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Anti-Kudankulam n-plant stir: PM suspects foreign funding of NGOs

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's remarks that some US NGOs were stoking protests at the Kudankulam nuclear plant have evoked reactions with the US saying it will find out the "facts" and Russia maintaining that it "suspected" this all along.

Letter from America: Qur’an Burning, What’s Next?

American soldiers have done it again! It was not too long ago that they were found urinating on the dead bodies of Afghans. This time they have burned the Qur’an, the Muslim Scripture. At least two dozen Afghans have died protesting the sacrilegious act. When will these invading forces learn not to commit bastardly acts that are inexcusable and considered profane by other cultures? Will they ever?

Blackout in TN: Two Hours Power Cut in Chennai and Suburbs-Industrial shutdown once in a week

The protesters of the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Projects continue in the state for the past four months, Tamil Nadu Government led by AIADMK has forced to bring the state in a blackout condition.

Contest for Determining Speed of Light: Einstein = 1; CERN = 0

In September, last year, floodgates of sensationalism suddenly burst open in the realm of physics when a team of scientists at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, in Switzerland, hailed what they called a ‘significant finding’ - measurements of the speed of a beam of subatomic particles known as neutrinos.

They go-on killing spree in other countries- Unite Sri Lanka

The stage is now set for an excruciating David vs. Goliath style battle at the 47-member United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) with the US alleging that the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission had failed to address accountability issues in the wake of Sri Lanka’s triumph over LTTE terrorism.

Sweden Royal Birth: Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary is her name

King Carl XVI Gustav announced on Friday (24 February) at a special Cabinet Council held at Stockholm’s Royal Palace, that the new little Princess would be called Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary.

Sri Lanka: an unsung model for post- conflict security

Why hasn’t Sri Lanka started to demobilize its massive military machine or decreased the size of its huge defense budget? After the defeat of the LTTE, three years without a single terrorist incident, followed by the recent rapidly rising cost of living, a devalued rupee and growing signs of popular protest, these are questions that are on the mind of many Sri Lankans and international observers alike.

Antagonism against Security Agencies-Asghar Khan Case

It would not be wrong in saying that Pakistan is passing through its political transaction phase since three decades. Though, political elite took over government after the fall of Dacca but political maturity remained far-off from them, which again resulted into military coup.

Christian group alleges “religious cleansing” in Kashmir

Charging that "religious cleansing” was underway in Kashmir, Mumbai-based 'Catholic Christian Secular Forum' on Saturday demanded aid from Prime Minister's relief fund for the rehabilitation of Kashmiri Christians.

Geneva and Medamulana Statecraft

Pushed against the wall at Geneva, the Rajapaksas, in self-defence, have unfurled the banner of patriotism. Again.

BJP snubs Ex-CM Yeddyurappa, told ‘ quit if you want’

Crushing B S Yeddyurappa's comeback dreams, the BJP central leadership has made it clear to the former chief minister that dissidents are free to quit the party. It was a clear, direct message to Yeddyurappa.

Seething lava of Balochistan

During the British rule of India, the rulers had demarcated the provinces not on ethnic lines but suiting their administrative convenience. Balochistan, which is an arid mountainous region in southwest Asia, consisted of two entities; one comprising of princely states of Kalat, Mekran, Kharan and Lasbela in the south and west, and the other in north and east inhabited by various Pashtun and other tribes. Large numbers of Baloch got settled in Sindh and Punjab.

Australians are through to the CB series finals!

Australia won the 10th match against India in the 10th One Day International (ODI) match at SCG Sydney by 87 runs securing a spot in the finals while gaining a bonus point on their way.