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Army will not join anti-Naxalite operations: Chidambaram

The army will not be inducted for the anti-Naxal drive as its objective was not to wage a war and kill anyone but to ensure that the administration regained control of areas where rebels have their presence. This was stated by Union Home Minister P Chidambaram on Friday. He asserted that the joint operations against the Maoists would continue.

Which way to the front Gen Fonseka will move - Temple Trees..? Oklahoma …? Or Prison…?

Now that all is set for the presidential election on Jan 26, the question being asked is which way the opposition candidate and former army commander Gen Fonseka will go once the results are out.

Abolition of the Executive Presidency not in Fonseka's Manifesto - So Call it "Avishvasaneeya Venasak" - 'Unbelievable Change'

Media and Information Minister Anura P. Yapa, addressing a meeting of the UPFA Activists on the 22nd at Katugampola, has said that the major promise made by Gen. Fonseka, to abolish the Executive Presidency, is not in his election Manifesto 'Vishvasaneeya Venasak'.

ADE-651 – the Rip-Off Bomb Detector

The issue surrounding a bomb detector is slowly developing into a military equivalent of a hurricane in the United Kingdom. ADE-651, the bomb detector marketed in more than 20 countries that include Iraq, Pakistan and Thailand by a company by the name ATSC, based in Somerset United Kingdom, has turned out to be a very expensive gadget that is good at nothing apart from its manufactured aura for deception.

United Peoples Freedom Alliance Says “ have Sealed” Victory

The United People Freedom Alliance (UPFA) stalwarts at a press briefing held in Colombo yesterday (January 23) said that they have no any doubt over the victory of their candidate President Mahinda Rajapaksa in the Presidential Election on January 26.

Two Lankan Tamils jailed in US for trying to get arms for LTTE

Two New York based Sri Lankan Tamils have been sentenced to prison terms by the eastern district court of New York for "conspiring to provide material support to the LTTE", a designated foreign terrorist organization in the US, the US embassy in Colombo has said in a press release.

Int' airport put on high security alert

Authorities in Nepal have put Tribhuvan International Airport on high security alert to thwart possible attempt of airplane hijack.

Ven Kassapa Thero (OBE) in the UK urges all Sri Lankans to vote for President Rajapaksa

The Chief Incumbent of the Birminham Buddhist Vihara, the President of the Midlands Buddhist Association in the UK, the President of the Buddhist Relief Organisation (IBRO) attached to the United Nations (UN) and the Vice President of the Sri Lankan Sangha Sabha of the UK, Venerable Dr. Witharandeniye Kassapa Nayaka Thero urged all Sri Lankans to vote for President Mahinda Rajapaksa in the upcoming elections.

Umba Mann Kawa – Sarath Fonseka

Sarath Fonseka was furious. He pulled him by his shirt collor and slapped him.

Chandrika tells people to vote without fear

Former President Chandrika Kumaratunga, from whom incumbent President Mahinda Rajapaksa took over leadership of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party founded by her father and former Prime Minister S W R D Bandaranaike, on Saturday accused the Government of indulging in corruption, misuse of power and violence to prevent the people from choosing who should govern them and said " let us do all that is necessary in the next few days, to ensure a free and fair election, in which we will guarantee every ones right to vote without fear".

Common Candidate: Who’s controlling whom?

On behalf of voters in Sri Lanka, a Sri Lankan-born Canadian, Warna Hettiarachchi in Ontario, has posed a few questions to the common Opposition Candidate General (Retd.) Sarath Fonseka.

Letter from America: the Massachusetts Vote

In politics things are never as good as they seem and they are never as bad as they seem. Who would have thought that just a year after President Obama’s swearing in the National Mall, Washington D.C., a Republican who is an anti-thesis of almost everything that the late Senator Ted Kennedy stood for will win the vacated senatorial seat in the state of Massachusetts?

Sowing Dragon’s Teeth

The Presidential election has so far claimed four lives on both sides of the political divide. Many more have been injured while damages to property have been considerable.

"Two pairs of dynamic female eyes will meet one to one after 12 years"

India's most dynamic political female leaders Ms Sonia Gandhi and Ms J Jayalalithaa likely to meet one to one after a long gap of 12 years on January 25, at Delhi in colorful function.