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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 78

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Will ‘Euroquake’ go seismic?

With the downgrade of the credit rating of Belgium by Standard & Poor’s on Friday, the financial crisis in the euro zone took yet another turn for the worse. Before that, debt of Hungary was downgraded to junk by Moody’s. Italian debt, meanwhile, continued to raise concerns across the world with the bond yields of Italy - and Spain as well - reaching record high.

Mumbai terror anniversary: India presses Pakistan for speedy justice

On the third anniversary of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack, India on Saturday reminded Pakistan that it was still awaiting “decisive” action against perpetrators of the Mumbai terror and underlined that it has provided “enough evidence” to prosecute the guilty.

Oken Jeet Sandham's book on world’s “tallest Paddy” to be released

Urban Development Minister Dr Shurhozelie will formally release the book---“Naga Paddy Man To The World”---on November 28, 2011at 10:00 A.M. here at Hotel Japhu, Kohima. This book written by Oken Jeet Sandham, senior journalist and Editor of North East Press Service (NEPS), is based on the rare paddy species which was discovered by Pastor Melhite Kenye on October 1, 1998 from the Chumukedima Jungle.

An Analysis of President Obama’s Speech in the New Cold War

The rise of China in every respect in today’s geopolitical situation has created a new bipolar world compounded by the fact that in 2000 years China, for the first time has access to the Indian via Burma due to the Burmese Junta’s survival tactics, seems that Burma will be one of the hot spots in the new impending Cold War.

One Humanity: Revulsion against Man’s Cruelty

The people’s revolution in America, Europe and across the globe has articulated inspiration from the struggle of the Egyptian people against tyranny at Tahrir Square to emerge a force of courage and imagination for new thinking and change uniting the humanity against the tyranny of the few bankers, billionaires, politicians and blood sucking draculas of the so called democracy who have never known what is homelessness, poverty, unemployment and being outcastes in an overwhelming man-made class system of the few.

NATO Attacked Pak Check Post & Bonn Conference

According to the Pakistani army official NATO helicopters fired on a Pakistani border checkpost on November 26, 2011, in which 28 soldiers including one Major and Capt have been martyred and many injured. The attack, have taken placed at the Salala checkpost, about 1.5 miles (2.5 km) from the Afghan border in the Mohmand region of Pakistan’s tribal belt. The attack could be converted into a new flash point in the already strained U.S.-Pakistan relations.

An Evaluation Of President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Performance

If we believe Mahavamsa is a reasonable source to evaluate the performance of Sinhala administration of Sri Lanka, there is no argument that King Dutugemunu was the most visionary leader and strategist in Sri Lanka’s history.