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Pax Sinhala?

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

A Sinhala supremacist war cannot but result in a Sinhala peace, imposed on a defeated Tamil populace. A Sinhala supremacist war cannot end in a just political solution for the North East; instead the Tamil areas of the two provinces will be handed over to tame Tamil warlords and their Lankan military minders, to guard and guide, to control and subdue. A Sinhala supremacist war can unite Sri Lanka geographically, the same way she was one and indivisible from 1956 till the mid 1980’s, with seeds of separation germinating behind a façade of normalcy.

CIMA appoints Sri Lankan Divisional Consultative Group

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) has appointed a local Consultative Group to advise on the affairs of its Sri Lankan Division during the period of suspension of the Divisional Council. The Consultative Group will suggest appropriate arrangements for restoring an elected Divisional representative body, and will be providing a focal point for advice to CIMA on its members and student support in the region. It will also advise on the delivery of CIMA’s programme in Sri Lanka and will bring to the attention of CIMA any matters which affect the wellbeing of CIMA, its members, students, tuition providers, staff and the profession in Sri Lanka.

Peoples’ recognition of successes in countering terrorism is Government’s unprecedented victory in provincial councils

Overwhelming support for the Sri Lanka Government in the provincial council polls was in recognition of the successes in countering terrorism while ensuring the economic empowerment of the people during the last three years. Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollogama pointed out that the convincing victory registered by the ruling United Peoples’ Freedom Alliance in the polling held on Saturday for the Central Province and North Western Provincial Councils went on to prove that the overwhelming support for the Government was an indication of the peoples’ recognition of successes in countering terrorism while ensuring the economic empowerment of the people during the last three years.

ENDLF’s appeal for India’s intervention

In an appeal addressed to India’s Home Minister P. Chidamparam, Eelam National Democratic Liberation Front (ENDLF) has urged for the immediate Indian intervention to save over a quarter million Tamils trapped in the ongoing fighting in Northern Sri Lanka. The appeal addressed by G Gnanasekaran, President of India based Eelam National Democratic Liberation Front said that you may be aware that our party is one of the two Eelam Tamil liberation organisations which accepted the Indo-Sri Lanka Accord and formed the first North East Provincial government.

If all goes well stock market in 2009 would perform better

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

Last year (2008) people were cautious of investing in the stock market. They were not really buying stocks which really dampened the demand. On the other hand when one looks at the economic side, the interest rate was very high and it was around 20 percent. When the interest rate is high attractiveness of the stock market would be little less. What happens in such a situation is that then people would take out from the stock market and invest in other fixed income securities like Treasury Bills and other fixed deposits.

Demonstration on Friday in front of Danish Parliament to urge LTTE to release the innocent Tamil civilians

Sri Lankans in Denmark and the friends of Sri Lanka, are to demonstrate in front of Danish Parliament in Copenhagen on the coming Friday, 20th February to urge for the Security and Freedom of the Tamil civilians. Paul Sommer one of the organizers of the demonstration when speaking to "Asian Tribune" said Sri Lankans in Denmark and friends of Sri Lanka, urges all parties to the conflict in Sri Lanka to ensure- The Tamils and others, who are trapped in conflict areas against their will, protected and secured necessary supplies in the form of food, medicines, etc. That all Tamils, as they see fit, freely and without sanctions, may leave the conflict areas and to seek safety and security in the government-secured areas.

Development amidst war - Palestinian example for North and East

Dr. T. Jayasinghe in Palestine

With the liberation of the remaining 5% of the land in the coastal belt of north east now under LTTE the main struggle is expected to come to an end within a few weeks. In this scenario without waiting for a complete eradication of all signs of LTTE it is most appropriate that President Mahinda Rajapaksa according to Asian Tribune has decided to meet all Tamil parties to prepare a road map for liberated areas.

Western Media fails to acknowledge the direct link between the LTTE and civilian hostages in Sri Lanka

By Raj Gonsalkorale

The announcement by the President that he has invited all Tamil political parties, including the LTTE proxy, the TNA, for talks about the development of the North and the East and also about ways and means of addressing the political conflict can only be described as an act of a true Statesman. To all detractors, he has shown once again that he is a genuine believer that there is no military solution to this conflict and that the country’s war against the LTTE has been against the only impediment that prevented finding that political solution to a political conflict.