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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 77

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Palestine To Brief Arab League On Sri Lankan Situation

By Yara Abdul Hadi in Ramallah

Palestinian National Authority will brief Arab League through its Ambassador about the present situation in Sri Lanka. This assurance was given by Dr. Ahmed Soboh, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs to Dr. T.Jayasinghe,Diplomatic Representative of Sri Lanka in Palestine during a meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Dr. Walid Hassen, Director Middle East also took part in the meeting. Dr. Jayasinghe informed that after 25 years of military campaign Sri Lankan Army has now cornered the Tamil Tiger forces into a small area in the North- East of Sri Lanka. Even though the conflict is almost over without an inch of land under its control, terrorists are taking cover behind a human shield of about 70,000 innocent Tamil civilians as a last resort.

Bangladsh PM Hasina seeks foreign assistance to explore offshore gas exploration and set up energy plants

M.A Kader-Asain Tribune Correspondent in Bangladesh

Bangladsh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday said Bangladesh needs foreign assistance for offshore gas exploration and installation of hydroelectric and solar-energy plants. The Prime Minister Hasina talked with the British High Commissioner in Dhaka Stephen Nicholas Evans yesterday on various bilateral interests of the two countries. Hasina and Evans discussed issues like trade, investment and the challenges of the much-talked climate change, PM office sources said.

End of the war, begins opportunities

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

A discussion at the CEO Forum organized by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) in collaboration with the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) was held at the Hilton Hotel Colombo on the topic ‘Beyond the war’ – Building: Human capital, organization and economy. The discussion was carried out considering the imminent end of the war that ran for nearly three decades and cost the country billions of dollars and thousands of lives. Mourad Mankarios, Principal Coach, SIM raising a question at the forum asked whether they are ready when the guns cease to fire, making the keynote address

Commission seeks Sri Lankan statements in Lahore attack

By Farzana Shah-Asian Tribune Correspondent in Pakistan

A commission investigating last month's deadly attack on Sri Lankan cricket team, on Tuesday requested evidence from the touring players. According to sources the tribunal constituted for probing the attack after recording statements from officials and witnesses has sought the statements from Sri Lankan players. The tribunal asked the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and the Foreign Office to get recorded statements from the Sri Lankan players. Earlier Justice Shabbar Rizvi recorded statements of local officials, journalists and the owner of a shopping centre near where up to 12 attackers assaulted the Sri Lankan team bus in Lahore.

UN expert repeat call to the LTTE to allow all civilians under its control to leave to seek safety elsewhere

"I urgently repeat my call to the LTTE to allow all civilians under its control to leave this zone and to seek safety elsewhere. I am deeply concerned for the lives of over 100,000 civilians trapped in the 14-square kilometre area of the Vanni declared by the Government of Sri Lanka as a no-fire zone. Large numbers of civilians already have been killed or wounded. Following reports that LTTE fighters now have been pushed almost entirely into this zone, many more are at risk of losing their lives. I believe that a series of humanitarian pauses must be initiated immediately to allow civilians to leave and humanitarian actors to provide life-saving relief to the remaining population. I also call on the Government of Sri Lanka to scrupulously respect the no-fire zone for as long as a civilian population remains within it."

Mysterious weapon of the LTTE; only for the militarily illiterate

By Shafiq Gafoor

It was reported on 05th April 2009 that the valiant ground troops of 58 Division captured one of the most exciting military articles during the Eelam War IV of the LTTE, the terror outfit which was once renowned for its ferocity & innovativeness in the ways & means of attacking the government forces. It is true that the total credit for capturing such a "prize of war" should go to all those brave sons of mother Lanka who are out there shedding blood & sweat alike to eliminate the remaining tigers who are struggling to catch their last breath. Yet, it is sad to see that there are a few militarily illiterate people in Colombo who desperately write "anything" on "anything" even if they don't know "anything" about such.

LTTE still attacking military from safe zone: PM tells Parliament

By Ravi Ladduwahetty – Sri Lanka Editor - Asian Tribune

Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickremanayake today charged that the LTTE was attacking the military even from the safe zone that was meant for civilians. The LTTE is a ruthless group of terrorists who have no respect for human life and they are even flouting even the international military laws while the Sri Lankan military is disciplined and not attacking civilians in the safe zone, Premier told Parliament today. He was addressing the monthly Emergency debate in the House in his capacity as Minister of National Security and Deputy Minister of Defence. Continuing, the Premier said that human life and humanity was not the least importance to the LTTE and they were yet chasing a mirage.

Seven Bangladesh MPs-elect to take oath today

M.A. Kader-Asian Tribune Correspondent in Bangladesh

Seven MPs-elect in the by-election of April 2 will take oath today (Wednesday). Speaker Abdul Hamid will administer the oath ceremony, a government handout said. Ruling Awami League bagged three more seats, including Jatiya Party stronghold Kurigram-2, in last Thursday's by-elections. BNP won two seats, Bogra-7 going to former speaker Mohammad Jamiruddin Sircar, and Bogra-6 to former law minister Moudud Ahmed. Jatiya Party’s (JP-Ershad) Roushan Ershad, wife of party chief HM Ershad, bagged his vacated seat in Rangpur-3.

Clash of egos amongst bigwigs tears the Samajwadi Party apart of Mulayam Singh

By M Rama Rao, India Editor, Asian Tribune

Samajwadi party of Mulayam Singh Yadav may be keen to emerge on the centre stage as a king-maker if not as a serious contender for the Prime Minister’s post in conjunction with two-Bihar based parties – RJD and LJP, who, like SP, are eyeing the secular vote and the Muslim vote. But the party is not in pink of health with the virtual number two Amar Singh drawing swords against Azam Khan, a highly respected Muslim face of the party.

Distance Education Study opportunities for 20 Sri Lankan students at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden

The Royal institute of Technology (KTH) in Sweden has granted 20 Distance-based study opportunities for 20 Sri Lankan Engineers who are attached to the Ministry of Vocational and Technical Training to pursue Masters of Engineering studies in the stream of Sustainable Energy Engineering (SEE) for year 2009. The proposed opportunity granted under Distance Education in collaboration with the KTH in Sweden. The University of Vocational Technology which is under the Ministry of Vocational and Technical Training in Sri Lanka now has to find suitable Engineering graduates who are already attached to the 9 Regional Technical Training Colleges as Lecturers.

Buddhism In Palestine

Dr.T.Jayasinghe - Palestine

During my travelling to many cities in Palestine which includes both Israel and West Bank, I happen to notice Bo trees ( Ficus Religiosa) in many parts of Israel and West Bank and naturally I became curious to know more about the presence of this tree in this part of the world. In Tel Aviv it is a very common tree found along many roads and nobody could explain the origin or any special significance of its presence. It may be that no one has taken the trouble to study it. However it is obvious that it is not an indigenous tree for according to information available it is native to countries like India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, China, Vietnam etc as it is always associated with Buddhism. Bo tree is a significant part of Buddhist rituals and was a symbol of veneration.

ILO endorses the outcome of London G20 summit

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

A communiqué issued by the International Labour Organization (ILO), Colombo indicated that the Director-General,ILO Juan Somavia has welcomed the outcome of the London G20 Summit, saying that “The leaders of the G20 have made significant progress in consolidating a coordinated international response to the deepening global crisis. It indicated that he has added, however, the difficulty of achieving this common approach to the serious challenges facing different parts of the world should not be underestimated. The agreements on increased funding for the international financial institutions can help to ensure that all countries, including developing and emerging countries, are able to participate in recovery measures according to their needs and policy requirements.

Faculty Of Management Studies


Quadruple-Barreled Anti Aircraft Gun

Chidamparam shoed by a journalist

The Manifesto Politics

By Chandrahasan - Syndicate Features

It is possible to accord some respectability to the party manifestos. It will require a three-way thrust to achieve that. The taxpaying public—the voter—the media and experts in various fields, especially finance and economics, will have to show a respect to the manifestos even if the political parties do not appear to be doing so. There is one good reason to do so, which will become apparent in a moment. The BJP’s prime ministerial hopeful, L.K.Advani, fancies himself as the Indian equivalent of the pre-poll Barack Obama: an agent of ‘change’ and the country’s top debater who can chew any ‘pseudo-secularist’ opponent such as the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Aggressive investment promotion drive in China

The Sri Lanka Embassy in Beijing together with the Board of Investment (BOI) successfully held two seminars on “Investment Opportunities for Chinese Entrepreneurs on 27th and 31st March 2009 at the Embassy. The third and forth respectively in a series of Seminars that have been launched since January this year, on a campaign for an aggressive investment promotion drive, this forum attracted more than 90 Entrepreneurs from specially selected sectors such as Infrastructure, Real Estate, Fisheries and Agriculture, Paper Manufacturing, Steel, Leather Products, Solar & Energy and Cosmetics and Telecommunication. The Country Presentations clearly projected the lucrative sectors identified for potential Chinese investment further explaining the benefit and concessions granted to them.

Golden Jubillee Of Sri Jayawardanapura University

By Edward Theophilus Wanigasekera

University education in Sri Lanka began with the establishment of a university college (1921) in Colombo and later it was transformed to full university status as University of Ceylon in 1941 under the leadership of Sir Ivor Jennings, who was a political scientist and constitution expert, settling in a fascinating natural environment in Peradeniya. Before establishment of a university in Sri Lanka, colonial rulers founded a Medical College (1870) and a Law College (1874) in the country as the intellectual abilities of Sri Lankans were confined to cope with complex education and reflected that the country can be developed its own expertise human resources, which would need for all kind of development purposes.