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US says Pakistan itself responsible for terror attacks on its soil

Expressing concern over escalated terrorist attacks on symbols of State, visiting Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs William J. Burns said it is in Pakistan’s interest to take action against terror groups operating from itself. ‘Taking action against terrorist groups operating on its soil is in the interest of the troubled nation itself and the region. US will continue to urge Pakistan to act (against militants)’.

Living Close to the Curve in Fool’s Paradise

Nowadays, only a handful of human population are bothered to ask an economist how to get from point X to point Y in the event of being at a loss, even if it means, in the middle of wilderness of Biblical proportions, let alone to ask about the local or global economic outlook for the next quarter. Most of the learned folks, if not all, misled us, misread data, misinterpreted trends, misjudged the public mood and in the end mistreated their own trade.

India, Indonesia take up coordinated patrolling of Malacca Straits from Oct 18

India will join Indonesia on October 18 to undertake ‘coordinated’ patrolling of Malacca Straits. India is not new to the exercise and what begins on Sunday is the ‘14th cycle’ of cooperation between the two navies.

Against Emissions: Maldives Signs Memo inside the Sea

Badly threatened by the casual attitude displayed by world powers in containing the terrific climate change issue, the island Maldives government has embarked upon several measures to face the climate disorder issue head on.

Indian interest in Pakistan’s soft belly in Sindh

India succeeded in creating Bangladesh after dismembering Pakistan into two halves in December 1971. In this RAW played a key role in polluting the minds of Bengalis under Mujibur Rehman against West Pakistan and instigating them to revolt and gain independence.

Towards a Dynastic Democracy?

“There’s no limit to the disguises, the cloaks of virtue and principle, in which we will clothe the expediencies by which we rule” - Han Suyin (…And the Rain My Drink)

UN Reveals Five Winners Of Its ‘Citizen Ambassador’ Video Contest

“Every day I want you to wake up and know that you work for 6.7 billion real people, one person at a time. People with children, and dreams, and stories.”

The Lives of Two Nobel Laureates

As the season of the world’s prestigious prize announcements are underway, the circumstances of two renowned Nobel Peace Prize recipients are riveting: the stories of Barack Obama of the United States of America and Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma.

It's now World classical Tamil meet as IATR opts out

The Tamil Nadu Government has dropped plans to hold the ninth World Tamil conference and instead has announced a World Classical Tamil conference to be held in Coimbatore from June 24 to 27 next year.

U.N. Body Backs War Crimes Charges on Israel, Hamas

The 47-member Human Rights Council (HRC) approved a resolution Friday endorsing war crimes charges against Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas, as spelled out in a report by a four-member international fact-finding mission headed by Justice Richard Goldstone.

The ‘Spy’ The Brits Could Not Kill

It would seem that during his lifetime he excelled in creating enemies and cared a damn about winning friends. Since his death on October 6, 1974, the ranks of those who want to vent their spleen on V.K. Krishna Menon, India’s first High Commissioner to the UK and later not a very distinguished defence minister, has kept swelling.

Market steady amidst heavy activity on banks

Acuity Stockbrokers Research/Sri Lanka Equities (ASR) in their weekly review indicated that the market opened on a high note on Monday, however settled into a narrow trading range as the week progressed. Nevertheless the activity levels continued to remain strong with high interest seen on banking sector stocks.