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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 108

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Welcome to Geo-Engineering! – Breathtaking Leap in Climate Science

We are still officially – and technically - in spring in Britain and it is a pretty miserable one: temperatures plummeting to almost single digits; raining throughout the day, when weather forecasters have been warning about the worst drought in 100 years; summer plants stubbornly refuse to grow by a millimetre, let alone an inch, reflecting the absence of seasonal warmth; folks who still believe in mild superstition, flatly refuse to keep private thoughts, private, by spreading them across social networking sites in digital form – the onset of miserable weather is directly linked to the number of bank holidays that the British enjoy.

Indian President to declare personal assets

At a time when a reluctant government refuses to allow any law that can force the Prime Minister and judiciary to declare their personal assets, setting an example President Pratibha Patil has decided to declare her assets soon.

Sri Lanka needs to fast-track Mattala aviation fuel terminal

If Sri Lanka is to emerge, as a global mega hub in energy and aviation, the construction of the crucial Aviation Fuel Terminal, at the Hambantota International Airport at Mattala, must be accelerated.

The Ethnic Problem is Still Here

Last week, the Rajapaksa regime took one more giant leap back into the past. A peaceful pre-election meeting organised by the TNA in Jaffna was attacked by the army. As the news trickled out, the authorities, with drear predictability, denied both knowledge and responsibility. “This has not come to my attention”, the army spokesman said, dismissively (AFP – 17.6.2011).

Mumbai housing scandal: Ex-CM Deshmukh bent rules to favour former army chiefs

In a sensational disclosure, former Maharashtra Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh has said that he had bent the rules to give memberships to former Army chiefs -- General Deepak Kapoor and General NC Vij in Mumbai's controversial Adarsh Housing Society.

Canadian Tamils call upon the Tamil Diaspora to act responsibly and wisely

The Canadian Tamils for Peace and Democracy call on the Tamil Diaspora to act responsibly to find out a possible way for a reconciliation that would help the Tamil people living in Sri Lanka to find an amicable political solution.

Sri Lanka’s Access Engineering to appoint new directors on July 1: Gifts Rs. 3bn worth of shares to employees

Sri Lanka’s leading construction company- Access Engineering Limited (AEL) is to appoint renowned investor and Deputy Chairman of Union Bank of Colombo Alex Lovell, Vice Chancellor of the University of Moratuwa, Prof. Malik Ranasinghe and accountant Niroshan Gunarathne as three new directors of the company effective from July 1, 2011.

Sri Lanka’s economy is bouncing back with a project growth of 9%

Sri Lanka’s Senior Minister for International Monetary Cooperation Dr. Sarath Amunugame has said that Sri Lanka’s economy, which is bouncing back with a projected nine per cent growth in 2011, is also on track to get a further fillip through increased foreign direct investments, or FDIs, switch a big surge in tourist inflow.

Strong law to protect journalists demanded

A week after a senior journalist was gunned down in Mumbai, social activist Anna Hazare on Saturday wrote a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to demand a strong law to prevent any repetition of the incident.

Sri Lanka: Consumer Protection Authority seize Indian Steel Factory in Chilaw

Despite booming construction industry after ending a three decade war, Sri Lankan consumer protection authority on Thursday the June 16 seized a stock of steel products from a local factory of an Indian steel maker firm alleging it was substandard and did not comply with industry standard SLS 375.

Russia, China and Spain pledge their fullest support to Sri Lanka

Russia and China have pledged that they would support Sri Lanka at any time to defeat the attempts being made by external forces to destabilize the country.

Letter from America: Shariah in America

Are Muslim Americans trying to impose a Taliban-style Shariah law in the USA? Seemingly, the answer is ‘yes’, if you are a Republican politician. The idea that America is this close to having her constitution replaced by the Muslim Scripture – the Qur’an - used to be a fringe notion in the post-9/11 era of Islamophobia that was packaged, promoted and propagated by malicious “Islamist watchdog” bloggers, neocon pundits with some think tanks and pen-pushing zealots.