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Nepal PM expands cabinet for eighth time

Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal on Friday expanded his cabinet for the eight since he was elected as prime minister on May 23.

Sweden to introduce 'Tuition Fees' for foreign students from 2011

Swedish Government has decided to introduce tution fees to foreign students who wishes to continue their higher education in Swedish educational institutions.

At presents hundreds of students especially from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other South Asian Countries are studying in Swedish universities and technical colleges freely.

Australia tells Sri Lanka: “Allow international agencies into relief camps”

FM Smith comment on Aussie national Elder’s expulsion; Says visa is a matter between Elder, UN and Sri Lanka

Making Moderates hate Extremists more than they dislike us: Lesson to Sri Lanka

Making moderates hate extremists more than they dislike us or the basic need to undermine the message of extremists sound like good policy options the South Asian nation Sri Lanka should adopt when it is on the verge of thinking how to combat the probable rise of a global power center advocated by the pro-Tamil Tiger operatives in Western nations especially in the U.S. spearheaded by now emerged global Tiger leader Visuvanathan Rudrakumaran and his lieutenant Dr. Elias Jeyarajah.

Not a single bill passed for 3 months in Maldives’ new Parliament

The Maldives’ newly elected Parliament under the revised Constitution wound up the first session of three months -- without passing a single bill.

UN asks for release of two arrested staff, Colombo says ‘No’

United Nations has asked Colombo to release two of its local staff who are detained since June under the internal security laws. The Lanka government has rejected the demand and told the world body the ‘local’ staff enjoyed no diplomatic immunity.

Obama's first 9/11

US President Barack Obama marked the eighth anniversary of September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States by reaffirming his determination to defeat the terrorism.

Nepal Maoists stage rally against government in capital city

Thousands of Maoist supporters staged rally in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu on Friday against the government led by Madhav Kumar Nepal.

Nalini moves court yet again for release

Nalini Murugan, life convict in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, on Friday moved the Madras High Court seeking release on the ground that she had already spent 18 years in jail and the Tamil Nadu Government had not implemented the earlier order of the court to reconstitute the advisory board to consider her plea.

“No rejection of a visa to the former Foreign Secretary” – Sri Lanka’s Foreign Ministry

In a statement, Sri Lanka's Ministry of Foreign Affairs clarified the issue of issuing visas to Sri Lankan officials travelling abroad by foreign missions in Sri Lanka. In its clarification, the Ministry pointed out that ‘there was no rejection of a visa to the former Foreign Secretary.’

Sri Lanka President grants amnesty to a group of prisoners

President Mahinda Rajapaksa has granted a general amnesty to prisoners on the occasion of the prisoner’s welfare day, which falls on the 12th September.

Pak scientist Dr. A.Q. Khan denies transfer of nuclear technology to Iran, Libya, N.Korea

Pakistan’s top nuclear scientist, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has once again brushed aside the West’s much-leveled allegations regarding transfer of nuclear technology to defiant Iran, Libya and North Korea saying “ these are just accusations”,