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American dependence on India

By Asif Haroon Raja

When USA decided to invade Afghanistan after 9/11, India had offered its services and had strongly recommended that both Afghanistan and Pakistan should be dealt with simultaneously, otherwise no worthwhile results would be achieved. USA however considered it prudent to adopt a piecemeal approach by first breaking the nexus between Pakistan and Afghanistan and making full use of Pakistan to topple Taliban regime and then deal with Pakistan once it is isolated and sufficiently weakened from within.

Paul Harris congratulate Sri Lankan President for avoiding the bifyrication of the country

The writer and military analyst Paul Harris, who worked in Sri Lanka between 1996 ad 2002 as correspondent for Jane’s Intelligence Review and the London Daily Telegraph, spoke to SPUR yesterday with his reaction to current events in Sri Lanka. (Harris was forced to leave Sri Lanka in November 2002 at 24 hours notice after the government of Ranil Wickremesinghe pulled his journalist visa. Harris was critical of the peace process with the LTTE). Paul Harris congratulated the Sri Lankan President for managing to safe the country from being bifurcated by the LTTE separatist outfit. "The government of Sri Lanka and its President are to be congratulated on the prosecution of the war with the LTTE which has been accomplished with resolve and courage” said Paul Harris who is in the hit list of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam."

LTTE woman suicide bomber blew herself to prevent civilians arriving for their safety : 20 to 25 killed and 60 injured

By Ruwan Weerakoon in Colombo

As a last ditch desperate effort by the LTTE to prevent the civilians from leaving from their grip, a LTTE woman suicide cadre blew her up in the midst of the Internally Displaced People, who arrived for their safety this morning. Between 20 to 25 persons were killed and 60 wounded when the a LTTE woman suicide cadre blew herself in an Internally Displaced Peoples’ Rescue Centre located at Suthanthirapuram, North of Visvamadu today at about 11.30 AM . It is reported that a few Army personnel including Sri Lanka Army’s women soldiers were amongst the causalities in the incident. According to the sources in the Sri Lanka Army’s 58th Division, the LTTE female suicide cadre arrived along with civilians and when the army personnel were screening the arriving IDPs, the woman suicide bomber blew up and there were around 20 to 25 civilians killed. At the moment Military Official said death tolll might increase and they said including women and children nearly 60 civilians were wounded.

Ban the Tamil National Alliance - Anandasangaree

Anandasangaree urges Sri Lanka Government to ban the Tamil National Alliance for being a proxy party of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and advocating on behalf of the terrorist organization, even after it has been banned in Sri Lanka. The Leader of the Tamil United Liberation Front and President of the Democratic Tamil National Alliance (DTNA), V. Anandasangaree pointed out that in a statement recently released by the Tamil National Alliance in response to a statement issued by the Co-chairs; they emphasized that LTTE as the "authentic representative of the Tamil nation."

Sri Lanka’s 61st Independence Day celebrated in Sweden

Sri Lanka's 61st Independence Day Official Ceremony was held in the Sri Lanka Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden on the 4th Feb. 2009. In the morning, the Official Ceremony was held with the religious dignitaries and Sri Lankan community living in Swden. After hoisting the National Flag, lightning of traditional oil lamp and religious activities were performed. Speeches of the President, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister were read by the Ambassador, Minister Counselor, First Secretary and Second Secretary (Commercial) respectively.

The Rise of Asia

By Eduardo Faleiro

The first Summit Conference of the Group of 20 was held last November in Washington D.C. The G-20 brings together twenty of the most important industrialized and emerging market countries across the world. They represent around 90 per cent of the global gross domestic product, 80 per cent of the world trade as well as two thirds of the world population. Its economic weight and broad membership makes the G-20 the single most important forum to address global economic and financial issues. The Conference dealt with the present global recession and called for a comprehensive reform of the international financial institutions so that they can more adequately reflect changing realities in the world economy and be more responsive to future challenges.

LTTE defeat & the reality checks

By Shenali Waduge

Both international and Sri Lanka's leaders of the past must accept accountability for Sri Lanka's predicament. Who dared to question why "freedom fighters" would kill innocent civilians, use children as suicide bombers and even kill their own – what sort of freedom were they seeking? Who dared to question how Sri Lanka's "problem" could be "ethnic" when evidence proved India's role in training Sri Lankan militants? Who dared to question on what basis the LTTE called themselves the "sole representative" of the Tamil

Our response to terror

By Dr Sandeep Pandey

In the clamor for asking the Pakistani government to take decisive action against the terrorist organizations in that country and shut down their camps we forget one thing. The civilian government in Pakistan is probably simply not in a position to do what we except from it. It is a well known fact that military and ISI in Pakistan are quite independent of the civilian government. The terrorists function quite independently too - sometimes with overt and at others with covert support of the military and ISI. In fact, the situation is such in Pakistan that probably none of the players is in a position to dictate terms to another. How may we expect any coordinated action in this anarchy?

CIMA Sri Lanka Divisional Consultative Group

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

To advise on Sri Lankan Divisional Affairs, during the of suspention of the Divisional Council of Sri Lanka, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) has appointed a local Consultative Group. The Group will suggest appropriate arrangements for restoring an elected Divisional representative body, and provide a focal point for advice CIMA on its members and student support in the region andl also advise on the delivery of CIMA’s programme in Sri Lanka. It will bring to the attention of CIMA any matters which affect the wellbeing of CIMA, its members, students, tuition providers, staff and the profession in Sri Lanka.

Injured Tamil civilians airlifted to hospitals in A’pura and Colombo for treatment

Tamil civilians who sustained injuries due to an LTTE women suicide bomber blew herself at an IDP Rescue Centre at Suthanthirapuram, located North of Visvamadu, were airlifted to Government hospitals located in Anuradapura and Colombo. Sri Lanka Air Force has already brought down at least thirty-five injured people to Anuradapura hospital by 2.00 p.m. on Monday (9). According to a Sri Lankan Military sources, at least 23 people including 8 civilians were killed. Also 3 woman soldiers were among the military fatalities according to a report. About 64 others including 40 civilians were reported injured. Reports further revealed that some of those injured were serious with profuse bleeding.