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Burma developing nuclear capabilities: Is US-Burma thaw connected to it?

The Obama administration through secretary of state Hillary Clinton has sounded that the United States was willing to lift economic embargoes imposed on Myanmar (widely known as Burma) and has instructed the US Congress to take steps to relax the regulations to renew trade and commerce dealings between the two nations.

Unsustainable Israeli Politics of Exclusion in Jerusalem

While the history of the world is moving decisively toward a culture of inclusion, diversity and pluralism, Israeli politics seems to challenge history by moving in the opposite direction of exclusion and unilateral self - righteous monopoly of geography, demography, history, archeology and culture, especially in Jerusalem, where Israelis are desperately trying to establish a “Jewish” capital for Israel and “the Jewish people” worldwide, excluding centuries old presence of Palestinian, Arab, Muslim and Christian deep-rooted existence and heritage, thus sowing the seeds of imminent conflict and foreseeable war by strangling a city that has historically been of diversified and pluralistic character and a flashpoint for human misery whenever exclusion becomes the rule of the day.

Committed to check corruption: PM

Prime Minister Monmohan Singh, in his message to the nation, on Saturday said that corruption was a serious problem that needed multi-dimensional response.

Can you hear the drums Fernando?

I received an unprecedented number of e-mails on Thursday from my friends from all over the globe. All these mails were related to just one thing, our cricket team’s resounding victory against South Africa in Durban.

Tangalle Lynching, Familial Rule and Impunity

The Christmas Eve murder of a British tourist in the Rajapaksa heartland of Tangalle demonstrates the axiomatic connection between Familial Rule and impunity.

Nobel laureate Venki honoured with Knighthood

Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, , India-born US citizen whose pioneering work in molecular biology won him the 2009 Nobel Prize in chemistry, has been honoured with a knighthood by the royal establishment in London in a rare recognition of achievements by foreigners based in Britain.

Pakistan under multiple pressures

Pakistan’s adversaries huddled in Kabul had chalked out a comprehensive covert game plan in 2001 to destabilize, denuclearize, de-Islamize and fragment Pakistan spread over several years. They had pinned high hopes in Gen Musharraf and his King’s Party to help them in the realization of their hidden objectives.

Indian cities top in Google search for Sex!

Given the size of Indian population, one would have thought Indians get enough sex. But that still doesn't stop Indians from searching for more.

To work with Tolerance, Kindness, Understanding and Co-existence - President Mahinda Rajapaksa

“our resolution for the New Year should be to work with tolerance, kindness, understanding and co-existence”, Pointed out Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Alavi – 80

My friend Alavi Moulana, the Governor of the Western Province is today celeberating his 80th birthday at the Temple Trees. Alavi Moulana the 37th member of the generation of Prophet Mohammad is the undisputed leader of the Muslims of Sri Lanka - A symbol of the Muslim brotherhood and Islamic way of life.