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The Element of Compassion in the British Justice System and Awkward Challenges

The released of a Libyan man, Lockerbie Bomber from the Scottish jail

Letter from America: America’s Health Care Debate

Habib Siddiqui - As I mentioned last week, the US health care program needs a massive overhaul and not a cosmetic one. This fact was recognized by all the presidential candidates last year when they ran for the highest office in the country.

Sunday Celebrity: Tamil poet Salma’s empowerment is praise-worthy

Gopal Ethiraj - When her outspoken thoughts were poured out in prose and poetry, she became cynosure, followed by praise and brick-bats. That she is a woman and Muslim, and that she was in her marital home did not matter—no stopping her views, her ‘literary fund’ breached the bund. That is women empowerment poet-writer Salma hitch-hiked with.

Sri Lanka’s ‘Untermenschen’

Tisaranee Gunasekara - The rains are falling, washing away whatever residual belief Tamils may have had in a Sri Lankan future. The influx of monsoon rains is exposing much more than the abhorrent character of the Northern internment camps. It is revealing the unwillingness of the Lankan state and the Sinhala society to treat Tamils as human beings, let alone citizens with equal rights.

A unified Lanka - the need of the hour

Anjana Jayashan - Dr. Palitha T. B. Kohona, the Secretary to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka is due to leave for New York next month, as the Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative for the United Nations. He was the former Secretary-General of the now defunct, Secretariat for Co-ordinating the Peace Process (SCOPP) which has been set up to monitor, and negotiate peace process with the LTTE.

Interviewed by Anjana Jayashan in Colombo, Sri Lanka




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Ongoing operations in north-west

Asif Haroon Raja - Having forced Pakistan army to fight US dictated war on terror in FATA, Army was subjected to a willful propaganda campaign to defame it in the eyes of people of Pakistan. Doubts were created about the intent and capability of the Army to fight foreign sponsored militants.