrity of the territory while also denouncing the creation of so called "homelands".

Throwing sand in the gears of Guantánamo

By Val Carlson of Freedom Socialist newspaper

On the recent seventh anniversary of the Guantánamo Bay prison camp in Cuba, 12 percent of detainees languishing there were on hunger strike. Their demonstration was a powerful cry against U.S. war crimes. I always wondered how my parents could condone putting most of the Japanese American population in concentration camps during World War II and dropping atomic bombs on Japanese cities that killed hundreds of thousands and maimed millions. My father’s Army unit spent the year after the bombing on cleanup operations in Japan. He died young of emphysema and organ failure. Yet those who gave their lives or health in that global war ¬believed they were saving the world.

Sri Lanka's civilian hostages - how valid are these numbers & how were they derived?

By Shenali Waduge

The last census of Mullaitivu population was taken in 1981. The population was no more than 77,189, since then with the LTTE dominating the North population census has been only "estimated". The quotes of civilian hostages have shot up from 250,000 to a staggering 400,000 in an area not more than when the Sri Lankan Tamils’ total population is around 2.4million. Combined with this international media channels are showing age-old footage (belonging to banned front organizations of the LTTE) to depict the plight of the civilians caused by Government fire. It is only a matter of time that the truth will reveal itself and expose the falsehoods of all those who have benefited by the conflict.

Will the pro-LTTE parties in India dare to ask for refugee status for LTTE Leader V.Prabakaran in India?

V.PrabakaranWhere will V.Prabakaran, the leader of the LTTE would run? Does he have any place to run? Where he can go for asylum? Will the pro-LTTE parties in India would dare to ask asylum for Prabakaran in India? Can even these so called leaders of Tamil Nadu dare to give him refuge in their homes? These are some of the pertinent questions for which answers are found in the resolution adopted by the State Executives Committee Meeting of the Tamil Nadu State Janata Party held recently at the Janata Party Headquarters, in Chennai.

Gaza New Siege Mechanism

By Nicola Nasser

The rebuilding of Gaza has become the latest siege weapon. The Israeli occupation, the US that had backed its offensive, and the EU which did nothing to stop it are conspiring to turn the reconstruction process into a means to produce a suitable "peace partner" while the Arab summit in Kuwait hopes to use it to bring about Palestinian reconciliation. Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority (PA) government is urging all parties and others to look to it as the sole channel for administering the construction process on the grounds that it is the government formed by the Palestine Liberation Organization that is recognized as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people. Soon we will see that freezing reconstruction will become the tool of all those parties for extracting from the resistance what they have been unable to gain from three weeks of warfare and the long blockade that preceded it.


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Army

Indian Ocean

Phyllis Bennis

Meher Baba

LTTE, Sri Lanka and struggle for controlling Indian Ocean

By Farzana Shah

Finally LTTE got routed out when Sri Lankan army ran over its last bastion and main operation center, Mullaittivu bringing an end to their decade-long domination of the country's North. The Sri Lankan army commander Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka said the 25-year-old bloody ethnic separatist war was 95 percent over. It is a big reason for Sri Lankans to be jubilant specially when they are about to celebrate their Independence Day on February 4th but on the other hand the restlessness of India over this new development can be well understood primarily due to her own internal equation of ethnic politics.