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Maldives needs postmortem facilities

The Maldives is still without postmortem facilities, and its immediate need was reiterated in Parliament after a series of unexplained deaths of tourist recently became “issues of national importance.”

Lokpal deadlock continues as Govt struggles to find a way out

Gandhian Anna Hazare entered the seventh day of his fast for a stronger Lokpal Bill to fight corruption in Delhi’s Ramlila Ground, even as the government made some feeble attempts to break the deadlock .

Central Bank Governor appreciates, the performance of financial institutions

Ajith Nivard Cabraal, Governor, Central Bank speaking as chief guest at the re-launch of Asia Commerce Ltd with a new name ‘Divasa Finance Ltd’, in Colombo at ‘Divasa’ head office said that the Sri Lankan economy is so strong and stable that it could withstand the major jolts that are emerging in the world economy as these jolts could be absorbed within the country’s economy without transmitting them to the people.

Why the commonsense constitutional amendment in the US is dangerous?

Since 2007 summer we have been in the world's worst economic crisis after the Great Depression of 1929 -1933. Still European economies are not doing great; in fact some are doing pretty bad threatening to spread a major sovereign debt crisis.

Women business leaders on helping the poor children

Business and Professional Women Sri Lanka (BPW) which guides its members as to how to be successful entrepreneurs and professionals and conduct training sessions are also involved in helping the poor children and called for a “Change” to provide nutrition for a stable education for the under-privileged children and also to uplift the living conditions of the poor rural families. A Press Briefing was led in Colombo to elaborate as to how this ‘Change’ could be motivated.

Sri Lanka opens air travel to Russia and doubles flights to China

Russian Transport Minister Mr. Igor Levitin has announced that it will open a direct air route to Sri Lanka and it has completed interdepartmental coordination of the Air Travel Agreement with Sri Lanka. He has that the agreements between the two aviation authorities make it possible to start regular flights between Moscow and Colombo, and the Russian Airlines Aeroflot and the Sri Lankan Airlines have the right to two regular flights per week on the Colombo – Dubai – Moscow route.

Solution on sight for the storage problem of Sri Lankan paddy cultivators

Sri Lankan agriculture has been plagued with the lack of storage facilities, specially paddy and due to this fact paddy cultivators have been unable to sell their produce at a reasonable price, as if the stored paddy could be kept for a longer period the farmer could speculate the market and release the stocks when the market is low.

Rebels closing in on Gaddafi’s seat of power

Euphoric Libyan rebels took control of most of Tripoli in a lightning advance, celebrating the victory in Green Square, the symbol lic heart of Muammar Gaddafi's regime on Monday.

UNP to name their main mayoral candidates after filing their nomination lists

Sri Lanka’s main opposition United National party will name their main mayoral candidates after handing over the nomination lists on Thursday says party Secretary Tissa Attanayake. Addressing the media today he also said that the nomination list of Colombo under his controldue to precautionary measures.