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Mahinda Rajapaksa

Washington Commentary: "Trust In Allah But Tie Your Camel"

Ernest Corea

When President Obama sprang his Spring surprise (on March 20) with a
televised message of special greetings to "all who are celebrating
Nowruz," he opened the door a crack – a narrow crack, but nevertheless a crack – towards a new relationship between the US and Iran which been have locked in mutual mistrust for some three decades. Nowruz, meaning "new day" marks the beginning of Spring, of life, light, and creativity, after a period of dormancy. In Iran, it sparks the beginning of a festive period that lasts thirteen days.

Tigers and their apologists at the UN

The Comical story of LTTE’s Nadesan who cannot communicate even with his own supremo Prabhakaran offering to negotiate with China typifies the extent to which the Tigers are in disarray. Nadesan’s UN "intelligence" is based on a South Bronx blogger who runs a site called Inner City Press. Nadesan is attempting to use Inner City fiction to white wash the Tigers. The UN is seized of how the tigers are shooting nuns, elderly and children, conscripting minors as young as 14 years of age and using internationally banned chemical weapons.

WHO expert to probe Matara Rubella death and catastrophe - Lankan Health Minister

By Ravi Ladduwahetty – Sri Lanka Editor – Asian Tribune

The Government of Sri Lanka has requested the World Health Organisation to send a top expert to Colombo to probe how a 12 year-old St. Thomas Matara Girls’ College schoolgirl died yesterday morning and how 29 others were hospitalised following the administration of the Rubella injection for German Measles . "I have personally ordered the WHO to sent and expert to probe this as this is the first and only time this happened in this country," Sri Lankan Leader of the House of Parliament and Minister of Healthcare and Nutrition Nimal Siripala De Silva told Asian Tribune.

Sir Arthur C. Clarke Remembered: "The man who described the concept of a space elevator."

By Manjari Peiris – in Colombo

"Since 1956 Sir Arthur C. Clarke who came to Sri Lanka to explore the waters of our sea as a scuba diver, had continued his mental exploration of the universe from Sri Lanka right up to his demise last year. “ Professor Tissa Vitarana, Minister of Science & Technology reminisced the “Father of the concept of extra terrestrial communication through geo-stationery satellites”, at the ceremony held to commemorate the first death anniversary of Sir. Arthur C. Clarke, at the BMICH. "He was an excellent writer on fiction, but wrote on scientific criteria."

Petition to put Musharraf’s name on ECL filed in Supreme Court 'turned down'

By Farzana Shah- Asian Tribune Correspondent in Pakistan

Pervez MusharrafA petition seeking to put the name of former president Musharraf on the Exit Control List (ECL), but the Supreme Court of Pakistan on Friday, turn down the petition. The petitioner Akran Salimi through his counsel Tariq Asad Advocate said that Pervez Musharraf’s name should be put on ECL so that he could not flee the country to face the charges of killings and sedition. The petitioner prayed before the court that his petition should be considered with pending cases of Lal Mosque (red mosque).

Sri Lankan Conflict: Global economic crisis must instill a sense of urgency to find a political solution

By Raj Gonsalkorale

There are several schools of thought in Sri Lanka and outside about the existence, nature and a solution to the conflict. Some are of the view that there is no conflict. This view is shared mostly by Sinhala people. For them, since there is no conflict, the nature of a non existent conflict, and therefore finding a solution, is superfluous. From all accounts this view is that of a minority of Sinhala/Sri Lankan people. Then there are others who believe there is a conflict but it is more a result of bad political management and administration, and it is not of philosophical orientation. This group probably does not subscribe to the view that distinct linguistic and cultural differences between the Tamils and Sinhalese, and historical reasons, call for any special political structural and constitution changes that would give substantial autonomy to the Tamils.

UPFA launched website

Mahinda RajapaksaSri Lanka’s ruling United People's Freedom Alliance launched a new web site this morning. The web was declared open by President Mahinda Rajapaksa as head of the SLFP and the UPFA. He inaugurated this web site by using video conference system. This is the official website of the Campaign Centre of the United People's Freedom Alliance, undoubtedly the broadest coalition of progressive forces in the country. This coalition, which came into being in 2004 upon a platform of new liberal socio economic programme and a resolve to defeat separatist terrorism, has since mobilized people around a social democratic agenda.

The Historic Lahore Murder - March 19, 1940

By Nasim Yousaf

March 19, 1940, the day of the Khaksar massacre in Lahore, was among the most momentous and horrendous days in the history of British India’s freedom movement. On this tragic day, 313 unwavering and indomitable Khaksars marched in protest in the streets of Lahore against the ban on their legitimate activities. It was a thrilling sight when the robust Khaksars, standing tall in their spotless, starched khaki uniforms with sparkling spades on their shoulders, headed in formation towards their final destination, Badshahi Mosque, to offer prayers. By defying the ban, these followers of Allama Mashriqi had challenged the imperialist power of the time, the British Empire.

The death penalty: a strange philosophy

By William Gomes

"There’s no proof that the death penalty deters crime. It's a strange philosophy that the state should kill to encourage people not to kill." This is how Massachusetts State Representative James B. Eldridge argued against the death penalty. When Mother Theresa visited California's death row in 1987, she made a very simple appeal against the death penalty, asserting, "What you do to these men, you do to God." I am campaigning to abolish the death penalty in Bangladesh. Recently, I was discussing this with my friend, who had a family member who was brutally killed by a man, trying to point out why I am campaigning to abolish the death penalty.

Where Foreign Interference Is Welcome

By Chandra Mohan - Syndicate Features

The ease with which 'interference' by a select group of foreign countries, headed by the US, is accepted, nay welcomed, in Pakistan must be a matter of some concern to South Asia because it opens up the possibility of these 'Good Samaritans' trying to extend role. Most self-respecting nations, big or small, with some pretensions would be normally chary of allowing even a superpower of being so blatant in interfering in their domestic affairs. Some may argue that Pakistan welcomes foreign interference because it has never developed internal mechanism that is inherent in democracies to clean up internal mess. Perhaps, frequent counsel from foreign dignitaries will pay the way for 'real democracy' in Pakistan. It looks rather amusing, considering how strongly the Pakistanis proclaim their 'sovereignty' and 'independence', at least in their 'dialogue' with India.

Earnest Corea

Pervez Musharraf

Trial of BDR mutiny case under court martial won’t violate human rights: Bangladesh law minister

M.A. Kader- Asian Tribune Correspondent in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Law Minister Shafique Ahmed on Saturday claimed that human rights would not be violated, If the people involved in the last month's Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) carnage were tried under the provision of court martial. "As only the accused will be brought to book with the full opportunity of self-defence, there is no skepticism that the trial cannot be transparent," the law minister told reporters after inauguration of a new coronary care unit of a cardiac hospital and research institute in Dhaka. " No innocent, under any circumstances, will be brought under trial, The trial proceedings would be free and fair, the law minister added.