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Meher Baba

U.N. Press Corps Protest Rented Offices

By Thalif Deen, Inter Press Service

Every U.N. secretary-general since Norway's Trygve Lie back in 1946 believed in the concept of a free press - including rent-free offices to journalists covering the United Nations. But that may change if a proposal being kicked around in the corridors of the world body becomes a reality. The proposal to charge rent has triggered a strong protest from the 60-year-old U.N. Correspondents Association (UNCA), which represents the interests of nearly 1,000 accredited journalists, of whom more than 200 are paid members or fulltime correspondents.

LTTE woman suicide bomber targeted Brigadier Shavendra Silva, Commander of Sri Lanka Army’s 58 Division

It has now become very clear that the LTTE woman suicide bomber targeted Brigadier Shavendra Silva, the Commander of Sri Lanka Army’s 58 Division, but he miraculously escaped. Brigadier Shavendra Silva subsequently vowed that he will continue with the humanitarian operation and liberate the innocent Tamil civilians languishing as hostages of the LTTE. He added that he would continue with his operation until the last innocent Tamil civilian is released from the grip of the Tiger terrorists.

UN and USA condemns the suicide attack by the LTTE at the IDPs reception centre

United Nations and United states of America have condemned the LTTE woman suicide cadres attack at IDPs’ reception centre yesterday at Suthanthirapuram located in the in the North of Visuvamadu. The United Nations and the United States of America also have called on the LTTE to allow the civilians the freedom of movement. The United States in a statement has said that it condemns yesterday’s suicide attack on a government center that was registering internally displaced persons who had managed to exit the conflict area in northern Sri Lanka.

Release details of IDPs coming into Government controlled areas - Sangaree

Names of those civilians arriving at the IDPs’ centers to be made known, relatives should be allowed to accommodate IDPs coming to the Government areas and the local social organizations, members of the rural development societies and local NGOs must be allowed to assist the IDPs and visit them. These were requests made by V. Anandasangaree, to the President of Sri Lanka. He has in a letter to the President of Sri Lanka wrote that Tamils living in foreign countries are frantically contacting him for details about their loved ones and relatives, who have now begun to move into the Government controlled areas. He has requested Mahinda Rajapakse, in the letter to arrange to provide details about IDPs coming into the Government controlled areas, so that their relatives in foreign countries would be able to get in touch with them.

A 'spiritual spin' to Big Bang theory, Darwinism to explain journey of soul….

By M Rama Rao, India Editor, Asian Tribune, Delhi

Meher BabaThe jacket proudly proclaims, 'No other work has yet been published which takes the reader so deeply into the fundamental mechanics of life and the universe'. And goes on to say that on concluding the volume, one will be left with the conviction, 'the voice of God has been heard'. No less profound is the book's title - God Speaks. What is it so great about the book, I asked a learned professor, who had seen Meher Baba in the early sixties, rather reluctantly, and stayed with him in Pune for a week after the first 'encounter'.

V for Victory-D for Defeat

By Gomin Dayasri

Snap shots ….Dancing on the streets. Sounds of blasting crackers. Waving Lion flags. Banners on display. Joy Unlimited. Ecstatic and Elated. Military Parade with Pride… Nation has not devoured a moment of this nature in living memory. Not now, on behalf of those in white flannels or colorful pyjama kits, as in the past, but in glee for the men in battle fatigue. A nation that needed a win at cricket to cheer turns with unbounded joy to jubilate with the Security Forces, a shinning model ready for export to teach the world the ways of winning wars without causing extensive collateral damage.

Protection of civilians in the conflict zone – UN Agencies and Sri Lanka agreed to work within a spirit of cooperation

Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama today held a meeting with Heads of UN Agencies based in Colombo with the view to discussing all issues of mutual interest regarding the protection of civilians in the conflict zone. The UN Resident Coordinator along with the Representatives of UNHCR, UNICEF, WFP and the Chief Security Advisor of the UN Office in Colombo were present. Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Chief of Defence Staff Air Vice Marshal Donald Perera, and Senior Officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs participated at the comprehensive discussion with the UN Agencies.

A Political Solution to end the Conflict in Sri Lanka: Symbolism and Substance

By Raj Gonsalkorale

Often, in conflict resolution, symbolic gestures that build credibility go a long way in preparing the ground for introducing more substantive measures over time. The Sri Lankan conflict has bled the country for so long no one expects or should expect miraculous solutions overnight. However, it is important for people to know that our leaders have a vision as to how appropriate solutions can be found and how serious they are about introducing and implementing them when conditions are right to do it. In the meanwhile, they need to comfort those affected with symbolic gestures that builds trust and gives them hope. Some symbolic gestures suggested are noted below.

We all are Sri Lankans

After the independence, everyone in the country identified themselves only either as Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Burgher or else as Malays, but none of them called themselves as "Sri Lankans". Because of such wrong perceptions, the country has traversed on a wrong path – twenty-six years of terrorism, country’s economy derailed and all these caused the world to view Sri Lanka as incorrectly as violent religious bigots. Ven. Walpola Piyananda was speaking at the 61st Independence Anniversary of Sri Lanka which was held on Sunday 8th February 2009 at the Duarte Performing Arts Center, Duarte, California. Sri Lanka’s Consul General in Los Angeles Ananda Wickramasinghe organized an Official Celebration and Cultural Event to celebrate the 61st Independence Anniversary of Sri Lanka.

Spin On Manmohan’s Health

By Allabaksh - Syndicate Features

The nation seems to have gone into a tizzy over the health of the prime minister, who had a successful second bypass surgery in New Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Don’t get it wrong: there is every justification for worrying about the health of the nation’s chief executive. It is in the interest of the nation’s health that Dr Manmohan Singh stays hale and hearty. It is the way this concern about the good doctor’s health has been expressed that somehow does not seem right. There was an equally generous coverage of the likely fallout of the prime minister’s long convalescent period. For days the media was full of stories about heart ailments, detailing its symptoms and the treatment available along with details of the prime minister’s ailments complete with extensive interviews and opinions of medical experts.

17 Fleeing innocent Tamil civilians shot and killed by Tamil Tigers and 69 sustained gunshot injuries

By Ruwan Weerakoon in Colombo

Sri Lanka Army this morning recovered 17 dead bodies of innocent Tamil civilians, who were trying to crossover from Udayarkattu to the Government controlled area. One underage girl, a boy, five females and ten males were killed in the LTTE fire. Also 69 wounded civilians have been found and 15 were in critical condition. Among those who arrived in the Government controlled areas with LTTE gunshot injuries on Tuesday (10) morning, there were eleven children, twenty seven females and thirty-one males. Army has taken care to transport the injured by air to the Government hospital in Vauniya for treatment. Those courageous Tamil civilians who escaped to the Government controlled areas said that they were shocked by the horrendous experience of being fired upon by the insane LTTE cadres for fleeing to the Government controlled areas, and they became target of LTTE gunmen waylaying the civilians.