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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 73

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Maoists woo envoys to extend UNMIN’s term for six months

At a time when ruling parties and opposition parties are at serious add whether to extend the term of United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN), Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) has sought support of United Nations Security Council (UNSC)'s permanent member nations for extension of the term of UN political mission.

Letter from America: Ramadhan – the month of self-restraint

The blessed month of Ramadhan is upon us. To a Muslim no other month is as meritorious as this particular month is when the reward of every good deed done is multiplied several times.

Rahman’s theme song for CWG released

After months of negative publicity for the Commonwealth Games in October, at last there was some cheerful news on Saturday when the CWG 2010 theme song composed was launched in the inaugural ‘Swagatham’ ceremony at Gurgaon.

PSD chief Gallage, appointed Military Intelligence head

Presidential Security Division (PSD) chief Major General Chagi Gallage has been appointed as the head of the Military Intelligence Regiment of the Sri Lanka Army (SLA).

Luxembourg seeks greater engagement in Sri Lanka

Luxembourg has provided a grant of Euro 285,000 for the financing of humanitarian projects in Sri Lanka.

President for Life

The final obstacle on the path to a constitutional dictatorship is about to be toppled. According to media reports, the SLMC has decided to back the signature constitutional amendment of the Rajapakses aimed at removing presidential term-limits.

The Plight of a Quadruped: travelling in Cub-Class

At first glance, even the most curious quintessential operator of the X-ray machines at Suvarnabumi Airport in Thailand, may have spotted nothing more than a pair of toy cubs, huddling up inside an unsuspecting hand luggage.

Visa row won’t affect military ties with India, says China

China said on Saturday that military ties with India remained on track, despite a visa row that some reports hinted had led to a freeze in defence contacts between the two big neighbours.

Dinar, dirham introduced by a Malaysian state only for keeping not trading: Minister

The Federal Government of Malaysia does not see any problem with the gold dinar and silver dirham introduced by the Kelantan government as long as it is only for keeping and not trading in the open market.

Millions spent on Iftar by Saudi philanthropists

People wait in an open ground where free Iftar meals are distributed by a number of philanthropists. (Bottom) Volunteers making meal arrangement, an hour before Iftar time at a tent raised adjacent to Iskaan Mosque near Dabaab Street in Riyadh.

Singapore offers job for 45,000 Bangaladeshi female domestic workers

Singapore will be hiring about 45,000 female domestic workers from Bangladesh on a pay higher than in the Middle Eastern countries. Singapore is already having around two lakh Bangladeshi workers, both male and female, but this is the first time it wants to hire female ones.

PM blames Pakistan for attacks in Afghanistan

Though Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has time and again stressed on bilateral talks with Pakistan to discuss contentious issues, the trust deficit continues to exist, as New Delhi is dissatisfied with steps taken by Islamabad on bringing to justice the perpetrators of the Mumbai terror attack.

Did CIA ‘Dirty Tricks’ Emerge in Sweden to Defame Julian Assange/ disable WikiLeaks?

The whistle-blower WikiLeaks founder and operator the Australian Julian Assange was warned that he may face ‘dirty tricks’ as a result of his disclosure of classified US Afghan Files early this month and carrying the US military video which showed the indiscriminate killings of unarmed Iraqis’ including a Reuter correspondent.