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. Pandith Dr W.D. Amaradeva

A History Lesson for the "Western Powers"

By Stephen Long - Los Angeles, CA

History is a funny animal. Like a pet dog it can be loved, rubbed, groomed, fed, made to obey, ignored, forgotten, punished, or locked up – depending on the owner’s proclivities and prevailing mood. As long as the animal is fed, it is usually cooperative. In a rare moment, however, it can bite back if provoked or mistreated. I think this might be just one of those moments when the dog takes a nip out of his owner’s hide. Let me explain. The recent uproar over presumed human rights abuses by the Government of Sri Lanka resulted in the "Western Powers" crying foul in unison. Even without proper investigation, for some strange reason they quickly jumped to condemn the GOSL, which was doing everything it could to protect the lives of the innocent Tamil human shields and bring them to safety in the No Fire Zone.

Nepal church blast suspect in police net

Kosh Raj Koirala – Asian Tribune Correspondent in Nepal

Nepal police on Tuesday arrested a woman allegedly involved in planting a bomb in Roman Catholic Church at Dhobighat, Lalitpur district, two weeks ago. A pressure cooker bomb in the Church of Assumption on June 23 had killed three Indian nationals -- Celeste Joseph, 15, on the spot and Deepa Patrick, 20, and Buddha Laxmi Joseph, 35, in the course of treatment -- and left 13 others injured. The arrested has been identified as Sita Thapa Shrestha, 27, of Gyaneshwar, Kathmandu, the capital city. She was arrested from her rented apartment at Shantinagar, Baneshwar on Tuesday morning, according to police. Police, however, did not make her public citing ongoing investigations.

New Sri Lanka Ambassador Present Credentials to the King of Norway

Career Diplomat E. Rodney M. Perera, the new Sri Lanka Ambassador to Norway, presented his credentials to King Harald V, at the Royal Palace in Oslo. At the simple ceremony, the new Sri Lankan Ambassador explained to the Norwegian Head of State the aim of the Mahinda Rajapaksa Government to the timely and effective action of the security forces to launch the largest hostage rescue mission in history, to free civilians held captive by the separatist terror group. Ambassador Perera stated that Sri Lanka is at the threshold of heralding a new era, in which all Sri Lankans are presented with a renewed opportunity for peace and development as efforts are already underway to complement the humanitarian mission with a political solution.

Pakistan asks India not to interfere in Pakistani legal affairs

By Farzana Shah-Asian Tribune Correspondent in Pakistan

Pakistan on Tuesday told India to refrain from commenting on court decisions and questioning its sincerity about action against terrorist outfits. ‘Polemics and unfounded insinuations cannot advance the cause of justice in civilized societies. Legal processes cannot and must not be interfered with,’ said Foreign Office Spokesman Abdul Basit while commenting on Indian External Affairs Ministry’s criticism of Jamaat-ud-Dawa chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed’s release. Hafiz Saeed was put under arrest following Mumbai attacks. The Indian government said Tuesday it was ‘unhappy’ over a court decision to release the head of an Islamic charity, India says was linked to last year's Mumbai siege.

Now It’s A Time For Reconciliation - Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith

Fr.Sangeewa Mendis reporting from Rome

"The brutal war which suffocated our country for the last three decades is over and now is the opportunity to be reconciled and to be united under a one flag. Let us learn from the past mistakes and mishaps. We have to take the extremists in both sides to the middle path if we are really and truly interested in building a new Sri Lanka. There will be terrible and unprecedented repercussions if we do not make use of this golden opportunity to join hands". These were the sentiments expressed by Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith during his homily at vespers service conducted on the occasion of the Madhu feast at Santa Maria Dei Pellegrini church in Rome

Former BNP lawmaker arrested in connection with the border guard mutiny

M.A. Qader- Asian Tribune Correspondent in Bangladesh

The Detective Branch of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) on Tuesday arrested former BNP lawmaker Nasiruddin Ahmed Pintu in connection with the border guard BDR mutiny case. Pintu was detained by the police as he emerged from the High Court after seeking a 'no arrest or harassment' order in the case. However, the main opposition BNP secretary general Khandaker Delwar Hossain in a statement yesterday while condemning the arrest, alleged that the act of the government as part of their plan to eliminate the opposition and they have arrested their party leader. The statement said to save the main plotters the government is deliberately trying to implicit him diverting attention from the main plotters.

Dengue fever kills 85 in Sri Lanka

By Prasad Gunewardene in Colombo

Dengue fever, transmitted by an infected 'Aedes' mosquito, which contract a deadly virus called 'Favivirus', now fast spreading in Colombo and many other districts have taken 85 lives, the highest death toll recorded so far in the history of the outbreak of the deadly flu, medical experts said today. The flu has been contracted by another 7000 persons who are presently being treated in state hospitals islandwide, reports from hospitals stated. Among the worst hit districts are Colombo, Gampaha, Kalutara, Kandy and Kurunegala,reports said.

The Times Report Of The Numbers Killed Raise New Questions

By Don Wijewardana

The LTTE gave the world not only the suicide vest but also the art of perpetuating a lie until it becomes accepted as the truth. Now the "Times" has taken it to new heights. On 29 May the Times reported that evidence gathered by it has revealed that at least 20,000 Tamils were killed mostly by army shelling on the beach as the army closed in on the Tigers. The paper blamed the UN for underestimating the death toll. The interesting thing is the way they arrived at that figure and how they were able to make sure the army was responsible for most of the deaths. The claim was based on what it said an average of 1,000 deaths each day up to 19 May, the day after the Tamil Tiger leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran, was killed.

INGOs, NGOs and the Government continuously feed the IDPs

Sunil C.Perera in Colombo

Dr. NavaratneDespite allegations on food scarcity among the Internally Displaced Peoples in the north, the Government of Sri Lanka is working together with local and international NGOs to provide cooked food for the IDPs. A number of local NGOs, like Sewalanka Foundation and Sarvodaya, and international NGOs, like ZOA, Forut, Norwegian Refugee Council, DRC, and others are feeding the IDPs daily.

Identity politics, economic insecurity responsible for curry-bashing, say experts

By M Rama Rao, India Editor, Asian Tribune

As pressure from Indian government and Indian groups has increased for ‘positive’ action against the guilty of indulging ‘ curry-bashing’, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd told the Australian Parliament the attacks were a part of much larger malaise facing the country. “The attacks are a part of much wider problem of urban violence in some cities”, he said even as experts familiar with the Australian scene have diagnosed the problem as ‘identity politics and economic insecurity’ in a country affected by global meltdown. Rudd, nevertheless, assured the Indian community that the perpetrators of these crimes are brought to justice.

UN Secretary General Rejects UN As Source Of Sri Lanka Causality Reports

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon yesterday reiterated his strong concerns over "unacceptably high" civilian casualties in the conflict between the Sri Lankan Government and Tamil rebels, while rejecting in the strongest terms any figure attributed to the United Nations. Briefing the General Assembly on his recent visit to Sri Lanka and other travels, Mr. Ban said media reports alleging that some 20,000 civilians may have been killed during the last phase of the conflict "do not emanate from the UN and most are not consistent with the information at our disposal."

Sri Lanka will begin a new era in world relations-President Rajapaksa

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa addressing the nation to mark the historic victory over terrorism a short while ago said from now Sri Lanka will begin a new phase in world relations as a sovereign state and would not allow even a shadow of division in a solution to the ethnic crisis. “my dear children sons and daughters, I am the happiest guardian, leader and father of a victorious nation", the President announced proudly.

A contended Kalianger sees his 86, today

By Gopal Ethiraj

Karunanidhi The DMK supremo and Chief Minister Kalaigner M. Karunanidhi s 86th birthday today (June 3) is being celebrated with a great pomp and show in Chennai and throughout the state. There is an added spirit this time: his piloting safely the UPA-alliance victory in the state, UPA capturing power at the centre and finding as many berths in the cabinet as he wanted, settling his politics-ambitious children in power, elevating his son Stalin as Deputy CM without any hitch. A good balancing act. Karunanidhi must be more than contended; he deserves a good celebration. In this connection the CM presented himself at the party headquarters at 9 a.m. for receiving his partymen, leaders of all walks of life, after first paying respects to his mentors at their respective memorials, Annadurai, and Periyar.

Sri Lanka President appeals to the nation to join him to build the nation

President hoisting national flag"I am the proudest Head of State in the world for being able to hand over a unitary country to the future generation sans fear and mistrust. There is an unique value in the sacrifices made by our heroic troops. Those great sacrifices have not been in vain. You have lost your feet in enabling a nation to rise on its feet. You have lost your hands, eyes, flesh and blood in providing a pleasant and prosperous land to this world. Our responsibility is to honour those great sacrifices by joining to build a great nation" President Mahinda Rajapaksa said at the Victory Day Parade to pay the nation's tribute to the Security Forces following the defeat of terrorism at Galle Face Green, Colombo today (03). The Tri -Service Commanders ceremonially conveyed the conclusion of the war against terrorists to the Commander-in-Chief,President Mahinda Rajapaksa contained in a scroll(Sannasa).

Pakistani court released Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed; India expresses concern

By Farzana Shah- Asian Tribune Correspondent in Pakistan

Hafiz SaeedA Pakistani court Tuesday ordered the release of the head of a charity Jamaat-ud-Dawa that India blames for the Mumbai attacks, his lawyer said. A full bench of the Lahore High Court heard a habeas corpus petition against the detention of Jamatud Dawa leaders Hafiz Saeed and Col (retd) Nazir Ahmad. The bench, composed of Justice Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry, Justice Hasnat Ahmad Khan and Justice Zubdatul Hussain, heard arguments from both sides. A panel of three judges from Lahore high court declared the detention of Jamaat-ud-Dawa chief Hafiz Mohammad Saeed and three other members of his party unlawful, lawyer A.K Dogar told reporters.

400m lack adequate food in South Asia

By Wajid Ali Syed – Washington Correspondent for Asian Tribune

The UN Children's Fund agency says the global financial crisis has left 100 million more people without adequate food in South Asia compared to two years ago. In a new report Tuesday, UNICEF said more than 400 million people in the region suffered from chronic hunger in 2007-2008. It said women and children were particularly vulnerable. The report said three-quarters of people in South Asia live on less than $2 a day. It blamed the rising cost of food for making it difficult for families to provide the minimum recommended daily requirements. The agency called on the region's governments to invest more in health and education to help alleviate the crisis.

Giving India trade route or crossing red lines?

By Farzana Shah

In a country affected by low intensity conflicts, economic mismanagement and political corruption at all levels, constituting a foreign policy which can protect its security interests is really a cumbersome job but even then there are some red lines which nations draw and are not meant to be crossed at any cost. These red lines are drawn at all fronts; be it political, economical or strategic front. It seems that replenish US policies towards establishing Indian hegemony in South Asia are in full swing thanks to another US supported government in Islamabad. Present government just like previous one, is more willing to cross red lines just to protect artificial democracy in Pakistan.

Lord Venkateswara