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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 73

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Another Asylum Boat with 93 on board intercepted off Christmas Island

Another asylum boat, carrying 93 asylum seekers and two crew - women and children, has reached the waters off Christmas Island undetected. This is the 11th vessel to arrive in Australian waters since the High Court ruled the proposed people swap with Malaysia invalid.

TAALEM Board of Directors Meeting on PMU Campus

Fourth meeting of the Second Session of the Board of Directors of Educational Services Company (TAALEM) held at Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University (PMU) recently. Chaired by HRH Prince Turki bin Mohammad bin Fahd, Chairman, Board of Directors of TAALEM and Vice Chairman, Board of Trustees of PMU, it reviewed implementation of decisions taken in the previous meetings. The Board of Directors discussed many new agendas.

Alarming Arms Purchasing Quest in South Asia

The 17th. SAARC Summit was held from 10-11th November 2001 in Addu City of Maldives. During this time a major participant (India) was concluding her final deal with USA and France for purchasing of F-35 aircrafts and Submarines, whereas rest of the members including the Indians were negotiating for peace, trade, transport, economic integration, security issues, such as piracy, climate change, and good governance etc.

U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense, Robert Scher, to Speak at Galle Dialogue

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for South and Southeast Asia Robert Scher will speak at the Galle Dialogue in Galle, Sri Lanka, Nov. 14 to present U.S. perspectives on security in the Indian Ocean.

Mannar’s mega industrial show sales exceed Rs 10 M, blue chips players entering the region

The 2011 Agriculture, Livestock, Technology and Machinery Exhibition together with Mannar Investor Forum and Financial Facilitator Forum, which is the first ever mega event of this nature to be held in this region, has grossed more than Rs 10 Million in its’ on the spot sales alone.

US apology over frisking of former President Abdul Kalam

In any other country the shocking case of frisking of a former President by security staff would have caused a major diplomatic uproar. But the American system being what it is, it applies rules blindly, never pausing to think about the status of a foreign leader.

Why Sri Lanka should Repeal the Expropriation Act?

On Wednesday the November 09th the Washington Post with reported that Sri Lanka's Parliament has passed a law allowing the government to take over private businesses which are deemed to be under-performing.

Anna Hazare to include only people with clean background

In a sign of social activist Anna Hazare’s concern at Team members coming under attack, he said on Sunday the core committee will be expanded but a "sharp eye" will be kept on new members so that people with only clean background are part of the movement.

"Open Letter from 3 Prolong Burmese Detainees in Australian Detention: Call for Humanitarian Intervention"

We are recognized refugees of Burma. Our ethnic minority is unknown to the world, yet is one of the most oppressed minority group in Burma, the sole ethnic who has been declined any rights for an identity. We are de-facto stateless. Remember our race: we are Rohingyas.

Belgians are “early birds” in seizing new economic opportunities unfolding in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg and the EU Ravinatha Aryasinha has said, Belgians have been “early birds” in seizing on the new economic opportunities opening up in Sri Lanka since the ending of the terrorist conflict in May 2009.

Discovery of second natural gas well in the Mannar Basin

The Petroleum Resources Development Secretariat has received a further discovery notice over the weekend from Cairn Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, the operators of Sri Lanka's second exploration well in the Mannar Basin.