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LTTE cannot stop civilians fleeing for their safety to Government controlled areas says Security Forces

Around 2500 civilians have already reached today to security forces controlled area though the LTTE limited the civilian movement cutting off all possible escaping routes available. "Another 3,000 are said to be waiting to come over today,” Security sources told Asian Tribune. Hundreds of Tamil civilians trapped as human shield, have begun to flee from areas controlled by Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka’s war zone and sought shelter with the security forces. According to sources in Mullativu, civilians are beginning to move on Friday morning to the Visuamadu area which troops captured from the Tigers. Yesterday alone, 1400 civilians arrived in the Visvamadu area. Commander of the 58th division of the Army Brigadier Shavendra Silva said over 1000 civilians arrived in the area on Friday wee hours. The military have limited large scale operations in the area due to the continuous influx of civilians. He said this action was taken considering the safety concerns of civilians who reach liberated territories.

EU MEP cautions that "Some LTTE militants may try to seek asylum in Europe"

The European Parliament in Strasbourg on Thursday ( 5 February ) passed an urgent resolution on the "Situation in Sri Lanka" with the support of all major political groups, with the exception of the socialists, calling on the LTTE to lay down their arms and participate in the democratic political process. Speaking on the resolution Conservative Foreign Affairs Spokesman MEP Charles Tannock cautioned that "Some LTTE militants may try to seek asylum in Europe". The European Parliament endorsed the statement by the Tokyo Co-Chairs (Norway, Japan, the US and the EU), which calls on the LTTE to discuss with the Government of Sri Lanka the "modalities for ending hostilities, including the laying down of arms, renunciation of violence, acceptance of the Government of Sri Lanka’s offer of amnesty, and participation as a political party in a process to achieve a just and lasting political solution".

Tamil civilian begun to enter into Government controlled areas: No harassment to civilians - President tells UN Sec. Gen.

A large number of Tamil civilians trapped in the LTTE controlled war zone as hostages, have begun to flee the war zone and are entering into the Government held areas. The civilians have reached Dharmapuram and Visuamadu areas and they have already been directed to the welfare centers established in the Governmnet controlled area. Today morning according to reports, one thousand six hundred and thirty seven (1637) besieged civilians, leaving LTTE held areas in Mullaitivu have so far entered 57 and 58 Division controlled areas in Dharmapuram and Visvamadu. Earlier, yesterday 5th February, over eight hundred besieged civilians, leaving LTTE held areas in Mullaitivu, too have entered 58 Division areas in Darmapuram and Visuvamadu.

Strategic Miscalculation by the LTTE

By Shanaka Jayasekara

In recent history there is only one example of an absolute victory over a terrorist group, that too from South Asia. The Indian forces completely destroyed the Khalisntan terror groups in Operation Blue Star in 1984. Today the Khalistan terror groups are limited to a few diapora supporters in Canada, US and UK. Currently, Sri Lanka is at the threshold of being the second example of an absolute victory over a terrorist group, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. The defeat of the LTTE is much a success of the Sri Lankan military as it is a grave miscalculation by the LTTE. The beginnings of the collapse can be traced to changes in LTTE strategy from 2004 onwards. In October 2004, a delegation of the LTTE headed by Suppayya Pramu Tamilselvan undertook a month long tour of Europe and held high level meeting with senior officials of Foreign Ministries in ten European countries.

India says 26/11 perpetrators are ISI clients, UN chief asks Pak to coop with India

By M Rama Rao, India Editor, Asian Tribune

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on a visit to Islamabad has asked Pakistan to 'cooperate' with India and fully investigate 26/11 attacks on Mumbai. He also announced U.N. inquiry into the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Though the announcement has come at the express request of Islamabad, it reflects Pakistan government's lack of trust in the ability of its own investigating agencies to ferret out truth behind the December 2007 killing when she was on her comeback trail.

The Grand Hedging Rbbery

By Ananda Jayasinghe

The petroleum hedging contract fiasco is not given much prominence these days even after the Supreme Court strongly condemned it stating that the contract is irregular. The SC suspended the payments to Banks by Ceylon Petroleum Corporation, when a case was filed by the UNP. There were two issues involved in that case (a) hedging contract and (b) reduction of petrol from Rs. 122 to Rs. 100. Supreme Court gave a ruling that Hedging contract is virtually lopsided in favour of the Banks and thus to suspend payment, and reduction of Petrol to Rs.100 is fair and reasonable and CPC adheres to both. One was in favor of CPC and the other against.

Foreign Minister endorses co-chairs statement that international efforts failed in pursuading LTTE to release civilians

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Rohitha Bogollagama appreciates the statement made by the Tokyo Co-Chairs who have recognized that the "international efforts to persuade the LTTE to allow the civilians freedom of movement have failed". The Co-Chairs have also drawn attention to the fact that within a short period of time, the LTTE will lose control of the remaining areas in the North. After nearly three decades of fighting the ruthless LTTE, who have been proscribed in several countries including the USA, UK, the European Union, India and Canada, Sri Lanka is at a juncture at which the military is gaining control of all areas in the North.

The fourth spirit of golf tournament concluded successfully with a positive note on golf in Sri Lanka

The fourth corporate golfing event "Spirit of Golf 2009", was successfully concluded at the Jaypee Green grounds, New Delhi, India, on 24 January, hosted by BBC World News in partnership with Incredible India. The event was held at the main lawns of the Jaypee Greens – the country’s first Greg Norman signature championship course, located at Greater Noida, with 100 participants in total comprising of high profile corporate, policy makers, and socialites. The impressive line up of participants came together to compete for prizes as well as the honour of winning the Sprit of Golf 2009.

India tells Colombo to suspend military campaign, asks Tigers to lay down arms

Expressing 'unhappiness' over resumed hostilities in Sri Lanka, India has asked the Tamil Tigers to lay down arms and come to the negotiating table. Minister for the Interior, Palaniappan Chidambaram told a news conference here on Thursday that Delhi was very much concerned over the loss of lives in island nation. He urged Colombo to suspend hostilities even as reports came in that Sri Lanka Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa is unrelenting on unconditional surrender by the Tigers as the first step towards working out political solution to the ethnic Tamil issue. Said Chidambaram, 'We are deeply anguished at the loss of lives (in Sri Lanka). We are not happy that the Sri Lankan government has resumed hostilities. It is for both sides to cease hostilities'.

Veils and justice

By Faisal Kutty

Here they go again. Muslims just don’t give up trying to change our values and roll back hard fought rights of equality and justice. Though this time, we may have nipped it in the bud early – but should we? Ontario Court Justice Norris Weisman’s "admittedly difficult decision" to force a complainant to testify without her 'niqab,' or face covering, in a sexual assault case has unleashed a torrent of discussion and debate. Again, the usual suspects with too little knowledge, appreciation or understanding of the complexities of the issue have jumped into the fray.

The human shields that protects the LTTE

By Shenali Waduge

The Government at most needs a few plaudits for its ability to ride the tidal waves of pressure building up by members of the international community, the media and organizations who profit from conflict stricken countries. With a receding area to call their "own" the LTTE may soon have to either hand themselves up or prepare for a waiting game. Either way, the LTTE needs to realize that their days are numbered. The scenario is very simple – the LTTE is now boxed into a area with an unbelievable number of "civilians". The experts that is the UN, the Foreign Embassies, the consortium of humanitarian agencies, media, the NGOs/INGOs and their local hired voices all give figures from 250,000 to 400,000.

Omar Must Emphasise On Nationalistic Outlook

By J N Raina - Syndicate Features

"The old order changeth, yielding place to new…." Tennyson. A new wave of ‘political modernisation’ is discernible in Jammu and Kashmir. Omar Abdullah, grandson of legendary Kashmir leader Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, has emerged as a top banana in the volatile Northern state. He has taken over the reins of the state administration, heading the resurgent National Conference-Congress coalition, on the crest of a charged political scenario, following the Amarnath wave. We are now witnessing a generational change in Kashmir, for the first time in 75 years, since Sheikh Abdullah began his crusade against the autocratic Dogra regime.

Western media hypocrisy at its zenith

By Dimuth Gunawardena

Boxed into a corner by overwhelming firepower of a massive military onslaught from all sides and deserted by India (after the murder of Rajiv Gandhi and the slaughter of 2,000 Indian troops), in the face of inevitable annihilation, the LTTE think tanks have been forced to play the proverbial last trump card to save the day. This plot revealed itself in the form of Keith Weiss the so called UN humanitarian spokesperson of the OCHA (UN office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs) in a well orchestrated weeping session before the international media: Keith screamed "women and kids were shelled. God... No words ... Still counting dead bodies…" Chris Morris of the BBC was ecstatic with the performance.


Army's position

Nalini Singh winning the ladies category.

Hole in one winner - Padamjit Singh Sandu

Sri Lanka issue debated in Canadian Parliament: Tamil genocide – ceasefire – peacekeeping forces – call for R2P

Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent Asian Tribune

The Opposition National Democratic Party and the Liberals in the Canadian parliament analysing, defining, making observations, expressing concern of the vast Sri Lankan expatriate Tamils and placing facts ( and often highlighting fiction) described the Government of Sri Lanka, which is militarily battling the Tamil Tiger rebels who are on the verge of being totally defeated, a genocidal regime, called for a ceasefire under international supervision and the establishment of an international peacekeeping force. The five and a half hour debate on February 4 in the Canadian House coincided with Sri Lanka’s 61st Independence called for United Nations military intervention known as the R2P or Responsibility To Protect.