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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 83

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Friday 13th In Eurozone: The most demonized number at its worst

As we approached Friday 13th, a sense of inexplicable apprehension swept through the United Kingdom on multiple fronts: firstly, there was the looming threat of the break-up of the union that stood for 300 years, as Scottish nationalists started demanding a referendum on the issue; then, there was the risk of being hit by a Russian spacecraft which, according to sky watchers, is out of control and at the mercy of gravity in its downward spiral; on political-security front, there was an implicit accusation by Iran of the alleged British involvement in the assassination of one of its top scientists by a magnetic bomb, attached to his car by two passing motorcyclists.

Urinating on dead Taliban insurgents: US Congressman tells Marine critics ‘War is Hell’

A 22-year US military veteran who spent 43 months of active duty in the Middle East, including combat in Iraq and during the first Gulf war, most recently as military adviser to US operation mission in Afghanistan and currently the Republican Party’s US Congressman, Alan West commenting on the US Marines urinating on dead Taliban soldiers, while advocating maximum punishment, told the Marine critics they should ‘shut their mouth, as war is hell’.

Preventing Inter-ethnic Unity & Pro Democracy Movement

Even though there was a euphoria over the political prisoners’ release and the US reward it with the raising of the diplomatic relations to the ambassador lever one has to take caution that the “Divide and Rule Policy” which the various Burmese administration inherited from the British, has been put to good use by waging an all out war against the Kachin and simultaneously inking the peace deal with Shan, Chin and Karen and the lesser resistance forces.

AIPMC welcomes release of political prisoners, but more still needs to be done

The ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Myanmar Caucus welcomed recent, far-reaching release of political prisoners in Myanmar as a major step towards national reconciliation.

India & Sri Lanka readying for dedicated trade talks in March, Lanka puts up a good show at Hyderabad Summit

Being the first FTA for India and Sri Lanka, the 1998 Indo – Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement carries substantial sentimental value for Sri Lanka. Together both countries can play a major role in elevating the Indo-Sri Lanka economic relations from the current level to much higher level. Also, Sri Lankan private sector is upbeat on the successful outcome on Sri Lanka's show at Partnership Summit 2012, held in Hyderabad.

Ethnic Problem, Democracy and Secularism

Tiger fascism and Sinhala supremacism: two inimical but mutually sustaining extremisms which have been the bane of post-independence Ceylon/Sri Lanka. Sinhala supremacism created a language issue, prevented its resolution and enabled its metamorphosis into an ethnic problem.

Ice has begun to melt

Pakistan may be the only country in the world where persons involved in heinous crimes including treason not only get away unpunished but also hold top appointments. Whatever little sting the law courts and accountability courts had has been smudged by this government. There is no accountability of the corrupt and criminals since the rulers themselves are NRO cleansed.

4th meeting of the India-Sri Lanka Joint Working Group on Fisheries

The 4th meeting of the India-Sri Lanka Joint Working Group on Fisheries was held in Colombo, Sri Lanka on 13-14 January 2012.

North India shivers in severe cold

North India continued to reel under the bitter chill today as Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir recorded its coldest night of this winter and icy winds swept several parts of the region.

U.S.A congratulates President Ma on his victory

The United States congratulates President Ma on his victory in Saturday’s elections in Taiwan. Taiwan has once again held a free and fair election. The people of Taiwan should be proud of this latest milestone for their democracy.

Man throws black ink at Baba Ramdev, arrested

Yoga guru Ramdev was on Saturday attacked by a man who threw black ink on his face at a Press conference he was addressing on his plans to campaign against black money in the coming assembly elections Ramdev's left eye was blackened.

Letter from America: Is the change in Myanmar for real?

In its latest gesture of amnesties, the military-backed regime of Thein Sein in Myanmar has released many political prisoners. Those freed included veterans of the 1988 student protest movement, monks involved in the 2007 demonstrations and ethnic-minority activists like U Kyaw Min (a member of the Committee Representing the People’s Parliament led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi). Truly, the names of those released read like a who's who of Burma's most prominent political detainees. In a statement broadcast on the TV, President Thein Sein said those released were people who could "play a constructive role in the political process".