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The forsaken Kashmir cause

By Asif Haroon Raja

When Gen Musharraf succumbed to US pressure to change Pakistan policy on Afghanistan in September 2001 and made Pakistan the front line state to fight the US war on terror, it propelled India to make Musharraf change Pakistan policy on Kashmir as well. For the achievement of this apparently impossible objective because of Pakistan’s acute sensitivity towards Kashmir cause, India staged-managed a terrorist attack on Indian Parliament on 7th December 2001 and blamed ISI without carrying out any inquest. Projecting it as another 9/11, she took series of hostile steps like recalling her ambassador in Islamabad and sending back Pakistan ambassador; terminating rail and air services as well as trade between the two countries.

Norwegian Foreign Minister deplores Sri Lankan embassy vandalism

"I deeply deplore the fact that unauthorised persons unlawfully forced their way into the Sri Lankan Embassy in Oslo and caused extensive damage. This is a violation of Norwegian law and an action that is totally unacceptable,” said Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre. In connection with an incident where demonstrators unlawfully forced their way into the Sri Lankan Embassy in Oslo yesterday,Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre commented as follows: "I deeply deplore the fact that unauthorised persons unlawfully forced their way into the Sri Lankan Embassy in Oslo and caused extensive damage. This is a violation of Norwegian law

Taliban start pulling out from Buner district

By Farzana Shah-Asian Tribune Correspondent in Pakistan

Swat-based Taliban have started pulling out from District Buner of North West Frontier Province of Pakistan while local Taliban are still present in Gokan, Bugra, Sultanwas and Tehsil Salarzai. The move is said to be result of negotiations as earlier Taliban on Saturday night agreed to vacate the Pir Baba’s shrine and a gradual return of their men from the district.

Truth Has Dawned On America

Comment by L. Jayasooriya

The announcement by President Obama that no nation alone can solve the problems of the world ushers in a new era for America for their benefit and not so much for the benefit of the undeveloped, underdeveloped and developing nations of the world who had to live with what America has dictated. Even though there are clear signs that President Obama is being ill advised as was demonstrated by the large number of LTTE diaspora that was permitted to speak on their behalf against the government of Sri Lanka without even giving an opportunity for our government to say what she has to say we are all glad that Mr. Obama is president.

LTTE kills another six innocent farmer- civilians at Buttala

By Ravi Ladduwahetty- Sri Lanka Editor – Asian Tribune

The desperate, battered and bruised LTTE which is clutching its last straws in the No Fire Zone, is continuing its carnage of innocent villagers and the latest attack on unarmed farmer families came at around 7 pm today when it shot dead six civilians in Mahagodayaya village in Buttala. The LTTE opened fire and killed two men, two women and two children and injuring another two. The area of the attack is on the Badulla Moneragala Road.

Proposed Sonadia deep-sea port may be a major vehicle of economic development for Bangladesh, shipping minister

M.A. Kader-Asian Tribune Correspondent in Bangladesh

The proposed deep-sea port at Sonadia-Moheskhali point will enable Bangladesh to be a major player in the regional trade and act as a gateway to the region because of its geographic location, a study presented at a workshop Sunday in Dhaka said. "Sonadia Island succeeded so far as the best optimal location for a deep sea port out of the possible nine locations," Eddy Declercq, private sector expert of Japan's Pacific Consultant International (PCI) told the workshop on 'Techno-Economic Feasibility Study of a Deep Sea Port in Bangladesh'.

Norwegian Police Challenged: Dare catch us if you can?

Miscreants who attacked the Sri Lankan Embassy in Oslo has challenged the Norwegian Police “Dare catch us if you can,” by posting video clips of the attack. The video clips of the attack are now available in all the LTTE news websites. It shows the LTTE miscreants are too sure that Norwegian Police will not take any action against them. So far Norwegian Government has not made any official statement of the attack on the Sri Lankan Mission in Oslo except for the strong condemnation by the Sri Lanka Government.

Militants attack US supplies in north-western Pakistan

By Farzana Shah-Asian Tribune correspondent in Pakistan

In yet another attack on NATO supply depots, militants destroyed 10 container trucks on Sunday in north-western Pakistan on Sunday. In a pre-dawn attack the militants stormed two NATO supply terminals on the outskirts of Peshawar, the capital of North West Frontier Province, near the Afghan border destroying 10 lorries carrying cement to Afghanistan. According to police the attackers first disarmed the terminal guards and then threw petrol bombs.

Bangladesh’s ex-Anti-corruption Commission chief in contempt of parliament, a parliamentary committee said

M.A. Kader-Asian Tribune Correspondent in Bangladesh

A parliamentary Committee on public undertakings of Bangladesh accused ex-Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) chief Hasan Mashhud Chowdhury, former secretary Md Delwar Hossain and two commissioners of contempt of parliament and the constitution for not appearing before the parliamentary committee on Sunday. The parliamentary body meeting decided to issue letters asking them to explain within seven days before the next meeting scheduled to hold on June 2 the reason of their absence from the meeting today.

International Law On The "No Firing Zone"

The dedicated Tamil Diaspora with its travelling companions in the international NGO networks are synchronising a campaign to attract foreign intervention and commit Sri Lanka’s military to foreign tribunals in a desperate bid to save the LTTE leadership from annihilation. That is their contribution from across the seas, in truth, to further aggravate the sad plight of the civilians trapped in the No Firing Zone (NFZ). The initial attempt was through a NGO loaded Presidential Commission of Inquiry with so called biased foreign Eminent Persons (IIPEG) in attendance to fix the Security Forces with possible war crimes on the death of the 17 aid workers of the ACF in Mutur; leading to the air attack on a fictitious Shencholai where young people in a LTTE jungle training camp were killed.

My mandate is over- 58 Brigade Commander Shavendra De Silva

By Ravi Ladduwahetty – Sri Lanka Editor- Asian Tribune

Brigade Commander of Sri Lanka Army’s 58 Division, Brigadier Shavendra De Silva told Asian Tribune that the mandate of his 58 Brigade was now over and that his function was to allow the civilians to pass to the liberated areas. My mandate was to capture the areas which were the last areas of the LTTE strongholds which were up to Pudukudirippu and we have successfully captured the last areas under LTTE control, he told Asian Tribune in an exclusive interview.

UN Secretary General welcomes Sri Lanka’s announcement of two-day pause

The UN Secretary General has welcomed the announcement of a two-day pause in offensive military operations by the Government of Sri Lanka. "This is less than the full humanitarian pause of several days I had pressed for but is nevertheless a useful first step and an opportunity to move towards the peaceful and orderly end to the fighting now so badly needed," Ban Ki-moon said . However he expressed optimism of the two-day pause as a beginning of a real humanitarian pause. He also appealed to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) to take concrete and immediate steps to protect civilians by respecting the pause, for its full duration.

Non-Balochs flee violence-stricken Balochistan after murders: IRIN report

By Farzana Shah-Asian Tribune correspondent in Pakistan

Ongoing widespread violence in Balochistan Province, southwestern Pakistan, is severely disrupting daily life and forcing many non-Balochis to flee in fear of their lives, residents say. Ansar Pervaiz, 50, who has lived in provincial capital Quetta for the past 20 years, said he will leave the area for at least a fortnight. "It's just not safe here at the moment for those who are not Balochi. I am from Punjab [a bordering Pakistani province] and will be taking my wife and three daughters there. I work as a draughtsman and it is a risk to be out at building sites. We will see later what happens," he said.

Sangarees’ passionate appeal to save the IDPs

In a latest appeal, V. Anandasangaree, President – TULF, has requested Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa to send sufficient food items to meet the requirements of over 200,000 people and airlift sufficient quantity of milk food and other children’s requirements, since most mothers have lost their capacity to breast-feed the babies and they are now fed with only tea, till fresh stocks arrive from Colombo. Also Anandasangaree has appealed to evacuate the Civilians trapped in the war zone. He said lives of over two hundred thousand people trapped in Newmathalan, which is also a LTTE controlled area, are at stake.

Swat peace accord to be discussed in parliament, says Pak PM

Pakistani Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani said here on Saturday that the Swat peace accord would be discussed in the parliament to evolve a national strategy. He was talking to media after performing ground breaking of the up-gradation of Multan Airport to be completed at a cost of Rs4.5 billion. Secretary Defence Lt Gen Syed Athar Ali, Director General Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Air Commodore Junaid Amin and other high ranking officers were also present on the occasion.

Internationally Cherished and Locally & Totally Wicked Truths

By Swarnajith Udana

I would like to call upon the Government of Sri Lanka to declare several religious observance days to bless Tamil civilians. Kovils, Mosques and Churches should have a special prayer days. Temples must be doing all day Pirith to radiate compassion towards civilians. Tooth of Temple can do a special pooja dedicated to Tamil civilians. These religious institutions and civilian agencies need to collect gifts to send to our brothers and sisters in need. Radio and TV programs that enhance the awareness that a large number of our brothers and sisters are in distress need to be aired.

Sri Lanka: Government condemns terror attack on Sri Lanka Mission in Oslo

The Government of Sri Lanka vehemently condemns the violent attack by operatives belonging to the international terror network of the LTTE on the Sri Lanka Embassy in Oslo on Sunday, 12th April 2009. On the advice of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Rohitha Bogollagama, the Royal Norwegian Ambassador in Sri Lanka, Tore Hattrem was summoned to the Foreign Ministry today (13th April 2009), and an official protest lodged. The following matters were brought to the attention of the Ambassador in connection with the attack on the Sri Lankan mission in the Norwegian capital yesterday.