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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 83

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The Juggernaut

Tisaranee Gunasekara - In his speech to the Sri Lankan parliament announcing the victorious end to the 25 year old Eelam War, President Rajapakse proclaimed the de-existence of minorities. His claim was so outrageously absurd that few took it seriously.

Condition of IDPs pitiable, says Lankan rights activist

S. Murari -Tamils living in make-shift camps in Vavunia are treated not like victims of war, but like war criminals. This scathing criticism has come not from expat Tamils or any pro-LTTE Indian leader, but from a Sri Lankan human rights activist, that too a Sinhalese.

US swimmer to Suu Kyi's house arrives in Thailand

The American man, deported from Myanmar, arrived at a Thai army airbase on Sunday afternoon after US Democrat Senator Jim Webb secured his release following talks with the top Myanmar junta leader Senior General Than Shwe on Saturday.

Letter from America: Clintons and Obama’s Health Plan

Habib Siddiqui - Last week, Secretary Clinton was in Congo. A Congolese university student asked what her husband thought about a multibillion-dollar Chinese loan offer to Congo. She was visibly upset with the question and snapped, “My husband is not secretary of state, I am.” She asked, "You want me to tell you what my husband thinks?" "If you want my opinion, I will tell you my opinion," she said. "I am not going to be channeling my husband."

Embracing Selective Victorian Values – an inevitable social urge

Hemantha Abeywardena - At present, a young Englishman is being treated in hospital for serious burns, after his holiday in a Greek island has gone terribly wrong: a Greek lass had plucked up her courage to set the young man’s genitals on fire while accusing him of fondling parts of her anatomy in the middle of a drunken spree; the boy denies any wrongdoing while claiming to be a victim of a random crazy attack; the young Greek woman, on the other hand, became an instant heroine in Greece – only in the media, though, as she is charged with causing grievous bodily harm in Greek courts; the attention paid to they young Englishman in the British press is fairly mixed – not very sympathetic – as he has been picked on, somewhat unfairly, to personify the bad behaviour of some young British tourists abroad.

Women’s Role In Peace And Development

Women contribute to the development of Sri Lanka. The involvement of women in economic activities both in formal and informal sectors has been ahead of the rest of the South Asian region and is steadily on the rise, observed Dr. Palitha Kohona.

Bridges of Rhetoric and Suspicion

Abukar Arman -In his attempt to improve relations with the Muslim world, President Obama has done what no other American president has ever done before.

Unfolding mysteries behind "Operation KP"

A well executed plan of government intelligence agencies led to KP’s arrest – Gotabhaya Rajapakse.Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse reiterates that the arrest of KP alias Kumaran Padmanadan is the outcome of a long term plan implemented with commitment. The intelligence and security divisions were aware of the information regarding KP since the beginning. The Sri Lankan government was focusing attention on dismantling the LTTE on the international level as well, following the killing of the Tiger terrorist leader V.Prabaharan.Mr Gotabhaya Rajapakse made these comments at a Live Discussion “Subarathi” at National Radio (SLBC).

Jaffna pre-election public opinion poll predicted lack of interest, showed choices not decided

Joseph Thavaraja - A pre-election public opinion poll conducted within the Jaffna Municipal Council in the run-up to the Jaffna elections showed that the majority of voters had ‘no interest in Sri Lankan politics at all.’ The majority also said that they registered for voting in the June-July 2008 voter registrations process. Also, a majority of Jaffna voters did not want to reveal to whom they were intending to vote on the elections day. Most of the voters said that their present economic condition has ‘not changed’ compared to a year ago while a similar number also saying ‘no change in their quality of life’ either. But the majority also said that they are aware about the candidates, and feel that in the next three years their quality of life will ‘become better’.

Sunday Celebrity:Bhawanesh Deora - he inspires patriotism around

Gopal Ethiraj - Rajasthan is most popular destination for many—for its historical monuments, dilwara temples, Thar and other deserts, Mt. Abu hills, national parks etc. For Rajasthanis nook and corner of the world is the destination, like Malayalees.

Deceased UN Prosecutor Shyamlal Rajapaksa’s remains is expected in Colombo today

The casket with the remains of Shyamlal Rajapaksa, a Sri Lankan lawyer is expected to reach Colombo today morning

Indices dragged down

Quintus Perera - Acuity – HNB Stockbrokers Research in their market review indicated that Colombo bourse dipped this week eroding gains made during the latter part of last week as poor earnings of some of the key high value companies resulted in dampened investor sentiment. The All Share Price Index (ASPI) lost 28.3 points or 1.1% at 2501.2 points while the more liquid Milanka Price Index (MPI) slid 74.1 points or 2.6% to close at 2816.7 points for the week.

Bangladesh observes national mourning day

M.A Qader - Defying rain and gusty winds the country on Saturday observed;National Mourning Day’ with calls to carry out the long-pending sentences for the murder of independence leader Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family members.