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President Mahinda Rajapakse

Ruling UPFA register thumping Win in both Provincial Council Polls

Peoples' VictoryRuling United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) has registered a stunning victory in the Central Provincial Council elections. It obtained 36 seats while UNP managed with 22 seats. Janatha Vimukthi Perumuna was completely routed. It managed to obtain 15416 votes but no seats. Also the ruling United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) has recorded a massive victory by winning almost 60% of the votes cast at the polls held in Central and Wayamba provinces. The final results of the Puttalam district will be issued only after a repoll in booth no 47 in Puttalam electorate says Election Commissioner. He said polling at Nayakkachenai Tamil Vidyalaya polling station in Puttalam citing irregularities.

Russia Rules out Security Council Intervention in Sri Lanka

Russia, one of the five big powers at the UN, has dismissed an attempt by Mexico to discuss in the Security Council the current military conflict in Sri Lanka-- specifically the humanitarian situation. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin of Russia, a veto wielding permanent member, said the Sri Lanka situation does not warrant Security Council intervention. Russia, along with the US, Britain, France and China, all exercise veto powers and decide on what political or military issues should be on the Council's agenda.

President to call Tamil political parties on road map for political process in Vanni

By K.T.Rajasingham

Colombo, 15 February ( a surprise move disarming his critics in India, President Mahinda Rajapaksa has decided to call a meeting of TNA, TULF , EPDP, CWC and other Tamil political parties of Sri Lanka on 'democracy' road map for the 'liberated areas'.

Model Failures – Sparks from Intellectual Short-Circuiting

Hemantha Abeywardena writes from London….

Ed Balls, the trained economist turned British minister, warned us that the economic downturn that devours the globe at present would be the worst in the past hundred years. A group of former policy makers of the Bank of England, meanwhile, blamed the failure of the Bank of England to spot the crisis early enough, on over-reliance of a complex mathematical model, known by the acronym, "BEQM" – Bank of England Quarterly Model. In short, the model "BEQM" is alleged to have failed the Governor, his subordinates, the government and the ordinary folks in that order by not forecasting the disastrous situation of the economy in time. The catalogue of errors of judgement that had stemmed from the forecasts based on this model, unless proven otherwise, is accumulating enough merits to go into history books, as a model failure!

LTTE Threatens Racial Harmony in Sri Lanka

By Sanjeewa Karunaratne

This letter challenges claims made by Dr. Ratnajeevan Hoole in his article, “Tamil People Crushed between Rebels, Military” published in the Hartford Courant newspaper on 2/6/2009 and posted on the "Asian Tribune" online newspaper. In a report published in December by the Human Rights Watch says, "Sri Lanka's separatist Tamil Tigers are subjecting ethnic Tamils in their northern stronghold, the Vanni, to forced recruitment, abusive forced labor, and restrictions on movement that place their lives at risk."

What little LTTE has done to take care of the Tamil people in "their" territory!

By Shenali Waduge

So far over 25,000 Tamil civilians have braved LTTE fire and entered Government controlled areas where food, water and a new sense of relief has greeted them. Their attire, their belongings and their faces depict what words need not tell. It immediately implores us to wonder what type of life these people actually led with a group that internationally projects itself to be the "voice" of the Tamil people and their "sole representative". Their plight predictably has been hidden from us all and it is probably from these destitute people that the bulk of the LTTE cadres have been nurtured into gruesome killers and suicide bombers.

Quo Vadis Sri Lanka?

By Neville Perera

"The Eastern Question is not worth the bones of a single Pomeranian Grenadier" declared Count Bismarck in his quest to unify Germany in 1878.In Sri Lanka it may provide the clue to an impending political disaster! It's time for speculation. A lot of speculation: Sampur, Kebithigollewa, Arantalawa, Rajiv Gandhi, R. Premadasa, Kadiragamar etc. are quickly fading away as persons and places associated with the past. The jungles around Vanni make the headlines today. Tomorrow this area shall gain publicity as the hideout to which the remaining cadres of the LTTE have retreated with the prospect of regrouping at a future date. This again is pure speculation.

Western Concerns for Tamils in The North of Sri Lanka

By Darmitha-Kotte

As the battle against terrorism in the North of Sri Lanka is reaching it’s climax point these days, we see and hear a lot of "humanitarian concerns" from western countries who are itching to get on the band wagon to provide breathing space for Prabhakaran and the LTTE terrorists or else, to put a spoke in the wheel of military operations being conducted successfully. Most of what we see in the western press is truly quite intriguing given the fact that during the last decade or so, we have seen the atrocities that western powers have been inflicting on the civilian populations in countries like Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan etc where they have absolutely no leg to stand on for justification of their actions.

Cautious investors send market to negative territory

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

Acuity – the Stock-brokering arm of HNB and DFCC in their weekly review indicated that Colombo bourse declined for yet another week as cautious investors await positive news from the macro front. Market was up marginally on Tuesday following a public holiday on Monday, however fell during the remaining 3 trading days. Comparing Week on Week (WoW) the two indices experienced mixed fortunes as the All Share Price Index (ASPI) declined by 0.8% to close the week at 1748.1 points, while the Milanka Price Index (MPI) gained 1.1% to stand at 1866.8 points.

Secularism in religious India…

By MD Vazeeruddin - Syndicate Features

It might look odd someone talking of the need for secularism in so religious a country as India. Yet, it is true that secularism cannot be practiced anywhere other than in India because ours is the only country where, paradoxically, secularism is underpinned by religion. All that is needed is a sustained campaign by committed secularists to educate the masses, notwithstanding the fact that they are already secular in their daily life. Of course, it is true that politicians exploit the masses in the name of religion, but mere shouting of that fact from housetops is useless.

Peoples' Victory (Pix by Sudath Silva)

Provincial Council polls reflects the clear endorsement of Mahinda Rajapaksa’s war on terror

President Mahinda Rajapaksa's ruling United People's Freedom Alliance (UPFA) recorded convincing victories in the two provincial councils, where local elections were held on Saturday. The victories for the ruling UPFA in the Central and North Western Provinces were widely seen as an endorsement of the military campaign against Tamil separatists Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in the northern part of the country. Final results in one of the provinces has been held up as the Election Commissioner has ordered a re-poll, but the UPFA has recorded convincing victories in all five districts in the two provinces where the polls were held. The re-poll in one of the voting places will not alter the final results. The returning officer of the Puttalam district has reported that certain irregularities occurred at one olling station number 47 of the Puttalam polling divisions. Accordingly the poll held at the Nayakkarchenai Tamil Vidyalaya has been annulled.