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Letter from America: Living between the two worlds - 3

Winter is very dry in Bangladesh, and as such, can be quite dusty in the towns and cities with all the construction works going on round the clock. Although for an expatriate like me who has spent more time in North America than in Bangladesh, December weather in Chittagong should feel more like that of an early autumn in the north-east corner of the USA.

Greek Tragedy: tentacles to spread globally

The sight was poignant, when you look at it from the human point of view: Lambrousi Harikleia, the office worker who has been working for a Labour Housing Organization, threatened to commit suicide by jumping off the second floor, after coming to know that the organization she worked for was about to come under the axe of brutal funding cuts. If the policy makers of the EU think it was just a one-off, they are misleading themselves on a monumental scale.

High Oil Prices: Lack of a comprehensive energy policy adds fuel to the fire

While some are questioning the Sri Lankan government’s economic management over the fuel price increases, it needs to be said that the main Opposition party, the UNP has no solution to the issue at the heart of the problem, the rise in international crude oil prices, although they have launched protests against something they too have no control over.

Topless Ukranian women activists face jail for insulting Indian flag

The Indian government action tightening of visa rules for young women from Ukraine following many cases in New Delhi of tourist visa misuse to indulge in flesh trade seems to have angered the women.

Humanitarian Operation Comes to the South

The Rajapaksas are on the offensive, again. But this time their battleground is not the Tamil-majority North but the Sinhala-majority South. Armed Forces have been deployed to quell peaceful demonstrations, in Colombo and elsewhere. In just one week, three protests were quelled with brute force and one unarmed demonstrator murdered.

Will Burma put together a fair press law and an independent press council?

The people’s parliament session of Myanmar (Burma) continued for the fifth day at People’s Parliament Hall in Parliamentary Building in Nay Pyi Taw on Friday, attended by Speaker of the People’s Parliament (Lower House) Thura Shwe Mann and 346 Pyithu Hluttaw representatives, the state-owned media said today.

Castrate child rapists: Judge

The spurt in cases of child rape by close relations or neighbours has caused wide dismay among parents and courts. Fines and jail terms have failed to check such dastardly crimes committed even on toddlers and five-year olds.

Europe’s secularism is growing fanaticism

The term secular or secularism is among the very popular phrases, today, in the world. The concept ‘Secularism’ draws its intellectual roots from Greek, Roman and Islamic philosophers such as Marcus Aurelius, Epicurus and Ahmad Ibn Rushd, the famous Muslim polymaths, known in the Europe as Averroes. George Jacob Holyoake (1817–1906), British writer who later coined the term ‘secularism’ in his writings.

China “re-educates” India-returned Tibetans

A US-based human rights group claimed China is reviving a 40-year old system of political re-education for a group of Tibetans who recently travelled to India to meet the Dalai Lama.

India, US working together on Maldives

Welcoming efforts of "all sides" to find a peaceful way forward in Maldives, US has said it was working closely with India in resolving the political impasse in the island nation.

Scattered Republican field bolsters Obama re-election prospects

Four Republican candidates vying for the party nomination to take on President Obama in November have had grueling battles in several states since January.