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ICC asks India, UN, US to act 'now', tells Colombo to 'hold off final assault'

By M Rama Rao, India Editor, Asian Tribune

The humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka’s northern Wanni region is rapidly becoming a catastrophe, International Crisis Group has warned. The Brussels based independent group has asked the International leaders, in particular, the UN Secretary-General, the Prime Minister of India and the President of the United States to act 'now'. And ask Sri Lanka government to 'abandon its policy of annihilation’ and 'hold off on the final assault' to allow relief to reach the ‘trapped’ civilians and to help those who wish to leave to do so. The ICC asked those with influence on the LTTE leadership to insist that they allow civilians to leave areas under its control, cease using civilians as a shield and negotiate an effective surrender, with personal security of LTTE leaders and fighters guaranteed by the international community.

Peace deal signed between Government and tribal elders in Bajaur : Tribesmen assure disarming militants

The battle for Bajaur Agency in northwest of Pakistan seems to be coming to a logical end with signing of the peace deal by tribesmen from the agency with the authorities pledging not to shelter anti-government fighters in the areas on the border with Afghanistan. The 28-point draft plan was signed by tribal elders from Mamound, the most populous district in the semi-autonomous tribal region of Bajaur, and government officials in Khar, the headquarters of the tribal agency. The road between agency headquarters Khar and Mamound district have been opened for traffic after seven months on Tuesday. According to the political agent of Bajaur Agency, Shafirullah Khan the government and security officials will not be attacked or kidnapped and there will be no restriction on the movement of security forces in Mamound.

Sri Lanka: UNP berates on the Governments fiscal policy and current monetary situation

By Ravi Ladduwahetty – From Sri Lanka

The United National Party today charged that the United People’s Freedom Alliance Government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa was bankrupt and rock bottom without the International Monetary Fund, which it unreservedly condemned while in Opposition. "The Government members are outright hypocrites as they said that the they would never seek the assistance of the international donor community but they had to go to the IMF with the begging bowl, the very same IMF which it chased out of Sri Lanka three years ago", Lakshman Kiriella told a news conference.

How High Energy Food Intended For Malnourished Children Ended Up With LTTE – UN Clarifies

The United Nations condemn that the high energy food sent for the Sri Lanka’s severely malnourished children in Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu has been diverted from their intended purposes. This clarification was made by UN after the detection that the high energy BP-100 therapeutic food found on a dead LTTE cadre, as reported by the Ministry of Defense.

Health Minister meets Indian Medical Team

Minister for Healthcare and Nutrition, Mr. Nimal Siripala de Silva, met with the members of the Indian medical team Tuesday morning before their departure for Pulmoddai where they will be setting up an emergency medical unit and hospital to cater to the medical requirements of the IDPs being evacuated from northern Sri Lanka. The Minister thanked the Government of India for extending its assistance in this critical field and said that it symbolized the close friendship that existed between India and Sri Lanka.

Genocide in Sri Lanka: Who’s Responsible? : LTTE’s Pirapaharan or Gotabhaya Rajapaksa

Daya Gamage – US Bureau Asian Tribune Analysis

Sri Lanka’s LTTE or Tamil Tiger outfit led by Velupillai Pirapaharan has activated its international wing in Western nations to convince the international community and the United Nations two issues closest to the latter’s’ political agenda: that the government of Sri Lanka is indiscriminately using its military power to endanger the lives of the Tamil civilian population trapped in the country’s northern region, disallowing them to get to safe areas denying them with essential food and medicine thus on a rampage to exterminate the Tamil race with genocidal intent and that the world community should force Sri Lanka to cease its military operation and declare a ceasefire. Extermination of a minority race, genocide, endangering the lives of Tamil civilians in and around the battle field in the north, inadequate food and medicine and the vitality of a ceasefire are the combined issues the Tamil Tiger international propaganda wing endeavors to convince the international community, western nations, human rights groups and the United Nations.

Long March: Crackdown launched against opposition parties in Pakistan

By Farzana Shah- Asian Tribune correspondent in Pakistan

Authorities have started a crackdown on main opposition party’s leaders and workers in Punjab province of Pakistan ahead of a long march against the sitting government, scheduled to take place from March 12th to 16th. Section 144 has been imposed in many districts of Punjab including Lahore banning public meetings and rallies for one month in the wake of upcoming long march. The section has been imposed in Shaikhupura, Faisalabad, Okara, Pak Patan, Hafizabad, Nankana Sahib, Gujrat and other districts of the province with affect from today (Wednesday, March 11). According to sources the chief of Pakistan Muslim League-N, Mian Nawaz Sharif, former chief minister Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif, chief of Jamat-i-Islami, Qazi Hussain Ahmed and chief of Tehrik-e-Insaf, Imran Khan would be kept under house arrest.

D.S. De Silva : New Sri Lanka Cricket Chief - Full Committee tomorrow

By Ravi Ladduwahetty – Sri Lanka Editor- Asian Tribune

Sri Lankan Sports Minister Gamini Lokuge has appointed former Sri Lanka right ram leg spinner D.S. De Silva as the new Chief of Sri Lanka Cricket and as the Chairman of the new Interim Committee today but the full committee will be appointed and announced by 11am tomorrow. In the meantime, Sports Minister Gamini Lokuge tonight also appointed Kumar Sangakkara as the new Sri Lanka Cricket Captain and spin wizard Muttiah Muralitharan as the Vice Captain

IPL or Polls

By Chanbdramohan - Syndicate Features

What is more important for India: the cricketing 'tamasha' called the Indian Premier League or conducting polls for the 15th Lok Sabha? If India’s claim to be a vibrant democracy is to be accepted the answer should be very clear. Democracy takes precedence over everything else, including the game of glorious uncertainties that drives millions in the country crazy. The question of this choice arises when the IPL officials insist that they are willing to consider some adjustments in the schedule, but not the cancellation, of IPL matches if some of them clash with polls in a particular city or state.

Government Condemns LTTE Suicide Bomb Attack near Mosque

The Government condemns in the strongest possible terms the LTTE suicide bomb attack on the Milad-un-Nabi Muslim Festival to mark the birthday of Holy Prophet Mohammed, at Godapitiya, Akuressa, Matara this morning around 10.a.m. in which 14 persons were killed and many others injured, including a Government minister. The Government notes with utmost contempt this wanton act of terrorism and observes that the attack bears the unmistakable signature of the LTTE. The attack reaffirms the fact that the LTTE is not only a ruthless terrorist outfit but also one which has no regard or respect for religion. This is an attack that deliberately targeted the Muslim Community and one that has sought to sow ethnic and religious disharmony.

Draft for Sharia in Swat signed; judges to be appointed in consultation with TNSM

By Farzana Shah - Asian Tribune Correspondent in Pakistan

The North West Frontier Province (NWFP) Governor Owais Ahmed Ghani has signed the redrafted Nizam-e-Adl regulations for implementation of Islamic Sharia in the restive Swat valley of the frontier province. The copy of the draft will be sent to President Zardari for approval soon. Meanwhile Qazis (judges) for Islamic courts under the agreed Sharia law have been called for appointment in Swat Sharia courts. Talking to the media persons in Saidu Sharif scenic area of Swat valley the NWFP information minister Mian Iftikhar Hussain informed that 20 Qazis have been brought to Sat who will be appointed after consultation with chief of religious organization TNSM (Tehrik-e-Nifaz-e-Sharia) Maulana Sufi Muhammad.

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Commentary: Israel And Palestine

By Andrin Raj

Mainstream Jewish Agency, the Yishuv, World Zionist Organization, Histadrut and to some extend the Haganah in the early 1930’s and the late 1940’s routinely condemned the Irgun and Stern groups as "terrorist" organizations during the Palestinian-Jew conflicts and branded it as an illegal organization. These groups were considered than a "terrorist" organization by the mainstream Jewish Agencies that were given the task to address the tensions and grievances of the Paletinians within the occupied territories as well as for Jews to adhere to basic strategy and ideology of the ruling Jewish Agency. The issues pertaining to the sensitivity and the needs of a "two state" living in harmony were one of the many areas of focus from the Jewish Agency during those periods.

International Women's Day celebrated at the Sri Lanka Embassy in Kuwait

Sri Lanka Embassy in Kuwait celebrated the International Women's Day on 8th March presided over by Ambassador Sarath Dissanayake, at the embassy premises with the participation of well over 500 Sri Lankan women workers and well-wishers. This is the first occasion that the Embassy has celebrated the International women's Day in Kuwait with the participation of a large gathering of women including Kuwaiti nationals who have taken a great interest in the event. The event was organized by the Embassy Seva Vanitha Unit (Women's Welfare Unit) with the active support and guidance of its President Ramanika Dissanayake and members including Mrs K. Herath, Counsellar of the Labour Section, Mrs. S. Halwatte, Secretary of the unit.

US must admit it is losing war on terror

By Asif Haroon Raja

It is now over seven years that the occupation forces are in battle with the rag-tag Taliban and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan but despite best efforts they have been unable to defeat them. This is in spite of the fact that the US and allied forces have applied massive military force without caring for human and material losses particularly the innocent civilians. Efforts of the foreign troops are augmented by Afghan military which has been duly trained and equipped. Massive funds have also flowed in to carryout development works, human resource development and uplift of education sector to bolster the Afghan regime led by Hamid Karzai and to solidify US military base on permanent footings. The western world as well as Japan is also contributing towards the economic uplift of the country. Afghanistan has fitted into American scheme of things because of its proximity to Central Asia, China, Gulf region, Pakistan and Russia.

International Community Demands Big Tobacco Comply Swiftly with Health Treaty

At the 14th World Conference on Tobacco or Health in India this week, governments and civil society are demanding tobacco corporations comply swiftly with new treaty guidelines preventing industry interference in health policy. Big Tobacco has long interfered in public health laws and regulations that might threaten its profits. The industry has done everything from offering contributions and "partnerships" with governments and drafting tobacco control laws to planting its representatives in tobacco control bodies.

Army Special Forces and Sri Lanka Navy Overcoming LTTE’s threat

By Sanjeewa Karunaratne

If you want to defeat a terrorist organization, talk in a language they understand as done by the Sri Lankan government. In civility, it is difficult and seems "war time excess" or even described as violations of "human rights," however, scores of innocents daily killed by suicide attacks may not come within the purview of "human rights," according to these experts. But desperate times call for desperate measures. It is ludicrous for countries harnessing terrorist support to advocate peaceful settlements with single-minded terrorists, who would neither settle nor compromise. SL Government with over twenty five years of experience in warfare understood this simple fact and met eye-to-eye with the LTTE. This is a story about two innovative military tactics that changed the course of the civil war in Sri Lanka.