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India, China to set up a hot-line for 'effective communication'

After squabbling in public in what observers term as tit-for-tat spat’, India and China on Friday in a surprise announcement said that a hotline would be established between the Prime Ministers for ‘effective communication’ on bilateral issues. Official sources said the hot-line would be ready ‘soon’. They added ‘urgent’ steps will be taken to establish the new communication link.

Sri Lanka fines US embassy for illegal tapping of water

Sri Lanka’s main water utility - National Water Supply and Drainage Board said on Friday that it had fined the US embassy in Colombo more than US$3,000, for illegally tapping supplies from the national network.

Maldives In brief : Maldives cabinet set to dive today, then to ride the city in bicycles

The Maldives cabinet is set to dive today to sign a key resolution underwater in a symbolic move, ahead of the Copenhagen summit on climate change.

Was Krishna Menon A Sick Man ….

Was Krishna Menon a Sick Man, as revealed by British Intelligence, MI5. It also suggests that he had indulged in the recreational use of “illegal drugs” while in London. And reviles him as “a sick man whose relations with fellows can never be normal or happy” and “utterly unscrupulous impairing the whole conduct of India’s foreign relations”.

India places 14 reactors under IAEA safeguards, designates 5 sites for LWR based power plants

More than a year after the Manmohan-Bush accord on nuclear cooperation was signed, India has taken the first logical step of identifying 14 of its 22 reactors for safeguards. At present IAEA safeguards apply to six Indian reactors.

The ill-fated Thekkady boat was made in Chennai

The ill-fated “Jalakanyaka” that drowned 45 tourists at Thekkady was made by a Chennai-based firm, the Crime Branch team has found. And the Vignesh Marine Technical Services (P) Ltd which had built the boat, has a track record of only a few years in boat building.

US –China cooperation in S&T going strong

Three decades after President Jimmy Carter signed a S&T agreement with Deng Xiaoping, the US-China cooperation in frontier areas of science and technology is going strong. The agreement provided a framework for scientific and technological research and exchanges.

Blast in firecracker unit: 32 dead

A major explosion in an unlicensed firecracker godown in a village, 100 km north of here, left 32 dead on Friday, a day before the Hindu festival of Diwali.

Open Letter to UN Secretary General: Ms. Hillary Clinton’s book on Rape has Blank pages on Okinawa

This is an open letter to UN Secretary Genera lMr.Ban-ki-Moon, by the former Sri Lanka's Ambassador Bandu de Silva. The full text of the letter is given below:

Security, Reconciliation in Iraq Are Irreconcilable

Insecurity in Iraq is in – built in the U.S. – conceived sectarian and “federal” constitution drafted after the U.S. – led invasion in 2003, in the political process engineered by the U.S. occupying power on sectarian and federal “constitutional” basis to create a secure pro – U.S. post – Saddam regime as well as in the sectarian polity born therefrom -- or more to the point brought in by the invading army -- and is still, seven years on, struggling to survive a possible U.S. military disengagement, and in a self – defeating contradictory and security oriented U.S. blueprints for Iraqi reconciliation as a prerequisite for securing the country at least as an ally of the United States, if not as a puppet regime.

Sri Lanka Appreciate Russia’s Support At The Crucial Times : Minister Bogollaga

Russia’s support at extremely crucial times was very important for Sri Lanka to face and overcome the challenges in meeting the threat of terrorism, and now Sri Lanka is in a position to turn the challenges into opportunities emphasised Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama during his meeting with the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexey Borodavkin on 16th October 2009.

World Environmental Journalists’ Congress in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka will host the 18th APFEJ World Congress of Environmental Journalists this year, which is to be held from October 19 to 21.

World Tamil meet from June 24, 2010

The ninth World Tamil conference, originally scheduled to be held in Coimbatore in January next year, has now been rescheduled to June.

Fixing Charge Insult To Cricket

Jamshed Dasti, Chairman of the Standing Committee on Sport and a member of the Pakistan Parliament has indeed done a great disservice to his country’s cricketers and the game of cricket itself.

Sri Lanka and Singapore to Go for a Free Trade Agreement

Sri Lankan and Singaporean Foreign Ministers yesterday came to a consensus to go for a free trade agreement between two countries to strengthen the economic ties of both countries.

US and Lanka Conclude the Seventh Trade and Investment Framework Agreement Council Meeting

The seventh U.S.-Sri Lanka Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) Council meeting, which was held in Colombo, on October 15. The U.S. delegation was led by Assistant United States Trade Representative for South and Central Asia Michael Delaney. G. L. Peiris, Minister for Export Development and International Trade, led the Sri Lankan delegation.

Deepawali: The Festival Of Lights

The nights are laden with the intoxicating smell of the white flowers of ‘queen of night’. There is a rosy nip in the morning air, hinting at the approaching winters.