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LTTE’s last bid air attack on Sri Lankan capital foiled

In a brazen air raid by two light planes of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam over Sri Lankan capital to bomb and destroy strategic locations was foiled when both the planes were shot out of the sky by anti-aircraft fire. One plane crashed into Sri Lanka Government’s Income Tax Office building located next to the Air Force Headquarters in Fort, in the heart of Colombo, killing the pilot and a bystander and wounding more than 40 others. All the front windows of the high-rise building were shattered and furniture inside was charred and splintered. The second LTTE’s plane was shot down near an air force base in the town of Katunayake, close to the international airport located north of Colombo.

Know Thy Neighbors Well: Tamil Nadu Political Leaders Told

"The time has come for Tamil Nadu to wake up and tell the LTTE enough is enough and also to do its best to rebuild the good relationship that prevailed between Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka until recently, when the TNA Members of Parliament of Sri Lanka mis-informed them and roused the feelings of the people of Tamil Nadu. I strongly urge Tamil Nadu to persuade the LTTE to give up their demand for separation and to agree for a solution based on the Indian constitution and also to lay down their arms. I wish to remind Tamil Nadu what Mahathma Gandhi said many years before he was assassinated that, India and Ceylon cannot afford to quarrel each others," said V. Anandasangaree. In appeal to the leaders of political parties to clear their misconceptions about the kinship of Tamils and Sinhalese with the people of Tamil Nadu, Anandasangaree has attempted to explain in this appeal to an extent.

India must assist Sri Lanka every way to put an end to the LTTE menace

Dr Subramnmanian Swamy while commending the policy statement made by India’s External Affairs Minister Prnab Mukerjee in the floor of the India’s Parliament, he insisted that LTTE is part of the problem in Sri Lanka, and can never be part of any solution acceptable to India. Janata Party Leader and the former Law Minister Dr. Subramanian Swamy emphasized that India must assist the Sri Lanka Government in every way to put an end to the LTTE and bring its supremo Prabhakaran to book decisively and with finality for Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination.

Protection of Children Must Be First Priority in Sri Lanka’s Conflict Says Coomaraswamy

"The protection of civilians, especially children, must be the first priority in the ongoing conflict in Sri Lanka and both sides must act accordingly," said Radhika Coomaraswamy, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) must release the civilians to safety, especially the children. The Government must be more circumspect with regard to artillery fire and aerial bombardment to avoid civilian casualties. "Images of children killed, maimed and wounded from the Vanni area of Sri Lanka are truly disturbing", said Coomaraswamy in a statement released Friday.

R2P – Right to Protest for the sake of freedom

By Hemantha from London

Two weeks ago, thousands of Sri Lankans of all walks of life launched a protest march to highlight the challenges faced by the democratically elected government in the island nation. There was no better place for the event, where the symbol of parliament democracy, the Westminster landmarks, majestically rises into the sky – City of London. The patriotic sons and daughters of Sri Lanka highlighted the unfair role played by certain media, including the BBC, in highlighting the atrocities committed by the Tigers as if they were the work of the government which is the only accountable player to the global bodies like the UN. The Tigers, as always, got away, while riding high on a sympathy wave of corrupt journalists with a questionable track record and a dangerously liberal instinct.

United States: A Mistrusted Ally of Sri Lanka - Prelude to Lunstead Testimony to US Congress February 24

Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent Asian Tribune

When Jeffrey Lunstead was U.S. State Department’s envoy to Sri Lanka in 2003-06 he lived through two diametrically opposed regimes, pro-Western Wickremasinghe-Kumaratunga which catered to Sri Lanka’s internationalist agenda dominated jointly by the West and the Tamil Tigers, and nationalist oriented Rajapaksa regime with a strong indigenous agenda disliked by the West, using his super power clout to convince the indispensability of the Tamil Tigers and therefore the importance of a political solution.

Rivals highjack Tamil sympathiser rally in Canberra

By Ravi Chandran in Canberra

Australian Tamil sympathisers travelling from Sydney and Melbourne demonstrated today outside a number of Canberra embassies. The group numbering 300 demonstrators demanded international assistance to end the violent conflict in the north of Sri Lanka. The protesters demanded the imposition of international sanctions on Sri Lanka. Aid organisations including UN have been critical of the Tamil Tigers for not allowing civilians to escape from the intense battle areas and holding civilians as hostages. Tamil Tigers are a listed terrorist organisation in many western nations and in Australia.

Gearing Up For The Battle

By Tushar Charan - Syndicate Features

By an interesting coincidence the country was witness to three different political shows almost around the same time on the second Sunday of February. The ruling Congress party held a convention of 13,000 party workers in New Delhi; the Bharatiya Janata Party concluded its national council meeting in Nagpur, the Maharashtra city that serves as the headquarter of the Rashtriya Swyamsevak Sangh, the parent body of the BJP and many other outfits of the Sangh Parivar. Finally, the CPI (M) held a rally of its workers in Kolkata. Undoubtedly, the coming Lok Sabha polls this summer must have weighed heavily on the minds of the leaders and the people who assembled at these three different party gatherings. The proceedings at these venues, therefore, will have to be viewed as a sort of showcase of poll strategies by the three major political parties in the country.

Ambassador Fernando presents credentials to President Sarkozy

Sarkozy with Lionel FernandoSri Lankan Ambassador and Permanent Delegate to UNESCO Mr Lionel Fernando has presented his credentials to French President Nicholas Sarkozy at Elysee Palace recently. During the brief discussion he had with President Sarkozy, Ambassador Fernando described the progress of Sri Lanka's battle against terrorism. After congratulating the new Ambassador, President Sarkozy expressed his wish to visit Sri Lanka and the Ambassador thanked the French President for accepting the invitation extended by the Government of Sri Lanka.

US illusive wish to convert defeat into victory in Afghanistan

By Brig. Asif Haroon Raja

The new millennium saw worst bloodshed of the Muslims.. The horrific acts of USA resulted in massacre of more than 1.5 million Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq; rapes and hair-raising tortures to thousands in infamous Baghram Base, Abu Gharib and Guantanamo ghoulish prisons for years; destruction of property, infrastructure, houses, farms, orchards and agriculture; millions of women getting widowed, children orphaned, millions made homeless; serious injuries to millions with many maimed for life.


Pro-LTTE supporters in Denmark attacked Peaceful demonstration by Sri Lankan community in front of Danish Parliament

The Sri Lankan community in Denmark organized a huge demonstration on Friday against the LTTE activities in Sri Lanka in front of the Danish Parliament in Copenhagen. In the meantime as a turn of event, several LTTE supporters suddenly emerged with Tiger flags, banners and Prabakaran’s photos and started shouting aggressively provocative slogans against Sri Lanka Government with the view to disturb the peaceful demonstration. However, the protestors from the Sri Lankan community who demonstrated on behalf of the innocent Tamilians held as human shield by the LTTE, remained unperturbed, calm and silent, despite the pro-LTTE supporters’ provocative maneuvers.