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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 82

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Caste System Among Sikhs In Punjab

By Ratan Saldi - Political Analyst

The fury of violence in Punjab and to some extent in adjoining Haryana as a fall–out of the Vienna incident of 24 May, 2009 has once again brought to focus the inequalities and the strong caste system prevailing among the Sikhs. To an average Indian outside Punjab, all turbaned people look alike, and for them there are only two classes of people in Punjab- the Hindus and the Sikhs. The Sikhs are predominantly agricultural class and the Hindus a primarily business class.

Sri Lanka’s future depends on first dissecting the notions promoted by LTTE terror & accepted by other interested groups

By Shenali Waduge

The President of Sri Lanka has been consistently conveying some key messages. The unitary status of the country, the need to emerge from ideological differences and his intent to replace populist politics with policies that are important and correct. Essentially, we need to look back to see what ideologies, policies and theories Sri Lanka had been forced to accept beneath the façade of ending a conflict with the LTTE. The inconsistencies and hypocrisies that has prevailed provide reason for Sri Lanka to doubt the genuineness of the international community (barring a few nations) and requires us to look deeper into many of the notions that were promoted and accepted during the 3 decades and disassociate these notions before we actually think of working out something homegrown.

Sri Lanka: Tamil Religious Leaders Businessmen Hail President

By Our Colombo Correspondent

Tamil religious leaders and over 800 members of the Tamil business community hailed President Mahinda Rajapaksa for liberating the country from LTTE terrorism. They expressed their sincere thanks to the Head of State when they met the President at Temple Trees last night(4) at the invitation of the President. Speaking on the occasion, the President told them that there were no minorities in the country and all were one people in a new Sri Lanka.

Bangladesh PM pledges to revert its severely degraded rivers system

M.A. Qader-Asian Tribune Correspondent in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Friday pledged that because of pollution and encroachments the country’s severely degraded river system would be reverted, whatever it cost, for the sake of environment. Speaking at a programme organized to mark the World Environment Day 2009 at Osmani Auditorium in Dhaka, the prime minister said all those who have encroached upon rivers irrespective of their identity and strength will be evicted. "I want to declare unequivocally that whoever the encroachers are, however powerful they are, they will be evicted". She also warned that stern action would be taken against those industries, which will not set up or use effluent treatment plant to save rivers water from acute pollution.

India film industry’s standoff with distributors ends; new theatre releases from 12th

By M Rama Rao, India Editor, Asian Tribune

The drought of new Indian films will end from June 12 film producers and distributors announced on Friday after ending their two-month long face off on revenue sharing formula. The United Producers and Distributors Forum (UPDF), which spearheaded the campaign for a better share of the theatre collections, achieved the break through when Big Cinemas, the multiplex chain promoted by the Anil Ambani Group caved in. The Forum Convenor and noted film maker, Mukesh Bhat, sad finer details of the agreement would be made public on Monday. He however termed the ‘deal’ as amicable. It appears the Big Cinema tool the initiative to make the multiplex owners to fall in line on contentious issue like on revenue sharing formula, accounting discrepancies and distribution strategies.

My journey with Anton, Adele Balasingham and Yogi in 1991

By Prasad Gunewardene - Asian Tribune

Anton, Adele BalasinghamIn a moment of silent reflection, and just another moment of deep thought, my mind explored events of the past when I read a report on Adele Balasingham , widow of late LTTE theoretician, Anton Balasingham now living in a luxurious house in Surrey. The report recalled how Adele was addressed as 'Aunty' by those child soldiers of the LTTE when she garlanded them with cyanide capsule around their necks, unlike the usual Aunties who graced the necks of children with gold chains and pendants.