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Major General Athar Abbas

A Poll on Prabhakaran: Is his end nears?

Charles & PrabahAs yet another week ends with no word about the whereabouts of Velupillai Prabhakaran, it is natural for the media to speculate and the gossip mills to go into overdrive on what has happened to him, who has carved out a Robinhood image for himself down the past 30-odd years. A conjecture that has many takers on either side of the Palk Straits is that Prabhakaran is, indeed, dead but his close faithful are maintaining the myth of his invincibility. If this is the case, certainly, President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his army chief would have gone to the town with the ‘good news’.

Sri Lanka: Terrorism retarded development, brought human misery also challenged peace and stability

Mahinda Rajapaksa The Tamil people abroad, who carry out demonstrations in front of Sri Lankan embassies, and attack the High Commissions of India, say nothing about lakhs of Tamil people who have come seeking freedom. The Tamil civilians fleeing for freedom are being attacked by the weapons bought from the money of these very Tamils living abroad. "It is necessary to tell the Tamils abroad who support the LTTE and the countries that supported the LTTE that the weapons provided by you are being used against your own fraternal people," pointed out Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Sangaree's desperate plea to save the remaining IDPs

AnandasangareeIn a fervent appeal to save the Internally Displaced Persons trapped in Vanni and held hostages by the LTTE, V. Anandasangaree, President of the Tamil United Liberation Front has suggested that an International Agency, acceptable to the Government, be selected to visit Vanni and persuade the LTTE to allow the innocent people to go out freely, with an offer of a general amnesty to those who surrender with arms. In an open letter to Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa, TULF leader has cautioned that if such an arrangement is not made to bring out the civilians safely, the whole thing will end up in a national disaster detrimental to the good name of the country.

How Prabhakaran’s saga will end ? - A Poll

Asian Tribune invites readers to participate in the survey on the aftermath of Wanni War. The poll will help to gauge the mood of people who are direct victims of LTTE and who kept track of the Tigers’ campaign from a long distance. AT believes that the public pulse will be an important input for the policy planners as they are coming to grips with the post –LTTE scene.

US terms Nepal Maoists still a terror organization

Kosh Raj Koirala – Asian Tribune Correspondent in Nepal

Even as the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) got resounding victory in Constituent Assembly elections held April last and is heading the government since August last, the United States continues to keep the former rebel party in Nepal under terrorist organizations watch list. According to the Country Reports on Terrorism 2008 released by the US Department of State on Thursday, the Maoist’s United Revolutionary People´s Council and the People´s Liberation Army (PLA) are still part of its Terrorist Exclusion List. While the United Revolutionary People’s Council is a political wing of the party, the People’s Liberation Army is the military arm of the party.

Swine Flu vaccine could take months to produce

By Wajid Ali Syed – Washington Correspondent for Asian Tribune

The World Health Organization says several laboratories around the world are developing a vaccination against swine influenza A-H1N1. The organization has raised its alert to level five, just below declaring the flu virus outbreak to be a pandemic. The US Centers for Disease Control has already isolated a sample of the virus and has grown what's called a seed stock. A seed stock is a strain of the virus that's the first step toward growing a vaccine."

Sri Lanka: UN Sends Emergency Team As Residents Return To Former Battle Zone

While thousands continue to flee the conflict zone in northern Sri Lanka, others have started to return to their homes in former battle areas, and the United Nations refugee agency said today it is sending teams to aid their transition. Some 400 people returned yesterday to a village in the Mannar district, which was for a long time the front line between the Government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), according to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Out of some 3,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) have registered to return to 15 villages in Mannar over the coming weeks, as part of the first Government-organized return operation in the embattled northern part of the island nation for many years.

60 militants killed during last 24 hours in Buner offensive

By Farzana Shah-Asian Tribune Correspondent in Pakistan

Pakistan army killed up to 60 militants as ground and air offensive against Taliban in Buner district of Northwest Frontier Province entered sixth day on Friday. Addressing a press briefing at army headquarters on Friday, military spokesman Major General Athar Abbas said about 55 to 60 militants were killed in the last 24 hours in the district of Buner, where he said the operation is continuing successfully. Eight to 10 militants were killed in the Shabdara attack, he said, adding that Buner's militant casualties included foreigners.

Counter-terrorism must top NAM agenda – Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hussein A. Bhaila, addressing the Ministerial Meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement in Havana held on Thursday (30 April) urged for a greater international cooperation in combating terrorism. Praising the Sri Lankan security forces for their successful humanitarian operations, which helped rescue more than 150,000 civilians from the clutches of terrorists in the last ten days, the Deputy Minister stressed that the impressive advances made by the Government of Sri Lankan in the North under the leadership of President Mahinda Rajapaksa heralded the end of the road for terrorism and violence in the country.

Pakistan In Sharia Quagmaire

By Sarla Handoo - Syndicate Features

Within a day of the National Assembly of Pakistan passing the Nizami- Adl regulation and the president Asif Ali Zardari giving his assent to it, the worst fears have begun coming true. The Tehriki Nifazi- Shariati- Mohammadi has come out with a surprising definition of Nizami- Adl saying that the law will protect militants who are charged with killings and persecution of innocent people of not only swat but the entire Malakand Agency. That is because the Chief of the outfit Maulana Sufi Mohammad says that "past things will be left behind and we will go for a new life in peace."

How Prabhakaran’s saga will end ?

* Surrender\n* Suicide by cyanide \n* Killed by Army bullet\n* Will he flee Vanni with his son\n

Charles & Prabah

A section of the crowd

A section of the crowd

At the May Day Rally

V. Anandasangaree

Sri Lanka shells into conflict zone despite her assurance to stop – US Envoy to UN Susan Rice

Daya Gamage – US Bureau Asian Tribune

"Despite the Government of Sri Lanka’s promise to suspend combat operations, multiple accounts indicate that shelling into the conflict zone continues. We have also received reports of alarming number of civilian casualties," said Dr. Susan Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations on the Situation in Sri Lanka in the UN Security Council Consultations April 30. She further stated, "Very credible reports also indicate that the Tamil Tigers are using civilians as human shields—and have, in some cases, shot at civilians trying to leave the conflict area. I hope we can all agree that this is utterly unacceptable. Both the Government of Sri Lanka and the Tamil Tigers must abide by their commitments to prevent further loss of civilian life."