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Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed


Dr. Harsha Kumara Navaratne

Karunanidhi turns 86

Sri Lanka President hoisting the national flag

UNICEF supports Sri Lanka’s child friendly primary schools

Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Education, in partnership with UNICEF, on Tuesday launched the ‘Child Friendly Schools’ concept as the official framework to address disparities in quality and access in primary schools in Sri Lanka. In a presentation to national, provincial and zonal education authorities, along with other key partners, Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Education outlined an approach which seeks to improve the quality of education and schools for students, teachers and communities by mainstreaming Child Friendly Schools as the national framework to primary education. As well as the training of principals, teachers, students and their communities, the CFS approach includes school development.

Maldives 183rd Member of ILO

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

A communiqué released by the International Labour Organization, Colombo indicated that the Republic of Maldives has become the 183rd member State of the International Labour Organization (ILO), the United Nations agency that deals with work and workplace issues. The membership came into force on 15 May 2009 when Mohamed Nasheed, President of the Republic of Maldives, submitted a letter to Juan Somavia, Director-General of the ILO, containing the formal acceptance by the Republic of Maldives of the obligations of the Constitution of the ILO. The Government will pay US$4,000 annually in membership fees. Work in the country will be organized via the ILO Office in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Amaradeva - The Greatest Musical Genious Of The Nation

By Dickson Hemantha - Gaithersburg, State of Maryland, USA.

"Shantha Mae Rae Yaame" the song resonating at the apex of its popularity among young and old in every household, musical function and school excursion reminds the immortal name of the world acclaimed Sri Lanakn music maestro Amaradeva the national treasure of Sri Lanka. Pandith Dr W.D. Amaradeva is regarded as the legendary musical genius of the era. Known by his birth name W.D.Albert Perera was born on December 05, 1927 in Koralawella, Moratuwa. Encouraged by the innate talents at the age of 8 years his father a carpenter by profession carved a violin of his own and gifted to this future fastest musical brain of all times.

Record Rs 6 cr hundi collection at Tirumala

Gopal Ethiraj

Lord VenkateswaraLord Venkateswara, also called Balaji by the North Indians, is known for heavy donation collection, of all the Hindu gods in India. People pour gifts and dhana at the seven hills where the shrine is located. He went richer by over Rs 6 crore in the last four days. Setting a new record in the history of the famed temple, the hundi collections netted over Rs 6 crore. Though the summer rush this year was comparatively less due to intense heat wave and general elections, the hill shrine witnessed unprecedented pilgrim influx in the last four days. Over 5.3 lakh pilgrims made a beeline to the temple to offer darshan to Lord Venkateswara. On Saturday alone, the hundi collections touched Rs 1.83 crore.

No more Referendums in Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka President turned down the proposal

By Our Colombo Correspondent

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa fresh from a historic victory over terrorism has turned down a proposal by a section of his cabinet to hold a referendum to extend the life of Parliament and to marry the second Presidential Election due in 2011 to that referendum as the people were now in favour of Rajapaksa following the victory over LTTE terrorism, highly placed authoritative sources disclosed today. Sources said that the President has told the proposers that he would not follow any undemocratic methods to extend the life of his government nor wished to hold Referendums instead of democratic elections."I know the people love the country and me and I don't fear to face elections', the President has stressed.