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Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir

Sri Lankan Ambassador Invites Journalist Delegation to Sri Lanka to Observe for Firsthand Freedom Enjoyed by journalists

At a meeting held yesterday in the Embassy of Sri Lanka with a delegation from the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), Jaliya Wickramasuriya, the Ambassador for Sri Lanka to the United States, reaffirmed the availability of the media freedom in Sri Lanka. He also encouraged the delegation members to meet with a cross section of journalists actively working in the country to learn firsthand more about the current situation. "The Government of Sri Lanka is perturbed by unfounded allegations against media," said the Ambassador. "The Government in no way condones or endorses any attacks on journalists."

Another submarine found; infiltration foiled nearly 43 LTTE bodies recovered

By Ruwan Weerakoon in Colombo

Sri Lanka Army’s 55 Division under Brigadier Prasanna Silva and his troops recovered near the coastal area of Puthumathalan today (Mar. 6), a locally fabricated submarine which could carry two persons . This is the only undersea vessel so far recovered closer to sea and the earlier five were found at Udayarkattu and f another four at Puthukudyiruppu – being further inland. Meanwhile, military intelligence confirmed that one of the Tiger leaders killed last week in a Sri Lanka Air Force air attack was the former LTTE intelligence head in Colombo called ‘Dhroner’. He had been recalled to the Vanni region some time back.

What ails Sri Lanka’s Main Opposition Party?

By Shenali Waduge

Hot on the heels of every election defeat it has become customary to call for the removal of the party leader. How much can the opposition leader be faulted for the UNP’s dismal performance at the provincial council elections? Is it his choice of poor provincial council candidates or have the voters lost faith in the UNP, its leader & its candidates in general? It is important that in analyzing the fate of the UNP, that we do not separate the party from the political needs and desires of the populace especially when its traditional vote base is unlikely to suffice for the UNPs continuance or existence.

Waste Management - Private Sector shows the way

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

Waste management has become a grave problem in Sri Lanka as it has been found that state agencies and private sector not heeding the environmental norms which now threaten the lives of the people. While most of the countries have managed waste and turned it into money which saves the environment, Sri Lanka lagged behind. Concerted efforts are being made by various institutions to strike a balance in the waste management in the country. Now the private sector is increasingly learning the far reaching benefits that could accrue by adopting eco-efficient productivity and cleaner production which all boil down to waste management.

For the people by the people, finally!

By Anjali Singh

The democratic process may finally find expression politically if the newly constituted forum of social activists taking up people’s causes has its way. Called the People’s Politics Front (Lok Rajniti Manch), it held its first national convention at Lucknow at the Ganga Prasad Memorial Hall in Aminabad. The convention saw a huge turnout of supporters from UP and its surrounding states including Kushinagar, Agra, Hardoi, Sitapur, Sultanpur, Faizabad, and even Samaspur Bihar and New Delhi. Mooted by well known columnist Kuldip Nayar, People's Politics Front has been formed to build a political alternative in the country so that people's issues can be brought to center-stage.

Chandrika condemns terrorist attack on Sri Lankan Cricket Team

The former Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga has strongly condemned the last Tuesday’s terrorists attack on the Sri Lanka Cricket Team in Lahore, Pakistan. "I condemn without reserve this reprehensible act of terror," she wrote. In a letter to Mahela Jayawardene, the Skipper of the Sri Lanka Cricket Team, President Chandrika Kumaratunga wrote, "I rejoice with all Sri Lankans and doubtlessly the entire cricketing world that you have been spared from serious injury." She further in her letter wrote, "My thoughts are with you, your team and your families. We sympathize with the families of the Pakistani security personnel who laid down their lives in the line of duty yesterday.

Rights Groups Applaud Bashir War Crimes Warrant

By Nigar Hacizade – Inter Press Service

Omar Al-BashirSudanese President Omar Al-Bashir, the first head of state to be indicted by the Hague-based International Criminal Court, now faces an arrest warrant issued Wednesday by the ICC's Pre-Trial Chamber on charges of crimes against humanity and war crimes in Darfur. The decision was hailed by human rights organizations that had long anticipated the court's move. Richard Dicker, director of the International Justice Programme at Human Rights Watch, called the decision "a momentous occasion first and foremost for the people of Darfur, but also for ICC and the cause of justice and ending impunity for the most serious crimes in law."

Victims of brutality: women in Bangladesh

By William Gomes

"Women and men united to end violence against women and girls" is the theme that the United Nations has chosen for International Women’s Day 2009. International Women’s Day is commemorated on March 8 each year throughout the world, celebrating women's achievements as well as highlighting ongoing challenges that women face. Only 24 women have been elected as heads of state in this century. It’s a matter of real achievement that Bangladesh is honored with two such women leaders, Sheikh Hasina Wazed, the current prime minister of Bangladesh, and Begum Khaleda Zia, former prime minister.

Mutiny In Bangladesh

By Allabaksh - Syndicate Features

Within two months of her stepping into office, the Bangladesh Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina Wajed, had to face a crisis that appeared to be a throw back to the early days of her country’s freedom when her father and the ‘father of the nation’ Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, along with most members of his family, was butchered by some members of the armed forces. The crisis following that tragedy left a deep scar on Bangladesh’s polity; the full political impact of the latest one will become apparent only after some time. What is clear as of now is that Sheikh Hasina has deftly managed to stop the country from falling into the hands of the military under the pretext of ‘saving’ the nation.

Scourge of terrorism cost Sri Lanka US $ 200 billion

Dr. KohonnaWe need to convey the correct impression about Sri Lanka by its Foreign Missions thereby they could be helpful to develop the country’s economy, said Dr Palitha Kohona, Secretary to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs speaking at the Key Persons’ Forum organized by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL) held at JAIC Hilton Hotel. He spoke on "How Sri Lanka ’s Foreign Missions can help to Develop Our Economy". Kosala Wickramanayake, President, FCCISL welcoming the guests said that they would be thankful to Dr Kohona for gracing the occasion as Dr Kohona was seriously involved with the conducting of SAARC Standing Committee.

LTTE Responsible for Suffering of Tamil Civilians, says United States

Daya Gamage – US National Correspondent Asian Tribune

"The Tamil Tigers by trapping the civilians (in the battle zone in north of Sri Lanka), by continuing the conflict are just increasing the sufferings of the Tamil people. So it is very much time for them to allow safe passage for them to allow these people to leave," Richard Boucher, U.S. State Department’s assistant secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs told a group of journalists here Friday, March 6. "We have seen the Tamil Tigers shelling out of that safe zone. We have seen them continuing hostilities in other places. So we believe that it is time for them to stop fighting and allow these people to go safely to other parts of safe places," Boucher said.