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Over thousand security cameras to monitor Prophet’s Mosque

Ministry of Interior’s Prophet’s Mosque (Madina) Force is working on installing a new surveillance system consisting of 1,300 sophisticated security cameras to monitor worshippers entering the mosque at its 86 gates, reported Al-Watan newspaper Saturday.

Letter from America: Stopping Terrorism in the West

Anders Behring Breivik, a Norwegian citizen with Norwegian parents slaughtered some 77 of his countrymen (which included teenagers) whom he considered in his twisted logic as traitors for supporting multiculturalism (and therefore Islamisation).

Living in the Shadow of Double Dip Recession

At present, against all odds, things which were unthinkable a few months ago, do not appear to be so any more. Who thought that the US, world’s only superpower, would teeter on the brink of defaulting on its obligations? It almost walked up to the cliff last week, before a bipartisan agreement was reached to deal with it - and with the devil in the details.

Sri Lanka; Ulterior motive of the Tamil Diaspora is to jeopardise yet another attempt at reaching a political solution

As far as this writer can recall, none of the previous attempts at reaching a political solution to the conflict with Tamil political parties have been approved by the Parliament of Sri Lanka (or Ceylon prior to that).

US downgrade a grave concern, but no need to worry: Pranab

Finance minister Pranab Mukherjee on Saturday described the downgrading of the US government by credit rating agency as a "grave situation" and said it has to be analysed.

Sri Lanka Health Ministry to donate 160,000 spectacles under ‘Vision 2020’ programme

Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Health had started a project called ‘Vision 2020’ with a view of donating 160,000 spectacles to school children who have problems in their eyesight.

Sins of the Leaders….

The historic-trial of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak commenced last week. In a delicious irony, the trial of the man once hailed as a modern-day pharaoh was held in Cairo’s Police Academy which, just a few months ago, bore his name. Mr. Mubarak, clad in a prison uniform, was brought into the improvised courtroom on a hospital stretcher and placed inside a metal cage, together with his two sons (including one-time heir apparent Gamal) and several associates.

Foreign education of PM, Sibal of no use in understanding India’s problems: Hazare

Taking a jibe at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal, civil society crusader Anna Hazare on Saturday said their "foreign education" was hindering their understanding of the nation.

Sri Lanka discovers an Un-Identified Object in Down South Sea

Several residents at the Welhengoda coastline in Ahangama, Galle had discovered an Un-identified circular object floating in the sea.

Burma’s current President should honor 1988 People’s Power

On this 8 August, 2011, democracy-longing Burmese people around the globe will hold the 23rd Anniversary of the 1988 People’s Democracy Revolution. On the contrary, no remembrances will be allowed to mark the 8888 anniversary in Burma, and heavy police security will be seen in big cities especially in Rangoon (Yangon) around Shwedagon Pagoda to fend off any protests.

Congress backs CM Sheila Dikshit in CWG probe

Despite mounting pressure from opposition parties and the media demanding the resignation of Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit over the Commonwealth Games scam, the Congress is still backing her.

Kattankudy massacre Remembered

The Muslims of Kattankudy, in the eastern part of Sri Lanka, commemorated the tragedy befell on their community, 21 years ago. On August 3, 1990, around 30 heavily armed Tiger terrorists crossed a lagoon and entered the town of Kattankudy, predominantly a Muslim town.

World Scout Jamboree concludes: Japan to host next World Scout Jamboree

The premier scouting event in the world the 22nd World Scout Jamboree ended with a grand ceremony at Rinkaby in the Kristianstad Municipality in the Southern Sweden on Saturday night.Japan announced that it will host the 23rd World Scout Jamboree at Mondial in Japan.