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Fateful Choices

The Rajapakse brothers may look enviously at Israel’s brutal raid on an international flotilla bringing symbolic aid to the blockaded Gaza. They may long to act with a similar gross disregard for international law and international opinion. But such incivility bordering on barbarity is possible for a small country only if it has the near unconditional support of the Global Hegemon.

America’s NSA confirms India’s access to Headley

India has been given access to David Coleman Headley, Pakistani-American LeT operative who has confessed to his role in the Mumbai attacks, US National Security Adviser James Jones confirmed in Washington on Saturday.

Abu Dhabi Police foil Dh52 billion fraud attempt

For the fourth time in a year, Abu Dhabi Police have foiled a bid to defraud bank, arresting two people trying to withdraw a sum of Dh52.776 billion ($14.4 billion) from the UAE Central Bank using fake documents.

Farmer awards 2010

The National Farmer Awards which was launched in 2006 by the National Agribusiness Council (NAC) to encourage and educate the Nation’s Farmers has become an annual event and is concurrent with the Ag-Biz exhibition and trade fair that will be held from 20th to 22nd August at the Sirimavo Bandaranaike Memorial Exhibition Centre.

Sunday Celebrity: Dr. Murugesa Boopathi, a protagonist of Bt brinjal

Brinjal originated from India. There are more than 1200 naturally evolved varieties of brinjal around the globe. The Genetically-modified Brinjal, called Bt Brinjal that was brought out for high yields, is in the thick of controversy.

Jobs – Rich economic recovery is the wish of ILO

A dispatch from International Labour Organization (ILO) Colombo indicated that ILO Director General Juan Somavia has called for a “balanced” policy strategy aimed at securing a “jobs-rich” economic recovery in the face of new threats to the global economy from the sovereign debt crisis and fiscal retrenchment.

The Crossbow Cannibal – PhD Student-turned-Serial Killer in England

The story of Stephen Griffiths was slightly eclipsed in Britain this week, as an event even more gruesome than the trail left behind by Stephen, shocked the British Isles and beyond to the core this week.

Presidential terms cannot be limited in a democracy

The basic principle of democratic governance is that the people should be given an absolutely free choice in electing their representatives. In this country we have followed that principle to the letter and elected the same leader again and again.

Businessmen plan to accommodate climate change

Climate change is taking the world by storm; it is expected to increase the intensity and frequency of natural disasters such as tropical storms and severe droughts and floods, increase sea level rise and coastal inundation, and create higher frequency of forest fires, problems in water supply, stresses on crop production and aquaculture, damage to infrastructure and incidence of heat-related and infectious diseases.

Lalin’s Coloumn: Sports Minister---The Police reflect society

The Sports Minister at a press briefing recently on Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) instead of sticking only to SLC bosses’ corrupt, shameless and miserable conduct, decided also to give rankings for corruption at ‘All Island ‘level.

Rajapaksha welcomes foreign investors to vibrant Lanka, abundant opportunity

President Mahinda Rajapaksa welcomed foreign investors to come to Sri Lanka to explore the abundant opportunity open here. He said the scope was immense-- from infrastructure, to agri-business, to manufacturing and to a range of services, adding “You will also find that our country offers a rare package of skills, capacity, and a willingness to learn and adapt. Our policy is vibrant, our package is enticing and exciting, and you would do well to join us in our forward march. I earnestly invite you to do so.”

Shots fired on stray dogs and not on Swamy Ravishankar: Karnataka DGP

The Karnataka State Director General of Police (DGP) has said the alleged attack on the life of Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at his ashram in Bengaluru on May 30 was not aim at swamy, but the bullet shots were aimed at stray dogs.

Women Deliver 2010: Invest in women, it pays

Shobha Shukla – CNS

The world's largest conference on women's health and empowerment in more than a decade opens on Monday, June 7, at Washington DC, USA, with a call to increase funding commitments for maternal, reproductive, and newborn health.

Goa Minister quits after lady friend’s suicide

The Goa Tourism Minister Fransisco Pacheco on Saturday resigned from the Cabinet over allegations about involvement in the death of a woman friend and is "untraceable", prompting the police to launch a manhunt for him.

“Plant a Fish” to help protect Maldives’ marine life

The Plant a Fish, an initiative aimed at protecting marine life in the Maldives and around the world, will be launched tomorrow (June 7), a day ahead of World Oceans Day, by the grandson of Jacques Cousteau, the legendary underwater explorer.

Britain to support Sri Lanka’s effort to rebuild economy and lasting peace and reconciliation

The British Secretary of State for Defence assured the support of the British Government for Sri Lanka’s efforts to rebuild her economy and to move towards lasting peace and reconciliation.

The International Crisis Group Rummages Desperately for War Crimes in Sri Lanka

As a student of international relations, military strategy and politics, I was aghast to read the report prepared by the International Crisis Group (ICG) entitled “War Crimes in Sri Lanka”. It appeared to be a barely concealed effort to pin guilt on Sri Lanka whatever the facts may be.

Market records high: banking and motor stocks stand out

According to the weekly market review of the Acuity Stockbrokers Research the Colombo bourse witnessed new record levels, boosted by heavy trading in banking stocks.

Letter from America: Israel’s Flotilla Attack

There is something absolutely rotten and hideous about the Government of Israel (GOI) and its supporters. On May 30 Israeli forces boarded an unarmed ship with an unarmed crew, carrying no munitions or weapons, 65 miles in the sea at 2 a.m.