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Court order on Sri Lanka Insurance affects stock market

By Quintus Perera – Asian Tribune

" Acuity – HNB Stockbrokers Research in their weekly review indicated that" market remained silent for most part of the week as shares suffered on early profit taking following weeks of sharp gains. Further on Thursday the court ruling against the privatization of Distilleries group Company Sri Lanka Insurance impacted adversely on overall market sentiment. However the indices picked up on Friday with both indices gaining moderately. The All Share Price Index (ASPI) closed the week at 2178.1 points down by 37.9 points or 1.7%, compared to last week, meanwhile the Milanka Price Index (MPI) showed a notable 72.2 point or 2.9% dip to close at 2447.6 points.

Paying price for challenging most powerful lady

Oken Jeet Sandham

PA Sangma’s apology to Sonia Gandhi for raking up latter’s foreign origin issue 10 years ago is not unexpected. Sangma along with Sharad Pawar and Tariq Anwar, all senior Congressmen then, parted ways with Congress on Mrs Gandhi’s foreign origin issue. It rather strengthened BJP in its vitriolic campaign against Mrs Gandhi’s foreign origin issue. BJP was so vocal that it threatened to launch a nation-wide revolt if Mrs Gandhi was to occupy the Prime Ministerial post of the country. It finally worked as Mrs Gandhi turned down the position when her Congress party was in a position to form a coalition government in 2004. She had actually taken a wise decision that surprised all her political rivals and critics. The sympathy wave towards Congress grew tremendously since then.

The New War in the Post-War Sri Lanka

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

Take the issue of the Tamil civilians, held in a string of camps across the North or killed in the final stage of the war. The President continues to claim that the Lankan Forces was not responsible for the death of even a single civilian, not even inadvertently, because they waged this war with a gun in one hand and the human rights manual in the other. In wars civilians die, even when the utmost care is taken to avoid such ‘collateral damage’ and no person with even a modicum of sense or intelligence would believe otherwise. But, despite its blatant ludicrousness, the President’s claim of ‘zero-civilian casualties’ goes largely unchallenged. Though the exact number of civilian deaths will never be known, most of us realise that civilians died, some killed by the Tigers and some by Lankan Forces (however inadvertently). But, because it has become unpatriotic to admit to civilian deaths by the Lankan Forces, we pretend to believe in

TNSM spokesman, senior leader killed in an ambush on security forces

By Farzana Shah-Asian Tribune Correspondent in Pakistan

Spokesman of the religious outfit Tehrik-e-Nifaz-Shariate-Mohammadi (TNSM) Ameer Izzat and senior leader Muhammad Alam Khan were killed in an ambush on security forces’ convey on Saturday. The militants ambushed the convoy of security forces carrying prisoners from Malakand town to Peshawar in the northwest of the country. The arrested TNSM leaders were being transported in van by the security convoy when they came under attack by the militants in Sakhakot area resulting in killing of the two leaders of TNSM and a soldier.

Asian Institute of Technology celebrates 50 years of service to the developing world

By Neville de Silva

Some 20 kilometers or so away from the hustle and bustle of sprawling Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, and smack next to Thammasat University, the centre of student protest in days gone by, stands the Asian Institute for Technology (AIT). A few days ago this prestigious institute that enjoys a worldwide reputation for its contribution to the development of technological excellence in the Asian region, celebrated its Golden Jubilee with a pictorial display of its development and a media conference at Bangkok’s Dusit Thani Hotel.

From Farakka to Tipaimukh – the Dams that Kill

By Habib Siddiqui

In recent days, Bangladesh seems to have wakened up to the danger posed by construction of the Tipaimukh Dam in the neighboring Manipur state of India. There are some in Bangladesh who have a habit of translating national issues of this kind into deplorable partisanship thereby fostering disunity when national unity is needed. In so doing they commit acts of treason. In what follows before delving into the Tipaimukh project I would like to share some facts surrounding the Farakka Barrage. Although the construction of the Farakka Barrage was completed during the Mujib rule in 1974-5, the decision to build this dam can be traced back to 1951.

A deceptive democracy - 1

By Professor P Radhakrishnan

General election to Indian parliament is known as the biggest road show on the duplicity and double-speak of India’s political buccaneers. However, it is also the biggest event management anywhere in the world, as one of the Election Commissioners mentioned to an English TV channel a couple of days ago in the context of the general election to India’s 15th Lok Sabha. It was not an exaggeration. The polling, spread over five phases lasting a month from April 16 to May 13, involved a mind-boggling 714 million voters, 0.83 million polling booths, 1.3 million voting machines, 6 million civilian and security personnel, and expenditure of several crores of rupees. What is relevant to ask in this context is whether this biggest event management has shown any significant shift in Indian democracy from a "functioning anarchy" as John Kenneth Galbraith characterised it, to a functioning democracy.

On the ‘lecturing rights’ of genocide-perpetrators and their lackeys

By Malinda Seneviratne

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon speaking to reporters after briefing the 15-member Security Council on his recent visit to Sri Lanka has warned the Sri Lankan government against triumphalism after the comprehensive, historic and absolutely unimagined victory over terrorism. The UN Chief also urged the Government to ‘heal the wounds’ of the conflict. I have written on the issue of triumphalism and its relation on the other side of the fence, defeatism before. There’s a time and place in such things. There’s a ‘decent’ and an ‘indecent’ too.

Sunday Celebrity: ‘Film News’ Anandan, the mobile encyclopedia on films

By Gopal Ethiraj from Chennai

AnandanHe is film historian, chronicler, librarian and indexer. And a veteran film journalist. His entire life, he has devoted collecting recording information and photos of south Indian cinema with so much passion and patience, that he became a celebrity himself, besides serving the celebrities in the tinsel world. What is more at the age of 87, this one-man movie data-base engine thugs on, still continuing to save and update all information to the posterity. He has an exhaustive information about 18,000 films made in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam, he says. He is Film News Anandan.

Nepal’s PM announce to set up four new museums

Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal has announced to set up four new museums as symbols of various forms of political movement in the country. The museums will also reflect Nepali culture and tradition. The newly-elected Prime Minister Nepal said he plans to set up museums at Gokarna forest area, the Narayanhiti Royal Palace, Bhrikuti Mandap exhibition ground and one other in Nawalparasi district, a south western district from capital city Kathmandu. The prime minister said Bhrikuti Mandap museum will reflect the identities of all ethnic communities and groups and Gokarna museum will symbolize people’s struggle for democracy.

Letter from America – Obama’s Speech

By Habib Siddiqui

Last Thursday President Obama was in Egypt delivering a seminal speech on improving relationship between the world of Islam and the USA. The Muslim kingdom - al-Mamlaka al-Ma?ribiyya - more commonly known to the outside world by its Latinized name - Morocco was the first country to recognize the new state – the USA when others had taken on a wait-and-see approach. A vast majority of the Africans brought to the new country to work in its fields as slaves were Muslims who had lost their God-given human rights in the hands of White slave masters. They were responsible for laying the foundation for the new civilization that was to become the envy of our time being the most powerful nation on earth.

The Right to Celebrate, Plight of the Oppressed and Attempt of the UN to Exacerbate

Hemantha Abeywardena writes from London…..

Celebrations are always mired in controversy, because it is the performance of a ritual by victor against the beaten souls to have some fun at the expense of the latter; the sentiment derived from them is universal, be it in warfare, sports, politics or even religion. In the world of sports, the spirit level is balanced by the admission of the latter in the form of the cliché’, ‘The better side won,’ and showering praise by the former on the enemy with the phrases like ‘a formidable opponent.’ In short, it is the gloss of PR in the 21st century.

1305 militants killed so far in ongoing operation in northwest Pakistan

By Farzana Shah-Asian Tribune Correspondent in Pakistan

Director General of Inter Services Public Relations Major General Athar Abbas has said at least 1305 militants have been killed and 120 others arrested in the ongoing operation against militants so far. Addressing a briefing here on Saturday, he said 105 security personnel were martyred and 105 others injured in the operation. Koza Bandai and Bara Banai areas of Swat have been brought under the control of security forces and an army check post has been set up in Koza Bandai.

Yal Devi train back to the North

By Our Colombo Correspondent

The Yal Devi train, which commenced operations to the Northern part of Sri Lanka, earlier suspended for the past twenty years beyond Vavuniya resumed operations this morning up to Thandikulam from the Colombo Fort Railway Station amidst cheers from a multi-ethnic gathering present to witness the occasion. The train was suspended in 1989 after the LTTE blasted the rail track beyond Vavuniya railway station using high explosives.

An Appeal to all Sri Lankans Living Abroad

By Ven. Udagama Sumangala - Los Angeles, California

President John F. Kennedy’s most memorable quote, which is from his inaugural address in January of 1960, is: "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country!" I’ll never forget hearing this when it was first spoken, and I can’t help but seeing its relevance now for Sri Lanka. We are grateful that President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Defence Secretary Gothabaya Rajapaksa, Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka, and the entire staff of the combined armed forces who have at last defeated the LTTE for the benefit of each and every Sri Lankan.

Seventeen operators and nearly 15 million telephone subscribers are in Sri Lanka

By Quintus Perera - Asian Tribune

Priyantha Kariyapperuma, Director General, Telecommunications Regulatory Commission said that in the telecom sector in Sri Lanka 17 lincenses have been issued to operate and altogether around 15 million telephones are used in Sri Lanka. He was speaking at the Key Person’s Forum, a project organized by the Small and Medium Enterprise Developers (SMED). a project of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka(FCCISL) and Friedrich Naumann Foundation and the Forum was held at JAIC Hilton Hotel.

Taliban’s nexus with militant outfits in Kashmir

By Sarla Handoo - Syndicate Features

The latest report by a US Think Tank has warned Pakistan that if it fails to take action against the terrorist outfits operating from its soil in Jammu and Kashmir and rest of India, New Delhi might consider the option of propping separatist outfits in both Balochistan and Sindh. It says there is no evidence of India doing so thus far though Pakistan has been blaming New Delhi on this account for the past five years or more. Islamabad has gone to the extent of saying that Indian Consulates in Afghanistan are indulging in this task only.

Akashi’s 18th Attempt To Destroy Us : He will never succeed

A Commentary by L. Jayasooriya

It has been reported in the media that the Japanese envoy Yasushi Akashi will be visiting Colombo and New Delhi from June 8th to 12th. This is reported to be his 18th visit. During his stay here he will be meeting with government officials and representatives of opposition parties to ask for assistance to (1) Resettlement of internally displaced persons and (2) Swift progress of a political process for national reconciliation. According to the report Akashi will be exchanging views with Indian government officials on the situation in Sri Lanka.

The Culture Of Peace Introduced By Arahat Maha Mahinda Maha Thera

By Ven. Horowpothane Sathindriya Thera, Samadhi Buddhist Vihara, Campbellfield, Victoria, Australia. This is the 2315 anniversary of the Arrival of Arahant Maha Mahinda Maha Thera and the message of the Great Son of Sakya clan, the Buddha. By respecting and following the Buddha’s words, Emperor Asoka who governed Maha Bharata - the ancient India, profoundly launched a Dhamma mission programme throughout many countries.

Ugly face of so-called Swat Taliban exposed

By Asif Haroon Raja

Peace deal was signed between the ANP government in NWFP and Maulana Sufi on 16 February; it was agreed to establish Nizam-e-Adl in Malakand Division and Kohistan District of Hazara in return for Fazlullah led militants surrendering arms and refraining from all sorts of violent acts. When Sufi’s son-in-law Fazlullah agreed to the 14-point peace agreement, it brought joy to the people of Swat who in large numbers had got displaced as a consequence to military operation in July 2008. They returned to their homes smilingly and normalcy was restored in the valley which had seen upheavals since 2007. None could imagine that peaceful conditions were temporary and that so-called Taliban pretending to introduce Islamic laws to provide cheap and speedy justice to the people were in actuality interested in power and money only.